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Areas of responsibility are the categories that sum up your major roles and interests. You add tasks under each of these areas, or you can add projects for jobs that require multiple tasks. The smart folders at the top list tasks according to the level of commitment you have toward them:. Other folders include the Inbox where you can rapidly enter new tasks, the Logbook which contains all of your done tasks, and the Trash. Things offers two additional methods of organization. The first is headings. A big project can become cumbersome, and headings allow you to split it into smaller sections.

Things also allows you to categorize your tasks by tags. One task can be assigned multiple tags, and these can be used for a variety of our purposes. Here are some examples:. Once you have set up some tags, you can filter any list to show just the items tagged a certain way. There are mobile versions of the app for iPhone and iPad, and sync is reliable.

I find it worth every cent.

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You can read more from my full Things app review. Unique features like outlines and perspectives allow you to optimize your workflow, and the review feature allows you to periodically check up on your projects. If you put a high value on productivity, you might find that a bargain. Live a productive, contextual life with OmniFocus 2 for Mac. Keep work and play separated with contexts, perspectives, and focus. Ignore the irrelevant, focus on what you can do now, and accomplish more. And do it all much faster than before. OmniFocus can do everything Things can do, and more.

So it will cost you more and require more effort to set up. You can view your OmniFocus tasks by project or by context. Project View allows you to organize what you need to do in detail. Projects can be parallel or sequential.

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  • A parallel project has tasks that can be completed in any order, where the tasks of a sequential project must be done in the sequence they are listed. You can use the outline feature to create a hierarchy of subtasks. I love the idea, but find the interface a little fiddly, and wish it worked more like OmniOutliner. Context View is often the best way to work on your tasks. All relevant tasks from across your projects will be there. However, while Things allows you to apply an unlimited number of tags, each OmniFocus task can be associated with one and only one context.

    Regular reviews are important. In OmniFocus, you can define how often each project should be reviewed. The Review view shows you all projects that are due. But the real power of OmniFocus Pro is its Perspectives , where you can create as many custom views as you need. This feature is only in the Pro version and really allows you to personalize the app.

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    Wunderlist is an attractive, multi-platform task app that is now completely free. The Pro version was recently discontinued, and its features incorporated into the standard app. There are versions for Windows, Android and more. Wunderlist has fewer features than both Things and OmniFocus. That keeps the app simple, which will appeal to some people, as will its price.

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    One final benefit — the app allows you to share task lists and assign tasks, making it the only winner appropriate for teams. Free download from the Mac App Store. As of April 4, , Wunderlist Pro is no longer available, and its features are now included in the free version. Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done. Like most task managers, you can set up lists for the main categories of your life. With Wunderlist, you can share each list with others, so you could share a shopping list with your family, and a work project with the other team members.

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    Individual tasks can be assigned to other members of the group. This is something our other winners are unable to do. So, besides cost, the ability for multiple people to manage the same task is another strong reason to consider Wunderlist. Tasks can contain checklists, notes, and comments. Comments allow team members to discuss a task with one another. It has many of the features of our winners and costs the same as Things.

    The app offers tags and notifications, lists and projects, mobile apps and sync. Also available for iOS and Android. GoodTask 3 is based on the standard Mac Reminders and Calendars app and adds functionality. Like 2Do, GoodTask features smart lists, which search for tasks from certain lists, or that include or exclude certain tags. Other features include subtasks, repeating tasks, manual sort, and quick actions. A trial version is available. Also available on iOS. Todoist started as a web app, but now has apps for most platforms, including Mac.

    It allows you to capture and organize tasks, remember deadlines, and review the week ahead. You can map out your tasks with projects and goals, and highlight tasks that are important with color-coded priority levels, and even visualize your progress with attractive charts and graphs. There are some limits to the free version. You can have a maximum of 80 projects, and up to five people can access a project. A premium subscription will increase these numbers to and 50, and unlock even more features, like templates, labels, themes and custom views.

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    Download Todoist from the Mac App Store. You can use tags on each item, and quickly filter your whole list by a specific tag. I just attempted to open that file in TaskPaper for the Mac for the first time, and it worked perfectly. A 7-day trial version is available. It is no longer available for iOS, but compatible apps like Taskmator and Editorial are.

    There is a certain amount of redundancy and duplication when using pen and paper. You may find that frustrating, or you may find it a good way to review your tasks each day. Paper productivity systems seem to be taking off again, and new methodologies like the Bullet Journal are being developed.

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    Wunderlist is a great free task manager for the Mac. Here are a few more. Apple Reminders is already installed on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and allows you to create tasks with reminders, and shared lists. Some time ago I moved our family shopping list from Wunderlist to Reminders, and it works well. It works well. Siri integration is very helpful. WeDo is free from the Mac App Store. It includes subtasks, due dates, repeating tasks, reminders, notes, and attachments. You can also share and assign tasks to others, making it suitable for families and small businesses. Instead of using a Mac app, there are a quite a few web apps that will manage your to-do list.

    Mobile apps are available. Asana is a great way to share and assign tasks with your team, and is free for up to 15 team members. The basic plan for Remember the Milk is free, and includes plenty of features. GQueues Lite includes all the basic features you need for free. Its purpose is to allow the user to look at a day and to quickly see what has been listed to do that day and also used to write notes.

    The to do list would list a task an activity, or a reminder with any needed details, dates, phone numbers etc.

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    It would look like a grocery list, just with a lot of info per task if needed. A task could be removed, easily added to, or moved to another day s. A to do list could be created for every day as needed, When opening the app it would go to today and could be viewed for the day and scrolled on forward or to a date selected to either view what is there or add to it. Options would be to have the reminder alarm, allow Sari to add tasks to the list, interface with all devices.

    I enjoy your writing and reviews. I read Getting Things Done and have adopted the basic premise of writing everything down. Apple Reminders and Apple Notes is all I need. Siri integration is rock solid. Best of all, they are by far the best value :. Customer gets the product in the mail, or downloads it. Customers forgets about your website and never visits it again. Here is the plan, and to achieve the stated above, we need to: Offer a free and helpful newsletter, report, e-book or software to all website visitors if they subscribe to your email list.

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