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After a few days nights of this, my Magic Mouse 2 also stopped working. Resetting BT today via the debug menu fixed the mouse problem. Yeah after travelling the system has picked up a lot of noise from third-party devices. Still necessary with Sierra. This seems to have worked for me. My bluetooth keyboard isnt working after installing os sierra!!! Now I cant login to my computer because I need to enter my password!!! The problem is that I cannot find the bluetooth icon neither on the top icon nor on the system preferences!!!!

Can anyone explain what is going on with my Bluetooth please. My Bluetooth keyboard would not work. My Bluetooth is turned off and the option to turn it on is greyed out. Then my keyboard started working. I can not get the full debug menu. uses cookies.

The issue has been around at least since How many years do you guys need to fix a small hardware problem!? Reboot the machine!? Altogether about 20 min. When people pay you 4K for souped up Mac Book Pro they expect quality and robustness to save time and money. The Bluetooth issue reduces productivity and costs companies time and money.

Rather than ranting about Bluetooth on a random website that attempts to troubleshoot these issues, maybe you should contact Apple directly and let them know your concern. The rant is well received. If enough, in enough places, maybe apple will take notice. Contacting them for this problem will not help, they only say do the above suggested which may or may not work.

Absolute trash… What are you using for reboot times like that!? Is there any way to turn on bluetooth in mac without restarting? With only 1 meter between Macbook and bluetooth from QED i can hear a lot of noise. Only thing that actually allowed successful pairing of the Apple Wireless Keyboard with a Mac mini was turning off the WiFi antenna via the WiFi menu. Thanks, this might be what I need to do get my macbook to recognize some skull candy earbuds that work fine with my iPhone, but not with my macbook or iMac.

I was having a heck of a time trying to get an Auvio speaker to reliably pair with my MacBook Pro. Had to finally download Hardware IO Tools free developer download from Apple and use the Bluetooth Explorer to do pretty much the same thing. This shortcut would have saved me some time and, quite frankly, some bewildering menus. The closest I came to getting it working was to delete the bluetooth plist, create a new contact in my address book on the iOS and OSX devices with my iCloud email address, turn off the firewall and hard reboot both devices.

When I tried clicking a different folder then returning to airdrop my device disappeared and is gone. You only find the debug menu when you have a Bluetooth device connected. Is the debug action only for that connection or for all possible connections to other devices? So it works at least in Yosemite as well as El Cap. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Jamboalo says:.

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How to get your Mac Bluetooth working?

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Show Comments. Hide Comments. My Profile Log Out. Join Discussion. Add your Comment. Furthermore, I'm all-too-familiar with the sparsity of resources on this topic, and it's just not worth it for me.

If someone knows or finds a way to address this issue, by all means, share in the comments section I'll link to it at the appropriate spot in the tutorial with appropriate citation, of course. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Neither option requires much disk space — the. However, I recommend the proper install because,. To install, simply open another Finder window, navigate to your Applications folder, then click and drag the Bluetooth Explorer icon there from the.

Once it's copied over, BTE should automatically appear when you view your Launchpad. If you choose not to do this, just remember where the. Whether from your Applications folder, Launchpad, or directly from the. If you click any other windows or programs after you start BTE, the menu bar will change to be representative of that application. Either plug in non-BT peripherals or be prepared to use the ones built into your laptop. When you're ready:. Maybe restart your computer especially if you didn't listen in step 1 and try again.

Good luck! Best post ever! I finally connected my MacBook Air with Bluetooth problems to a magic mouse. I have a good alternative for you, the Avantree DG40S. Where I live Kinivo isn't imported. It even communicates with my Apple Magic Mouse 2, which is very selective with Bluetooth adapters.

Reply 7 weeks ago. May i know what OS version u use? I have BLE, but it not work for my. Did you follow the above step? I am going to buy DG40S to have a test Hope it work for me too.. Is this what you used? As someone who writes detailed tutorials on a regular basis, this was a work of art. I have a 3. I was forced to use a wireless, but not Bluetooth, Dell mouse. Every single step was detailed and even anticipated confusion like Bluetooth Explorer not producing any windows at startup. You have resurrected my Bluetooth functionality and set a new bar for Instructables!

I have a 27" iMac, who's bluetooth stopped functioning immediately after upgrading from Mojave After reading Abertheham's swell Instructable, I found the recommended dongle on NewEgg, and also downloaded the developer tools. I plugged in the dongle, and was about to run the developer software, when I noticed that my Bluetooth menu icon was already in place again -- with my bluetooth items mouse, airpods listed as usual. So I actually did not have to run any software. And as a test, to see if just plugging the dongle in had fixed some association to my computer with bluetooth capabilities -- I unplugged the dongle, and bluetooth went away.

So the dongle IS the source of the bluetooth. When looking for where to purchase this dongle, there were a lot of similar gizmos that all said they were NOT Mac-compatible. I don't know if in actually they might also be recognized just as easily by a contemporary model machine -- but I decided not to test that and just went with the specific dongle that Abertheham suggested.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up -- and although my situation was different than yours -- reading your instructions still helped to resolve my problem. Dear abertheham , clear to follow instructions! Thank you. Thank you as well RomanM65 for the tip to make it permanent!