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When you first log in after changing your administrator password, you are greeted with a dialog box telling you that the system wasn't able to unlock your login keychain. It may seem like a huge problem that your original login keychain is locked to the original password, and you find yourself forced to not only create a new keychain but also to resupply all those account IDs and passwords that you've built up over time with your Mac.

Forgot Mac password? How to reset your password

Having the login keychain locked from access is a good security measure. If resetting the administrator account also reset the keychain files, then anyone could gain access to the login information you use with many services, including banking, credit cards, investments, and all the other websites on which you have accounts. They could also start sending and receive messages using your email account or use Messages to impersonate you.

It may seem like a major hassle to have to recreate all of your old login information, but it sure beats the alternative. One thing you can do is use a secure third-party password service as a place to store your login information for various services. If you want to find more password management options, open the Mac App Store and search for the word password. If any of the apps look interesting, check the manufacturer's website. Many times they include demos that aren't available from inside the Mac App Store.

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Click the Reset Password button in the right pane. Click Change Password. Enter the new password along with a password hint and click Reset Password. You'll be asked to restart when you are done. Type resetpassword and press Return to open the Reset Password screen.

Select I forgot my password from the available options. Enter the password for the account's Apple ID.

How to change your Mac computer's password, or reset it if you've forgotten it

Enter the new password and, optionally, a password hint. Restart the Mac. Your administrator password has been reset.

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There are three ways to continue. If you happen to remember the old login password, you can click the Update Keychain Password button. It's unlikely that you'll suddenly remember the password, so you probably need to use one of the other two options. The second option is to create a new keychain that uses your new password. This option creates a nearly empty keychain file that is accessed using your new password.

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This option resets your keychain, so you'll need to supply passwords for various services, such as Mail and websites that require usernames and passwords. These steps will allow you to create a hint for your Mac user password. If you have forgotten your Mac password and are unable to remember it, not even with a hint, please continue reading below.

You should as well see some other accounts depending on how your company has it set up. You can use this process to also reset your password for Mac OS X or if you have lost your admin password. If you are unable to boot your Mac, that will be a different story. It offers multiple options for this kind of issues or if you have suffered a huge data loss. Your data will always be safe with Disk Drill and you are welcome to use some of its other features to help you protect your Mac:.

So the next time you forget your Mac user name or password and are unable to retrieve or reset them, you can recover your data and clean install your Mac, knowing your pictures, documents and important files are all safe. Menu Disk Drill.

How to Create a Hint for Your Mac Password The previous suggestion will work only if you can log in to your Mac computer, but what happens if you forgot your Mac password? Click the Lock Icon at the bottom left corner. Select your user name in the sidebar.