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Snapchat has porn, too — lots of it. Too many families miss the significant step of controlling their wireless router. Make no mistake! You parent are responsible for every digital click that occurs on your WiFi! Every babysitter. Every relative. Unfortunately, those darn 2-Wire routers they give you are NOT configurable.

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Google has left parents with almost zero options for keeping Chromebooks filtered and protected. Oy vey. But, by following the instructions below, you obtain more device-wide coverage and some of the safe search benefits explained under each clean DNS description above. The App Store — Keep it Off! Black list certain sites — even with CleanBrowsing enabled. All clean DNS configurations have their weak spots. A few weak spots for Clean Browsing include the ones below. Black list certain sites — even with Clean Browsing enabled. A few weak spots for Clean Browsing include:. Clean Browsing gives amazing instructions for using the command prompt to lock in DNS, whether you chose to use theirs or OpenDNS or another of your choosing.

There are too many gaming systems and smart TV brands to name them all. We list a few below, and you can Google the others! So, there you go! The OpenDNS paid version is really limited.

We constantly test products to make sure we only recommend solutions that we trust with our own families. I love life. Former CPA, business advisor, youth pastor, development director, porn survivor. God shares wild ideas with me about life while I run. I love guiding parents to teach their kids how to use technology well while protecting them from the bad stuff. I have a Chromebook, and I use the extension called Blocksite.

It is very effective and very customizable. I find it works extremely well for my children.

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Will this block us from being able to access blogs and websites like Protect Young Eyes that discuss pornography? If you have something that works, then keep using it! With slightly older children, who might easily disable extensions, we find that using DNS within the wireless settings is less obvious. But, Blocksite looks solid. Is YouTube restricted mode really a safe way to access YouTube? I have found loopholes before in any YouTube access and therefore have always blocked it all together.

What I found though, is even blocking the website name, Chrome will still allow it to be accessed.


I feel. YouTube is such a battle! DNS is similar to filtering. A difference is that DNS can filter categories of content violence, lingerie, gambling whereas filtering typically looks strictly at the sexualized nature of the content.

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Those are a few distinctions! The combination of both is a powerful deterrent. Great information. Thank you. I need to buy a mesh wifi system to enable internet coverage throughout my home. If so, can you recommend a mesh wifi system? Can you advise? We do too, among other things. Thank you for writing this. If we already use Disney Circle and Circle Go on our apple mobile devices, should we do this as well? I checked the Clean Browsing website and they have a great process to put in the info in the Windows 10 command prompt, but we have wireless to our tv from a router, not our computer computer is plugged into the modem so this is not helpful.

Very useful I tried it!

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I just wander if I download the DNS blocker on my kids iPods will it be functional if they decided to delete the app? I found your informative site as I was looking up ways to control content, conversations and internet access on gaming systems. Is this overkill? Would these products interfere with one another and make them less effective? The answer to your question depends on the device. We have had the ones you listed in our router for over a year with no success.

When we go to Google Images and search for naked girls, we get a bunch of hard core porn, the kind of stuff that used to be illegal but now enters our home without our approval. Any suggestions for what might be the missing link is appreciated. We tried CleanBrowsing this week and found it failed miserably on Firefox. We used the adult filter, which said it would block this sort of stuff. Do we need a new router, and if so, do you have any suggestions? We have two teen boys and really want to protect them on the computer and on their phones. This is so frustrating for us. You might need a new router.

We also have a Lifeguard device WiFi router and are about to roll out a mesh network device. Filtering is also important. But with beware with teenage boys honest conversations are the most important. We tested each internet filter by downloading it to both out test lab computers and to our home computers used by our children.

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We tested the filter categories by purposely attempting to go to sites we knew fell under these categories, including pornography, news outlets, drugs and alcohol, and sites on suicide. For some of the filter categories, such as social media and online gaming sites, we waited for our children to try and access them during their allotted computer times to see if it blocked the website.

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It became clear that a website blocker was effective when we heard the frustrating grumbles of kids as they tried to access blocked social media or gaming sites or when their allotted screen time was up and they were blocked internet access. You can bypass the blocks on a specific website by entering the parent password. This lets kids access a site while still blocking others under the filter category. We tested time controls in a similar way. We first set short limits on our test computers to get a feel of how each website blocker worked, then took the programs home to test in a family environment.

All the programs let us block large chunks of time and those with individual profiles let us set time limits for each child. The programs notified kids when their time was up and blocked them from accessing the internet afterwards. We are parents and know the importance of protecting children from online threats, dangerous content, cyberbullies and too much screen time. Over the last 15 years we have tested and reviewed parental control software, including internet filters and cell phone monitoring programs, that offer great tools that lets parents to know what their kids are up to in the cyberworld.

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  • As part of our research, we subscribe to news outlets and security bloggers that focus on internet security, online privacy and parental control, so we stay on top of the dangers lurking online and changes in the industry. We are interested in how well the tools of these programs help parents keep children safe online, and we enjoy the opportunity to thoroughly test these programs so we can give you good — and safe — internet filter options.

    When we tested internet filter software, we looked at exactly what each program blocked. This included the number of filter categories, if websites slipped through the cracks and if the program included a blacklist where we could add specific site URLs to block. We gave extra credit to programs, such as SpyAgent and Norton Family , that include tools designed specifically for tracking activity on social media and for blocking cyberbullying.

    Other programs have tools, such as screenshots and social media blocking, that can be used for similar purposes, but these require you to be more proactive for it to be effective. The best programs, including Qustodio, record and report in-depth information about how long your children are on specific websites, both sides of chat messages and words they search for in search engines. You can also see if your kids attempted to go to a blocked site and which activated filter category restricted their access to it. Some programs take screenshots while your child is online so you physically see what they saw during their computer time.

    Notification is just as important as reading activity reports. We appreciated when a program, such as McAfee , sent us a text message as soon as our children attempted to access a restricted site. Being notified quickly is important for stepping in and stopping your children from getting into a dangerous situation. Editor's Choice: Qustodio. Some of them involve making tweaks to your router or DNS settings, while others come from paying a third-party security suite.

    But flipping one setting in the Parental Controls menu can filter out a ton of explicit content with minimal work. This applies an automatic filter to edit out the worst of the web. You can click the Customize button to add lists of sites to always allow or always deny, handy if you find one that gets through the filter or a false positive. Of course, no automatic filter is percent perfect, but this is still a huge help. Think you spend too much time on your computer? Read More , you can take advantage of the Time tab to prevent yourself from using your own Mac too often.

    Using the Weekday and Weekend time limits options, you can control how long the account can use the computer. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours will work. If you have a tendency to work too long into the night, this can help you go to bed on time. This option also hides any documents living on the desktop.

    You might not get use out of everything here, but the options above are definitely worth taking a look at. And if you have kids, try some controls here to make your Mac safer for them to use! Continue increasing your Mac knowledge with the best tips and tricks for using Safari 15 Essential Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users 15 Essential Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users Look beyond the obvious and unearth the usefulness of Apple's fast and energy-efficient web browser.

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