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ProfCast for Windows. Adobe Premiere Pro 7 2. Adobe PageMaker Pro 7 3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4. Adobe Dreamweaver 5. Adobe Fireworks CS5 See all 36 programs. The use of software downloaded from this site should comply with the laws in your country. We do not encourage the use of a software if it violates laws in your country. All rights reserved to Downloadastro. If you have suggestions or comments, contact us. GIF Optimizer. Better 2D Internet Animation Centre. Ranking in Animation Software :. I thought I'd seen somewhere that there's a way to link all the repeats of the shape together so if I changed on, all othes would reflect that change, but I cant seem to find it, and don't even know what keywords to search under.

I have fh8 files that have been changed to exec files. I am trying to open these into illustrator. I tried CS6 cc and CC I also changed the end of the file name to. Program will use Arial font. But as you saw there is long list of fonts including MingLiu. So I can't easily edit text. Any ideas where to get the download. I have a product number and serial number. It seems that the authentication servers are not available.

Is there some way I can make this authentication locally? I have tried using the generic never expires license and that doesn't work either, presumably because the authentication server is not available. I would appreciate confirmation of this simply so I can demonstrate to the department concerned that they need to finally update their process. I purchased Freehand MX in and used it for many years. When I installed it on my new PC in June the original serial number would not activate the program, but I got help from the Adobe chat support and was directed to the webpage with the new generic activation codes.

The program worked fine up until last night when it started asking for a serial number each time I launched the program.

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When it does launch I get the message "License expires never" but it still requires the serial number the next time it opens! Any ideas? I have a copy of the product and want to activate it again on my new computer windows 7 and the activating procedure doesn't let me do this via the internet and the phone support can not help me and asked me to get help from the website support center. I recently found some old disks with my work in Freehand 7 on it and I still have the original CDs but the info containing the serial number isn't with them anymore.

Is there some way that I can get a universal serial number for Freehand 7 Graphics Suite? I know its not supported any longer but I really would like to open my old files.

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These results may help you with what conversion method to use:. Using gradations and text, here's what happened when exporting from FreeHand in different formats:. Gradients will breakup into bands with noticeable borders. Blends work the best.

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PDF's work best if there is n o text in your FreeHand file. However, text brackets on the path are collapsed on import. Expand the brackets and your editable text will appear. If you have text, use the plugin. This is how it looks in FHMX:. You can move the elements around and still have transparency.

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Bottom line is if you have one or two FH files to convert over to Illustrator, exporting your file to PDF works in most cases. If you have more complex files, or a large number of files, get the Tensai AI Plugin. Hope these examples help. I've been looking everywhere on the web including Adobe. Instead it takes me directly to this forum. I'm trying to run Freehand MX in I want to restore the original layout of the programme with all its defaults.

I have uninstalled freehand and reinstalled but the layout that you last used dont reset. Trying to install FreeHand MX on I may be abysmally ignorant, but I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. I need to download a Macromedia Freehand 10 version for my tablet. Can I still do that? I have that version on my computer and am used to working with it. Ich arbeite auf Mac OSX I have in install of Freehand MX I want to patch to the latest app version They indicated that this is the place to make this request. I use freehand 10 along with my illustrator cc. Running Windows 10 -I have had no issues with FH I uninstalled, then reinstalled from my original disk.

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But the status window just won't display properly and my custom default. Even got a 3rd party uninstall that seems to remove even the registry files. But when I reinstall -same problem. Anybody know where there is a hidden file I need to manually trash in my PC? Really getting frustrating. I'm hoping someone you can help? I am buy a new mac Sierra operating system.. If so, how will I do this and how will I open them?

I will be purchasing a license for the newest Illustrator, will old freehand files open using this? Hi, where I can find a nice video tutorial playlist? Mi problema es que hoy, al abrir Freehand MX me ha dicho que la licencia ha caducado. I had to reformat my harddrive and did not deactivate Freehand MX prior to reformat. When trying to re-load software I get a red x next to the serial number that came with the software.

I cannot find anybody to talk to at adobe about this.

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WHat can I do? Hi , I am upgrading my pc from windows xp to windows Does the freehand works on the windows 10 and if so what version of the freehand is supported by windows I get a bouncing Freehand Icon for a few seconds then nothing, no activation window. I have tried the adobe Freehand registration link which downloads a blank file? I have tried taking my Macromedia files from my old mac and putting them in the Application Support folder, Help!!

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something? Hi All i have a dashed line that i need to convert to a shape - expand stroke doesnt work? I operate on an older system for Freehand MX which I prefer over any other drawing papp.