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Oh well, will have to start using v. Location: The East Of England. L , Sep 2, Location: Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands. When log file writing is disabled from the preferences, a temporary log file is created in the Windows TEMP directory. Apparently this didn't function on systems with Vista and Windows 7. I've uploaded version beta 4 which should have corrected this. This will also create a single log file, even when the items in the playlist are from different directories. Location: Merchantville NJ. BrewDrinkRepeat , Sep 4, Location: Atlanta, GA. GreenDrazi , Sep 5, BradOlson , Sep 5, BrewDrinkRepeat , Sep 5, JonasR , Oct 16, But a lot of useful info nevertheless.


Yeah that was my opinion of MasVis. Lots and lots of data, but how to make useful concise and easy sense of it all in the way of comparison between two masterings can take a fair few words, nonetheless, it provides arguably enough statistical data to argue a point. I still have it on my system, but haven't really used it much as there is just a case of information overload. Works real nice, good options so there should be enough for everyone.

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I have been playing around with this on my Mac. In the thread and on the TT screen it mentions "offline check for wave I have used it with AIFF files of The readings seem accurate to me and it generates a text file report and places it within the appropriate album folder. Some of the readings I have match the readings I have seen others post online for the same titles.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong by using these files? EDIT: I should describe my process which is pretty simple. I search the album folder using Finder and simple drag the folder to the top gray bar on the TT DR Meter which automatically loads and reads each song file and as stated generates a text file of the report.

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Location: FL. Location: Melbourne, Australia. I've recently installed this for Foobar but can't find any version over 1. Does anyone have a direct link? BradOlson , Aug 22, Location: Oregon expat Brit. I have a few questions about this.

Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's DP Meter Pro

For example I listen to a lot of electronic music. Its remaster from gets a 9. The Kraftwerk remasters get excellent results. My point is that should an album comprising of no real instruments be cut some degree of slack when measuring DR? My thinking is that because space MAY not be as big an issue in this type of music, a rating of 8 or 9 may not be acceptable?

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Mixing Tutorial: Level Meters- Peak & RMS

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