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It's one of the easiest and best-looking online shirt design tools we've come across, with hundreds of attractive templates to get you started. Rather than having a gallery of thousands of unrelated clip-art images to search through, Placeit offers a curated selection of graphics for each section of the template. While you lose some flexibility with this approach, it speeds up the design process and often leads to a better end result. Backgrounds, fonts, and colors are also customizable, and as you make changes to your design, it's reflected in a variety of lifestyle mockups.

Clicking on any of the modeled images yields a larger version, along with several similar alternatives to choose from. You can also upload an existing design if all you need is the mockup images themselves. Any designs and mockups can be downloaded for a few dollars each, or as part of an unlimited monthly subscription. Unlike Placeit, Printful doesn't charge you to download high-resolution mockups of the designs created with its tools.

After choosing your shirt style and color, you can upload your own design or create your own using the company's basic clipart and font options. Somewhat unusually, though, you're not limited to designing just the front and back of your shirts — both sleeves can have text added, along with an outside label. Once you've got your shirt looking how you'd like it, you can send the shirt for printing or download the mockup files to use how you wish. Printful also acts as a marketplace for you to sell your design, or act as a print-on-demand service if you sell your T-shirts elsewhere.

While we'd never suggest forking out for Adobe's high-end graphics software just to design the occasional T-shirt, Illustrator is the ideal tool for creating professional-level shirt designs if you're already paying for it. The software's focus on vector images ensures that logos and text can be easily scaled up or down to fit on any T-shirt size without a loss of quality. Your design will look just as good on a business card as a billboard, or anything in between, and if you plan on screenprinting your T-shirt design, Illustrator makes it easy to create the layered, spot-colored file your print shop requires.

As with any professional software, there's a steep learning curve that comes with Illustrator, although Adobe does at least publish tutorials complete with sample files to get you started. Dozens of sites also offer templates, free or otherwise, that can be imported directly into the software. Can't afford the asking price for Adobe's design tools, but still after something powerful and flexible? Take a look at InkScape, an open-source vector graphic design tool with many of the same features as Illustrator, at zero cost. While there are no specific T-shirt templates or tutorials included with the software itself, many designers and other users have stepped into the gap, offering their expertise and files for free to the community.

As a result, once you've learned how to use InkScape, it's easy to apply your knowledge to designing attractive T-shirts without having to start from scratch. Available on MacOS, Windows, and Linux, the app lets you turn existing bitmap images into vectors via a tracing function. This enables you to scale the image up and down in size as needed for your design, and export it in the appropriate format for screen printing.

If you do need a raster image format such as. Just like InkScape versus Illustrator, there's no need to pay large amounts of money or indeed, anything to get a professional-level alternative to Photoshop.

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Open-source graphic-editing software GIMP has been around for over two decades and has established itself as a viable alternative for serious design work among many cash-strapped designers. Like other high-end tools, getting a solid grip on GIMP takes some effort. But if you have a reason to upskill yourself in it anyway, it's just as useful for creating T-shirts as it is for any other graphic design task. As with the other apps mentioned above, free templates and YouTube tutorials are available to get you started, along with paid courses focused on helping you create good-looking designs and export them in an appropriate format for printing.

Available for MacOS , Windows, and Linux, and with a vast array of editing and layout options for both text and images, GIMP's powerful tools let you create almost any T-shirt design you can imagine. Our writers spent 10 hours researching the most popular T-shirt design software on the market.

Before making their final recommendations, they considered 15 different software overall, screened options from 14 different brands and manufacturers, read over 20 user reviews both positive and negative , and tested 6 of the software themselves. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust. Share Pin Email. Buy on Designashirt. What We Like Easy to learn. Free shipping. Affordable design assistance. What We Don't Like Shirts run a bit small in size. Rush orders are expensive.

Buy on Rushordertees. What We Like Select from available clipart or upload your own images. Fast, even on short notice in most cases. What We Don't Like Some complaints about customer service availability. Errors made are slow to be resolved. Buy on Snaptee. What We Like Design using a mobile app. Share designs and get commissions on design sales. What We Don't Like Interface may take a little getting used to.

Not easy to search for designs. Buy on Placeit.

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What We Like Template system speeds up and simplifies the process. Offers an unlimited monthly subscription. What We Don't Like Curated template sections may limit flexibility. Charges to download hi-res designs you create.

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Buy on Printful. However, it can be difficult to design on a transparent background, especially if you want to use white text. Color accuracy and color saturation vary among services, and the overall color of the print is typically tinted by the underlying shirt color. You should also avoid using gradients and partial transparencies that cover large areas of your design; garment printers sometimes struggle to cope with these kinds of transitions and results can be unpredictable. There are a number of online services that can put your artwork on a tee, offering you a choice of colors and, in many cases, style of shirt.

Zazzle sells shirts in dozens of styles for men, women, kids, and babies in multiple colors which vary by style. Artwork requirements vary depending on location, but all artwork is printed at ppi.

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  6. Zazzle recommends a resolution of by for pocket images; by for vertical images typically the front of shirts , and by for horizontal images typically the back of shirts. White ink can be used on dark shirts, however. Printfection offers traditional t-shirts, ringer t-shirts, and ribbed t-shirts for men, women, girls, and kids. Front and back images can have a maximum resolution of by at ppi ; pocket images should be by at ppi.

    RedBubble , a service I've used at various points, lets you choose standard tees, girly tees, baby tees, v-necks, and hoodies in over 20 colors.

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    Artwork requirements are PNG format with a resolution of by no ppi specified ; front and back of shirts and hoodies. RedBubble is one of many services that let you put your ideas—however geeky—on a tee. Of the services listed, I favor RedBubble. Additionally, RedBubble is one of the only services that offer white ink printing on all shirts, regardless of color.

    All you need to do is set the markup over a preset base price i. Most services pay monthly, as long as your accumulated profits reach a preset minimum; i. Who knows? T-shirt design could become a fun sideline for you! First, turn off the background color layer we referenced earlier; all areas around your artwork should be transparent.

    Vector artwork will need to be converted to raster format before you can upload it. Open your artwork in Adobe Illustrator or the drawing program you're using and turn off any layers you do not want to appear in the final picture including the background color layer. First, uncheck the option to Resample Image; then enter the correct pixel per inch resolution and click OK. At this time of year, however, you need to be aware of lead times for delivery of your tee. Most sites will post the latest possible order dates for delivery by Christmas, but to be on the safe side, order at least one week ahead of the posted dates.

    These t-shirt shops cannot predict shipping delays caused by wintery weather, the sheer volume of holiday deliveries, or customs if the package is crossing a border.

    Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. Choosing a service There are a number of online services that can put your artwork on a tee, offering you a choice of colors and, in many cases, style of shirt. At a Glance.