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Keep in mind that some displays will actually come with an adapter as well.

MAC OSX background Picture - 1 photo across multiple displays

However, many users decide to go with HDMI to free up their Thunderbolt ports for expansion opportunities through external hard drives or other peripheral devices. You can also set up an iMac to run as an external display for another Mac using Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort by enabling what is known as "Target Mode. This should put it in target mode and make it selectable as an external display.

How to Change Your Mac's Desktop Wallpaper Automatically

Once you have your monitors connected to your machine and everything is powered up, you need to set up your display to operate the way you want it to. The first option, which primarily works for MacBook users, is to "push" your existing desktop to the display.

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To accomplish this, you'll need to close the lid on your MacBook while connected to the external display and it will show up, exactly as it was, on your external display. Just make sure you have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected to your machine beforehand. Perhaps the most popular option is to run your extra display as an extended desktop. Basically, what this means is that the new screen will operate as a continuous part of your existing desktop. You are just adding new space to work on.

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To start, begin by clicking your grey "System Preferences" icon in your dock. Under the Displays tab, you'll be able to change the settings on your current display and change the way your external display is set up. Click the "Arrangement" tab at the top of the window to access the options for customizing your display as an extended desktop. Start by making sure that the box next to "Mirror Displays" is unchecked, as that will force your Mac to see your external monitor as part of an extended desktop. In the middle of the window, you should notice two or more blue boxes, representing the number of screens you have connected.

The smaller screen with the white bar at the top represents the screen of your machine itself, whether that be a MacBook or Mac desktop machine.

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From this point, you can click and drag the boxes to represent how your extended desktop will extend across the screens. Once you have your cut out wallpapers downloaded, select that folder from the sidebar and choose the relevant images for each screen. And now we come to a grave problem with the Mac that only amplifies itself when you add more displays.

Window management.

When to Use This Trick (and When to Use Third Party Tools)

Windows has great window management had to live up to the name, I guess , where everything is tight and snaps into place. Wait — actually, you can. Thanks to an awesome free app called BetterTouchTool. Just click and drag any window to the left or right edge to make it take up half the screen. Moreover, you can go to the corners to allot your window to the relevant quarter of the screen. Finally, dragging a window up to the menu bar expands the window on the current screen not to be confused with the fullscreen mode.

‎Multi Monitor Wallpaper on the Mac App Store

But fear not, because alternatives exist and they are discussed below. As I said above, BetterTouchTool lets you map specific actions to trackpad, keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

And BetterTouchTool has an amazing library of window management actions. Patel says:. October 26, at am. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Shop on Amazon.

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