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Sourcetree simplifies how you interact with your Git repositories so you can focus on coding. Say goodbye to the command line - simplify distributed version control with a Git client and quickly bring everyone up to speed. Perfect for making advanced users even more productive. Review changesets, stash, cherry-pick between branches and more. A fully-featured GUI that offers an efficient, consistent development process right out of the box.

Works with Git and Mercurial. Visualize your work and push with confidence. Stage and discard changes by the file, hunk or line. Not just a Git GUI.

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Sourcetree places the power of Git front and center in an easy-to-use interface. Smart branching with Sourcetree and Git-flow , keeping repositories clean and development efficient. Submodules make life easier when managing projects, their dependencies, and other project groupings. Sourcetree allows you to search for and clone remote repositories within its simple user interface.

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Sign up for the Beta program to try new features, provide feedback and engage with the Sourcetree Team. Bitbucket is more than just Git code management. Bitbucket gives teams one place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test and deploy. Learn more.

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Using the client instead of the command line makes it really easy for me to jump between branches and stay on top of what is happening with the codebase. Stay informed and keep up to date with all the latest Sourcetree news and announcements. Get started with Sourcetree by following this tutorial and master Git and your projects in no time. As our new Bitbucket space station administrator, you need to be organized. With Bitbucket, that means adding everything to a repository.

Initially, the repository you create in Bitbucket is going to be empty without any code in it. That's okay because you will start adding some files to it soon. This Bitbucket repository will be the central repository for your files, which means that others can access that repository if you give them permission. A private repository is only visible to you and those with access.

If this box is unchecked, anyone can see your repository. Take some time to explore the repository you have just created.

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To view the shortcuts available, press the? Now that you have a place to add and share your space station files, you need a way to get to it from your local system. To set that up, you want to copy the Bitbucket repository to your system.

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Sourcetree refers to copying a repository as "cloning" it. When you clone a repository, you create a connection between the Bitbucket server and your local system. This destination path refers to the directory you just created with the folder for the repository. With the repository on your local system, you can start making a list of all the supplies you need for your space station.

To do so, let's create a file for your supplies.

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As you work on this section, the images may look slightly different, depending on whether you are working with a Git or Mercurial repository. Double-click the bitbucketstationsupplies repository in Sourcetree and notice that there is nothing to commit from your local repository to the remote repository. Use a text editor to add the following three lines: space ice cream nerf darts telescope light shield. Save the file as supplies.

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The supplies. From the options menu of the supplies. In the message box, enter "Initial commit. Your new file is now committed to the project history. Up until this point, everything you have done is on your local system and is invisible to your Bitbucket repository until you push those changes to your remote Bitbucket repository. Pushing lets you move one or more commits to another repository, which serves as a convenient way to publish contributions.

From the dialog box that appears, your next step depends on whether you are using Git or Mercurial:. Bitbucket combines all the things you just did into that commit and shows it to you. Explore hundreds of plugins. Magically turn wireframes into UI elements in Sketch Felipe. Speed up your workflow with quicker access to all your tools and actions in Sketch Runner.

Automatically create specs and guidelines for handoff Zeplin. Create, customize, and share your own Material theme Material. Create beautiful timeline animations right inside Sketch Timeline. Transform your designs into beautiful user flow diagrams Overflow. Turn your screenshots into stunning perspective mockups Angle. Render React components to Sketch and build a design system React Sketch.

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