Ubuntu change mac address network interface

If you’re still using ifconfig, you’re living in the past

This involves taking the network interface down, running a command to change its MAC address, and then bringing it back up. For that, you need the Terminal. As on Linux, this change is temporary and will be reset when you next reboot. You can verify your change took effect by running a command that shows your network connection details and checking what MAC address your network interface reports afterwards.

Manipulating NetworkManager

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Change your Network Card MAC Address on Ubuntu

How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Created in , our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Thanks for your reply, but the link you provided contains a tutorial for Ethernet Wired Connection not Wireless, so changing eth0 to wlan0 would do the trick or do I need another command? November 25th, 4.

How to Change Ubuntu Systems MAC Addresses

Distro Xubuntu You should be able to change the interface name from eth0 the wlan0 and accomplish the same thing. You can change it if you want.

What MAC Addresses Are Used For

The remainder of the MAC is random. November 26th, 5. Thanks a lot, but I forgot to tell you that I'm still newbie!

I don't know how to use that script, could you please teach me how? And please keep in mind that I want to change it temporarily not permanently. Many thanks.

November 26th, 6. You don't need the script. Write down your existing MAC address. Then change it using the commands I linked. Change the interface to be the one you need. Then change the MAC address to something different.

How to Change the MAC Address in Windows and Ubuntu

When you wantto switch back do the same thing but use your original MAC address. November 27th, 7. Is this the right command? I'm sorry for being a pain but I'm new to this networking thing. Thanks and sorry for not catching on fast! November 27th, 8. Nobody is born knowing this stuff linuxcommand.