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There is also expansion packs of additional templates that can be purchased for 99 cents. This app helped me to create promotional material to potentially help raise money for this infant who is fighting to survive. Thank you to the developers for making this free as I could not afford to pay for a flyer maker. Our HOA needed a low-cost solution for a newsletter, but one that would still be eye-catching, versatile, but easy to use. The reviews on Publisher Lite were so positive that I decided right away to give it a try. This is a great app for occasional use.

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Desktop Publishing Software for Mac

Sep 28, Version 1. Write text along curved line paths, around shapes, and at any angle. Applies to shapes from the Shape Library and to those drawn with the drawing tools. Adjust paragraph alignment, justification, and indents. Set line and paragraph spacings to auto-scale or fixed values.

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Add tab stops. Fine- tune character spacing tracking. Use any font installed on your Mac. Apply text effects: bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, outline and shadow. Stretch text non-proportionally. Images are stored at their original resolution to achieve maximum print quality. Comprehensive scaling and fitting options within any shape , including tile and tile rotate. Change image DPI, and align, flip and rotate images within shapes. Capture monitor colors and save favorites to a swatch table. Add shadows to shapes, lines, images and text.

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Adjust the offset angle, offset distance, color, blur and opacity. Adjust the opacity of shapes, lines, color fills, images and text.

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Use partial opacity gradient fills as masks. Combine shapes of partial opacity to create interesting effects. Group shapes together to enable them to be selected as a single unit for repositioning, resizing, rotating or copying.

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Nested grouping is supported to any level. Create bulleted and numbered lists by using a combination of tab stops and paragraph indent settings. Choose any Unicode symbol as a bullet character.

Free Desktop Publishing Software for Mac

Paste in RTF styled text. Create a multi-page booklet from several sheets of paper printed on both sides and folded in half. The page imposition reordering for printing is handled for you.

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  4. Produce PDF files ready for printing at a commercial print shop, satisfying all of the typical requirements, including high resolution images, CMYK colors and embedded fonts. A copy of your document is automatically saved every 5 minutes, without interrupting you. Includes context sensitive Help — click a question mark to go straight to a relevant Help page. Free 30 day trial. Get up to speed. Kick-start your designs. Make a purchase. Great Looking Page Layout All text, images and visual effects are held within shapes.

    Swift Publisher comes with 2, free clipart images and image masks. A collection of 2D and 3D state of the art heading presets adds to the professional look of your page layout documents. Want to create your own text styles? Art Text 3 integration will assist you with that Art Text 3 purchase required. With Swift Publisher for Mac you can view and edit two pages side-by-side. Specific to professional desktop publishing software, this functionality is very convenient for working with magazines, newspapers and other double-page layouts.

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    Found only in the best DTP apps, Master pages are a powerful tool for creating repeating content: headers, footers, page numbers and common background for your documents. Set up and save your own text styles for any document just once and apply them with one click of the mouse. Easily access your albums, collections and favorites from Apple Photos iPhoto, Aperture or from any folder in the Finder. Using drawing tools, gradient fills, shadows, image tiling, over image masks, a built-in image editor and other tools, you'll find that the design solutions are endless.

    Text boxes can be linked to make your text flow from one text box into another, even when text boxes are on different pages. That is great for complex, multi-column layouts such as self-publishing magazines and books.

    Free Desktop Publishing Software

    Lay out columns accurately using guides, and use a customizable grid to get full control of your layout. Swift Publisher supports a layer-based workflow for creating complex designs with no mess. Layers have a dedicated tab in the Inspector, where you can also reorder them or make them invisible and non-printable. You can print your document at home or take it to a commercial print shop.

    Not many apps get a lot better on updates but this one does. Right from opening the app up you can already see that it has been improved. A lot cleaner interface. Many new and improved features also.