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I want it to be easy to add to, easy to mark off, easy to organize, and simply get out of the way. It works well, supports multiple lists, and syncs over to all of your devices. I currently use Todoist to manage all of my tasks. One aspect that is perfect is their natural language input. Todoist will then put the task in my Work project with a due date of tomorrow at AM.

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With Todoist, I set up a quick trigger for new tasks and put it into the right place without every touching the trackpad. Its design is looking dated, so I hope it gets some attention in the near future. I found the user interface to be confusing especially compared to Apple Reminders. This fact alone would keep me from using it for a simple iPhone list app over some of the other apps I tried.

The app still does lack native support for iPhone X and newer screen size as well. It's more of a personal task manager.

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Apple Device users who want to sync their to-dos across all the devices, and review, edit, and organize the personal tasks. Things are mainly recommended for personal use. Have you ever wanted to have a personalized calendar that marks all your important dates, meetings, schedules, and upcoming tasks?

8 Best To-do List Apps for iPhone or iPad:

In short, your virtual time management assistant. As soon as an admin makes any changes in the schedules, all team members get instant notifications by text message and emails. The tool tagging and variant coloring options, which makes the organization very simple. Using the tags, you can filter the calendar to find just what you need.

You can divide events between different team members, add extra details in grids, and compare schedules through the side-by-side view. One can share the calendar with team members, but cannot integrate it with other task management applications. Office and Team Work. The tool will keep all the employees on track of what's happening and what has been changed in the plan. Your busy life needs an application that can streamline all your tasks and help you become a more organized and productive person.

Any-Do is one such application with extensive task management features. It is used by millions of people to get more things done. You can organize your lists, tasks, and events, and set reminders for each. The application seamlessly syncs with all types of devices and operating systems, which makes your to-dos accessible anytime, anywhere. With beautiful calendars and the turbo-charged features, the users can keep track of all their projects, save time, and make every day productive.

Any Do doesn't support advanced task management for the free plan. For example, you cannot share the list or integrate it with third-party tools in the free version.

Finest Five To-Do List Apps in 12222 for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

The premium plan, however, offers both communication and collaboration features. Both personal and professional needs, especially users who want to complete tasks based on their geographical locations. The location-based notification features are a great way of getting things done just where you want. With Toodle Do, Task management is easy, efficient, and productive. If you want a To-Do application with great many task management features, Toodle Do has to be the final pick.

It is a powerful application with features like Due Dates, Reminders, Schedule, and Folders management. The Status features allow users to keep track of the tasks, and the Batch Edit can be used to make changes to the group. Both the collaboration and advanced task management features are missing in the free plan. Office teams on tight-schedules and deadlines. The collaboration features, tasks addition via email, full history, and priority support are some of the features that can make task management efficient for professionals. This is a To-do list application with the most refreshing design.

OmniFocus is built with a fresh design and interactive UI, which makes it an appealing platform to work on. With all the powerful features like Quick entry, forecast, view options, perspectives, syncing, and light and dark mode, you can take complete control of the daily tasks.

The best to-do list and task list app for Mac OSX: Wunderlist

You can add actions through Siri Voice Command, and the reminder setting to make sure you never forget anything important. The actions can be grouped into tasks, and then into projects. This way, you and your team can work collaboratively.

Top 25 Best To-Do List Apps 2019

For better search results, add tags, set priority, importance level, and location. There is a perspective feature that can be used for OmniFocus users to plan their day and do things on their lists. Online syncing assures that all your data are always up-to-date on all your devices. I owe my friend and will be taking her out to one of the nicest restaurants in Dallas as a thank you for how she has helped me get my sanity back!

Thanks Rebecca you are a saint. I have tried more than 10 Organizational programs, most of which were free, had nominal cost or had plenty of Internet Hype and after about 5 years and many trash cans later, this one is hands down the best! I manage 6 Departments with multiple direct reports. I sit on 4 Boards and have numerous family commitments with teenage kids. I would be lost without this program. I love that you can combine Business and Personal all in one. You can assignl tasks to your subordinates and then keep track of their progress while they hold themselves accountable.

You can create notes and follow up dates.

“The best to-do list app” — The Verge.

You can attach documents and even e-mail tasks to yourself in meetings. The list goes on and on…. No downside other than not downloading and using it and every opportunity!!! Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.