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Synology has done an excellent job of making all of your content available on iOS devices without having to think about it. The whole experience is much like what I hoped iCloud would turn out to be when Apple first announced it for iOS devices. There are also iOS apps for other DiskStation apps that let you manage surveillance cameras and file downloads, as well as browse your files all from your iOS device.

This is amazingly handy for professionals that lug around their life in a MacBook while on the road. One less piece of gear to carry and one less hard drive to worry about getting damaged or lost in transit, for me, makes this feature worth the cost of the entire product by itself. The real power of running your own private cloud using a DiskStation and DSM is the ability to create user accounts for others.

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For example, you can setup several user accounts and have complete control over what those users can access. You could setup user accounts for friends and family to have access to certain photo albums, or let certain users access content from your Video Station or Audio Station.

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A Surveillance Station app gives home and business owners an out-of-the-box cloud solution for monitoring surveillance cameras, Video Station can record TV with supported dongles, and even Android and Windows users are welcome with most features I described here available across platforms.

Version 5.

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It includes high-res imagery for 4K and Retina displays, a popular QuickConnect feature that provides simplified remote access has been expanded to most of the popular DSM apps including all the mobile apps, and a ton of other tweaks have been made to improve core apps and features. A couple screws pop the case off most of the consumer facing DiskStation products— including the DSJ model I was using— and the drives you can buy pop into place with ease and stay in place with screws on either side.

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Getting into the Synology DiskStation products will of course require you to purchase the hardware first. A Taiwanese-based company that specializes in Network Attached Storage products, Synology produces a wide variety of NAS devices for home and professional environments. March 10, Page content loaded.

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I haven't seen posts by about sync problems by other people using a NAS with iTunes. It doesn't have to be local. You may have some issue completely unrelated such as subscribing to Apple Music in which case manual syncing is not possible, everything is done through iCloud. Jul 12, AM. I thinnk that the problem isn't that the music is on a NAS, but that I'm sharing it via the NAS server rather than adding it to the computers local library even if the file itself is on the NAS.

The problem with adding it is that I'd need to constantly be updating it to keep it in sync with file that are added on the NAS, which I'd like to avoid. The music has to be added to the library. This creates an entry for it in the iTunes Library.

Synology DS216 NAS – Part 3

Media does not have to be physically present on the computer. You can also have it so when you add music to iTunes the copy iTunes uses is automatically placed on external storage. How to sync iPhone? More Less.

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