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Remember Me? Forget password? Reset here. Mark Forums Read. Find More Posts by mariokartjkl. Find More Posts by fireftr Welcome to SubSim Mariokartjkl! Find More Posts by Vendor. Quote: Originally Posted by mariokartjkl hi guys i'm running sh4 with uboat mission,using wineskin on my mac so i want to install tmo but i cant use jsgme obviously because it don't exist on mac i downloaded tmo 2. Pork chops are not really ideal now that potatoes are a part of vanilla minecraft Thank you for your consideration. I downloaded the DW20 pack from the FTB lancher, and had no idea about the rewrite, and shot a portal, I used to have the square portal bug, but that is now gone, thankyou!

Its Raining Chicken! I Play with the DW20 Pack. I Add Treecapitator. I Play 2 Hours on a new Map. And then, its Raining Chickens…. I testetd a new world, its raining chickens….

After removing from Portalgun, the issue is dissapeared. Get rid of the map you played with it on, or make a new map to play on. I experience this problem. When i open up a portal with my atlas portal gun and walk through everyone on the server gets teleported to the spot where i shot the second portal. Just adding a voice to confirm, same issue on my direwolf20 FTB smp server. Using bacon gun. May you add an option to dye our portal guns in the 16 colors of dye? And please add a blue gel option for the turrets, as well.

And make turret spawners too, like the cube spawners, and make an Emergency Intelligence Incinerator, for the cubes, and when an entity is put in, it will be destroyed, and trigger a redstone signal. Make it openable by redstone too! Just wondering about a possible end of stream error with this mod? I follow the mod from minecraft version 1. New minecraft version i want download. But What is with Tf2 Medi gun uber. Is that in a separate mod? It would be like an oracle turret in the sense that it would be rare to find, you would have a small chance of spawning it when you place a radio.

Big bug. On my server, you cant shoot portals anywhere, no matter what. PS: ive only been using the mod when tdbs cam out. Do you think in future releases that the Emancipation Grids will be working? Also, can we expect a return for the Discouragement Beam and its accessories? One final thing: instead of having all those texture packs, could it be possible to make the test chamber doors apart of the mod? Can you tell me what are the hex colors for the default portal gun portals i want does for the potato portal gun.

Well i just diamond and went to craft a portal gun now i did but it would not appear in the box and i have crafted other portal items everything else works in creative plz help. Black Hole. It will be back when he re-codes it, hope soon. I will provide link to this forum and give you credit for it. Thank you in advance. Sorry mate. They are all in development and are not in the mod yet. They were in previous versions, but were removed. Hello Ichun, I am planning to make a minecraft modpack, Can I please have a permission to use this mod and the gravity gun mod?

You know what would be cool? And when you spawn it she says. You Monster. Im making an exact well as close as possbile portal 2 map! I may be dumbfounded or something but, Can anyone give me the slightest hint on Where to find the config? I have opened everything up, but I am too afraid to break my favorite mod.

Can anyone point in the correct direction? I have noticed that this mod is NOT on planetminecraft. May I make a page with the info on it? Please e-mail me or reply to this. This is a surgestion for something you could add, which adds to something that is already in the game. I do hope this is something that will not be deleted cause of surgestion, but if it does, sorry.

Hey iChun I am a huge fan of most of your mods especially the PortalGun mod.

How to Install Better Than Wolves mod- 1.2.5- MAC

However, since you recoded the mod, most of the awesome features where removed! What happened? Is there a CreeperHost Download link? The mod is glichy with me, eveything works but the texture are messed up. They dont look like any of the pics in the FAQ, Portals look like a mess of blue or red, faithplates look messed, to put it one way, the texture are messed. But eveything works oddly…. I am running the latest version on 1. Well with the latest version. Using 1. I know you could just give them a different gun, but if you have more then 5 players you have a problem. The players portals would disappear when they log out and then reappear when they log back in.

Where can I find the download for IChunUtill? I have installed the mod and Forge for 1. Can you add more content or are you working on this? Will you add the cores? With sound! Or throwing Wheatley into lava…. Why not make it where they can send a portal to the sun and make it where that thing launches out fire balls. AbstractMethodError: net. For Me I do not know if this normal but the bacon portal gun in my hand is a pig and for all portal guns sound of going in a portalthe sound is a pig oinking did not edit any files.

Whats happeneing? Hello I am developing a mod pack for the technic platform and I would like to include this mod along with the gravity gun mod in my mod pack Omega Project if I may use this mod how would you like for me to credit you Thankyou. When will the 1. Probably, I will start a Youtube serie and I would like to use this mod, but at version 1.

Please, release it quickly!! Is there the possibility of more music discs in upcoming updates, such as Cara Mia Addio or Reconstructing Science? It would be nice just to have them implemented. I have the same problem as Kristopher. I have installed according to the video and instructions. I have done this many times and the same result is achieved. I installed everything and the other items needed for the mod correctly in 1. Taking out any portal gun, or using some of the other items Aerial Faith Plate, for example , locks Minecraft completely.

No crash report or anything. Forced to end the process. Help me please my Minecraft always crashes when I use anything this mod offer! Please fix in next update please, and a future thanks. BUG some blocks are not giving texture High energy pellet catcher,launcher, the faith plates and cube droppers. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I noticed that picking up objects with the G key will pick up any solid block in the environment like the Gravity Gun mod, so it would be very easy to cheat on a map. Just a heads-up if nobody else has already pointed this out.

Not accepting suggestions is a real ass thing to do. Right now this mod is relativity small. Let it grow with ideas from your fans. I have a crash! Here it is! NullPointerException at net. Hey iChun. Configurablility for which blocks you can place portals on.

