X11/xlib.h file not found mac

By setting some environment variables, we can configure the Pygame build process to build correctly.

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The environment variables gcc flags required to allow Pygame to correctly build fat binaries for both 32bit and 64bit Python are:. Then pip install pygame and python -c 'import pygame'.

How to use X11 in XCode?

If no error is returned by Python, then you should now have a working installation of Pygame. I work at Facebook and make neat stuff on the web.

EASY FIX: Could Not Save File Already In Use Mac OS X

I'm into UX, music production, designing the future, and learning from the past. Does xQuartz come with headers? You might need to install those separately.

Hi! I'm James.

Did you install the 'command line tools' package for XCode? Petesh Petesh This did it for me. Thanks for posting.

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Solved it for me! This solution worked for me for ruby Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Thanks in advance. I have a view that accepts a file.

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I'm using MuPDF lib in android platform. And i want to extract text from pdf file.

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I've got an example from Github, that shows pdf files normally. UnsatisfiedLinkError: Error looking up functi I do all stuff in the link successfully. AttributeError: ResultSet object has no attribute 'find'. You're probably treating a list of