How to reset su password in mac os x

It contains a barebones version of Mac OS X with essential admin tools. To access the Recovery Partition, you need to switch to the Recovery Mode. When encrypting a storage device, FileVault automatically generates a recovery key. You can use this recovery key to reset the login password for your account. Multiuser operating systems, such as Mac OS X or Linux, come with a mode that boots into a single superuser account.

How to Change the Root User Account Password in Mac OS X

The single-user mode is used mostly for maintenance purposes and, on Mac computers, it can be accessed by holding the Command key and S on startup. Recovering the admin password using the single-user mode requires either the ability to follow instructions to a T or comprehensive admin knowledge. Until the version Menu Disk Drill. AppleSetupDone reboot Your Mac will restart and you need to go through the entire setup process as if it was a brand new Mac.

su password root mac

Don't worry, all of your pre-existing data is still available. Just go ahead and it will let you create a new Administrator account. Once you're logged in to the new account, you can reset forgotten Mac password of your original account through System Preferences. Power on your Mac.

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Immediately hold down the Command and R keys at the same time until you see the loading bar appear under the Apple logo. Click the Utilities menu at the top of your screen and then select Terminal. At the Terminal window, type resetpassword and hit Enter. This launches the Reset Password screen, which asks you to select an admin user you know the password for. Just click on the " Forgot all password " link.

Enable or disable the root user

After entering the new password, type: reboot At the login window, enter username root wih the new password. Recovering a lost root password 17 comments Create New Account.

Make sure you’re safe from this Mac security risk

The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. This is dangerous! Different, though, for Mac OS users! Authored by: robg on Dec 19, '00 PM. Authored by: charon on Mar 31, '02 PM. No, it is not. Even on the lowest traditional Unix safety level, it is not possible to boot SCO5 in single user mode and get to a shell without entering the root password.

If not, breaching system security worse undetected much worser!!!

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While it is always possible to break system security when you have physical access to a server, on SCO5 you have to remove the disk array and mount it on a different system. In this case, a security breach can be at least detected missing drives; broken drive hatches, if locked;.. No need to change the root password or remove disks..

IMHO if you "lose" the root password and there is a way to get it "back" reseting or changing it without having to reinstall the system from ground up, the system is not trustworthy in terms of security..

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  8. Help on commands Authored by: shadowmyst on Jul 29, '04 PM. Cheers [ Reply to This ]. Easier way.. Authored by: cpaden on Mar 31, '02 PM. I havent seen this here, but it is easier just to type this in the terminal: sudo sh At prompt enter admin your password passwd root Now, fix your root password.

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    Authored by: Thom on Oct 17, '02 PM. Security issues Authored by: tuxedobob on Feb 09, '03 AM. Recovering a lost root password Authored by: puqq on Dec 14, '03 PM. Change a lost root password using sudo Authored by: mhrivnak on Sep 22, '06 PM. Interesting info.

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    Using Likewise, all of the netinfo command line utilities would just hang. I ended up using sudo to change the root password.