Because, well, I wanna make a real portal gun map. And in the games, you can only place portals on white surfaces. So that would be great seeing included. Finally was able to disable the grabbing functionally of the portalgun at least for blocks.

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People were able to grief spawn with it. The mods and versions listed below could not be found iChunUlti : [1. Are see-thru portals enabled in 1. LoaderException: java. Would you help me? Check out the Kickstarter and spread the word before time runs out! Version using:. Minecraft —1. When are you updating the mod? Can you tell me when the next update will be released? I made a mod spotlight on my YouTube channel for this mod! Cyance Science Facility: Now featuring the moon! How do u make the 3-d desigh forthe portal gun??? I looked everywhere in the portalgun 1. Features enabled: false Level generator options: Level spawn location: World: -5,64, , Chunk: at 11,4,5 in -1,13; contains blocks ,0, to -1,, , Region: -1,0; contains chunks ,0 to -1,31, blocks ,0,0 to -1,, Level time: game time, day time Level dimension: 0 Level storage version: 0x — Unknown?

When I exit my world and come back in the portals that are on the portal gates stop functioning. Is there any way to stop this? Hey, i was just wondering when the 1. Also i was wondering if you could try to include the white gel, blue repulsion gel and orange speed gel along with the tubes that spew the gel in one of the next updates, also it would be great if you have skype to add me, i have so many amazing ideas that i think you would love in the mod, if you have skype search me at: Redhat Someone please tell me how and where i can change weather or not portals can be placed on certain blocks!

I was able to get the mod to load correctly for the first time, and everything works and is visible.

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But whenever i try to use the portal gun, the game freezes. I have no idea why and need help with it. I keep freezing every time I right-click for your mod to place or use!

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This mod is not updated for minecraft 1. This is why I hate minor updates that do nothing to gameplay. Dude, did you read his post regarding iChun Util? It auto-obfuscates the mod to meet compatibility standards. I feel this is because of chunk loading and ect. But i just thought i would tell you about it. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and brilliant work on the mod! I am trying to make the turrets stop talking.

They are cute but when you have 10 of them they just get a little old. Ichun in your next update you should add like a plugin or feature or something that allows like settings in the sentry gun to be switched on and off by the placer such as like player fire mob fire friendly mob fire and like maybe a way to add players to a list of nonenemies for like when your playing multiplayer.

I think it would be a great addition to an already spectacular mod.

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Keep up the amazing work!. Not sure what happened but since forge when I select my portalgun in inventory Minecraft freezes. The only way to get back to the save is to remove Portalgun mod, then go back in. If I dont pull Portalgun out it starts the game frozen. Anyone else? For some weird reason, if I right click holding PotatOS, my game freezes, similar to what happens if the game tries to play a non-existent sound file.

Anyone else getting this? Hey, i was just wondering iChun, is there a bug with a lava texture coming up at the side of your screen. In both instances, when trying to select a gun and place it into inventory, the game freezes. Wiped out my entire. I tried selecting all the items, and it seems to be only the guns causing the issue. I was able to place the gun stand just fine, and none of the other non-weapon devices seems to be a problem, but the guns themselves are causing complete game freeze. Can you help me?

No Crash. Please Help IChun! Well When ever i get the protal gun in my Characters hands my game freezes And then i have to reset my computer Help? I am a Brazilian lover Portal 2 and Minecraft. If yes, when? Thank you for your attention. Hey Ichun Yeah You can you add the laser blocks and plz fix the turrents. Minecraft has crashed! NoSuchMethodError: net. IntegratedPlayerList: method V not found at cpw. IntegratedPlayerList: method V not found at trapcraft.

Hey iChun, what about making neurotoxin? You could make tubes or use thermal expansion to transport neurotoxin around and store it in tanks. With a certain block called Gas dispenser, when connected to a tube with neurotoxin AND with redstone power it will release neurotoxin. Hi iChun! Do you know when… in next minecraft update or when you can buy your new computer? Please answer me. I really love this mod plz update so we can use the incineration field and you should add cores that we can play with and toss around and a glados we can kill that would be great -thanks.

If i can that is. I think there is a glitch when I shoot a portal at the decorative moon and one beneath me I fall out of the world? This happened with the Hats mod, this mod and the Gravity Gun mod. I really love this mod, but I have three things to mention: 1. When you shoot fire charges through a portal, they will change their flight-vector back towards the direction it originally was shot.

I would really need some spheres. All need them for is falling down and being carried around. Whenever I set a sentry turret down it wont shoot at me. Can anyone help me? Hey there. Do you support the Portal Gun mod on Minecraft 1. I have Forge Version: release 1. I presume this is because this mod is only supported on Minecraft 1. I agree with Awesomefireay it would be really cool if you were able to add GLaDOS, the 3 types of gels, the cores, and the ball used in the co-op part of portal along with the holder and cube buttons.

Can you please tell me how to change textures of the portal guns? I really want to make these guns look more like in an actual Portal game. You installed Portalgun 1. There were textures of fire, lava, water, Nether portal and grass around the centre of the scren when I chose portal gun in my hotbar.

But that was a while ago and I heard that it was fixed. Is that true?

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It looks like a really awesome mod, and I want to use it but it needs to be for 1. Thank you. You should add support for the Galactacraft mod! Then, if you create a portal to the moon and get sucked in, you end up on the Galactacraft moon! Have you made it yet so that the portals can be seen through? Copy link Quote reply.

No description provided. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. There's absolutely no reason for it so far. Correct me if I'm wrong here though. What mod? I want to use it to catch hackers on servers. So it's not compatible. It would have to be repackaged. I added the following to line 87 above the Twitch library : " name " : " net. So it even has native libs? Well, read above.


Also, it doesn't break my instance, but it just doesn't load. Does it have a maven repo? Not that I can see. That's really ugly. I know.