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But you don't have to use it as a drop down -- just hit the icon and whatever is selected will immediately be colored with the color shown. You can change the color of the immediate button-press option by choosing the color or 'No Label' with nothing selected. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Edited on Sep 14, '11 AM by gabester.

Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: Password:. What's New in the Forums? I wish they could just make it back the way it was. One more voice asking for an update so Candy Bar will work on Mavericks! Please consider a small update for Mavericks.

I loved this app so much. Glad I bought it and supported you guys. Fight the power and help us change our folder and trash icons! Direct all your inquiries to Iconfactory since they are now the maintainers of CandyBar as per the last section up above. Iconfactory can make CandyBar Mavericks-ready. Ragazzi alcune icone le potete cambiare semplicemente con il copia incolla! I am about to change my icons now, but it stands that I need to have a new version of Candybar.

The only thing is; I have the newest version. The current icons are killing my eyes and almost all of us are eagerly waiting for an update! Bought Candybar before it was Candybar but 2 different programmes.

Change color / look of AirPort menubar icon in Mac OS X Lion - Super User

Please update! TO: Panic, Inc. We are all willing to pay once again to get the update for Mavericks. As you can see you should take this into consideration. CandyBar for Mavericks we would be happy to pay to it please update for us support iconfactory. The new Mavericks icons are killing my eyes! Please update for Mavericks! Long life to Candybar…. Now open CandyBar and change your icons. The only thing preventing CandyBar from working in Mavericks is this version check. No need to wait for an update although that would make things waaay more convenient.

It will come. Please dear Panic Inc. I would even pay for an updated version! You are basically saying what he said first, they only difference is, you rephrased what he said, made it longer and added pictures to it. This blog is not for free advertisement of your website! The noble idea you present to all users for as long as CandyBar lives, shows us all there are more ways than one to skin a cat… Thank you Ladies and Gentleman of Panic for your very kind of solution solving.

Much success. Should be compatible with Mavericks in my opinion, just a small update to keep existing features working! Stop spamming about Mavericks update already if Icon Factory wanted an update quick it would already be out. It seems Icon Factory got big plans for Candybar. But remember, OSX I just downloaded v3. I had Snow Leopard in the past and CandyBar worked excellent!

Now that I am on Mavericks, I cannot use it anymore : Please make the update for And it will probably be a long wait before Apple realizes their mistake! Icon Factory is still charging for CandyBar. Please make a candybar-update for the Es de profesionales! Saludos a todos! CandyBar is and has been one of my all time favorite apps.

I love being able to personalize how my iMac, and MacBook Pro look…. Something like this belongs built in to the OS in my opinion. This app really, really needs to be kept up to date. I hope you come back when Yoesemite is made public because the icons Apple use simply stink and are plain plain plain with no life, colour or imagination.

We need our CandyBar. My question is: will you use Yosemite proudly with those new fluorescent folder icons every day and be proud of it…? And save humanity from neon armageddon? What a wonderful app!! From the desk of Cabel Portland, Oregon Updated for Now free, and unsupported.

CandyBar 3. Posted at am Comments. And thanks for many, many years of Candybar love. Thanks for years of Candybar and icon love. End of an era. I really hope CandyBar will live forever Thank You guys for your work. Bad news, i dont know why apple did this :. Good show Panic Inc.

What a wonderful way to go out. Very dignified. Never seen the like of it. Bravo, Panic! Awesome gesture. Atleast for this, I am buying you future products.

Great work guys. Love your software guys. This is a nice gesture from you all at Panic. Good luck dude :D. Thank you :. Then again, maybe the people at the Iconfactory would. Thanks, again. Thank you to everyone at Panic! Thanks for the great app! I have always loved CB. Rock on guys! I have two question regarding this blog post above… 1. No Thank so much for your work and generosity.

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

I wish there are new icons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uhh i dont no what its like but my brother has it and it looks kinda awesome so yeh :. Thank you guys for many years of freedom icons ; we miss you. Have you ever seen Lord of the Rings? Shoot the Horse! Get ready to have to jailbreak your own freaking computer. Keep Fighting the Fight!!! In the other hand we are going to have a solid OS and a great way to back up our life on iCloud. IconFactory: keep the app going. Very Noble, Amazing app aswell, Sad story : Good luck with your future plans. Thank you very much.

Not everybody has Mountain Lion and many of us like to change our icons. Variety is the Spice of Life. Thank You for making it so easy to spice up my Macs! Much appreciated what you have done folks. Oh, Candybar…I wish I knew how to quit you. Sorry should have looked more closely. It is true that after to restart I have to restart also the finder but… If I could include you a print-screen you could see that this is possible, and therefore it might be possible to solve the problem of to restart the Finder after a reboot.

Investigate this and come back to the market, good ideas deserve success. All the best! Thanks for making Candybar free. Keep up the great work! A very proud user. Glad to hear iconfacory is taking over. Awesome app thank!

How to arrange and sort files in Finder using Mac OS X Lion

Thanks for all the great years of dock customization. Bought CandyBar in — never regretted the purchase. We love you CandyBar! Provide a donation box such as PayPal so if anyone still wants to donate, they can!

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I will never update OSX anymore!!!!! LOL jokes….. Hi Please tell me, how can install windows in mac without dvd. Will the dock feature of updating ever be addressed? Cooming OS X Finder and Dock icons can be modified as well. Great application thnx for the awesome program! Amazing application, my mac looks much better now :D. This is the best app I ever used! I have always been a big fan of Candy Bar and will miss it! Any way to fix candybar on osx mavericks?

Mavericks support please! Please an update for Mavericks! I always loved CandyBar and I hope it could work on Mavericks! Please please please update for Mavericks. Please update for Marvericks, please! Please update Mavericks! Please, please upgrade to Mavericks! I would pay also!!!!! CandyBaaaaar, please for Mavericks!!!

Mavericks support pleeeeeaaaase!!!!!! Valencia — Spain.

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I, too, would pay for Mavericks support. Make it workable for mavericks please!!!!! Please update this for Mavericks, or release the code so that someone else can. Mavericks support and more icons please , I would like to Pay!! Please update this for Maverick. When will this be updated for Mavericks? Please upgrade to Mavericks! I would! Candybar lives! Need an updated CandyBar for Mavericks badly! Please make this happen…. I would love an update for Mavericks. Please, make it happen!

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Go for Maveriks! Candybar forever! We all really need CandyBar back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bernard P. Candybar for ever! To Everyone else! Lets just keep posting until they come back. CandyBar for Mavericks pleas!! CandyBar for Mavericks please!! Plaese make a new version for OS Please upgrade CandyBar to Mavericks! I would pay! Best app out there! Update for Mavericks? Would love to see this open-sourced so that folks that care about it can keep it up to date. Please Mavericks support!!!

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What the hell is apple thinking? Make Candybar compitable with Mavericks! Thanks Unixwiz, your workaround worked for me! Could you update to Mavericks! Please update Candybar for Mavericks! I miss it and I would love to pay for it again! For all of you gays.. Iconfactory should update this for mavricks. I have been using Candy Bar for a few years and still love it, its great. You really made good program!

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You need make update. Really appreciate your move to make this software available for free. Thanks heaps. But where can i get premium? Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 7 years, 1 month ago. Viewed times. Lion disables the labels for this folder. I've tried changing the permissions on the folder but that didn't work.

Anyone have a fix? Unless something unexpected on your system is preventing labels from being applied to your Utilities folder, the following should work in Lion: Log into OS X using an administrator account. Set the label as desired. Change admin group privileges back to "Read only". Close the Get Info window. Works like a charm.

So Lion simply introduced new default permissions for Utilities? There is a way to set the label value directly with xattr : sudo xattr -wx com.