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I had te speakers all the way up and the computer down. May 24, 5, 87 Static or hiss? Static is a buzzing sound. Hiss sounds like a stream of compressed air. Many speakers naturally produce hiss because of amplifier quality.

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Static would be an extremely annoying sound. One test would be to use headphones. If you can still hear it with headphones on, it's definitely a soundcard problem. If not, I would point to the speakers as the source. Alright guys, I got it! I pulled the card.. Thx for the input tho. That's a very interesting solution. Best of luck to ya!

Click Browse button in the Install From Disk dialog box. Highlight mmdriver. Click on Continue Anyway button if a warning about logo compatibility pops up. A list of audio codecs supported by mmdriver. Select a codec that you want to install.

Supported audio codecs

All codecs that you want must be installed one by one. Windows XP or installation CD may be need. It is a low complexity speech coder, which is an integral component of Microsoft windows and has also been endorsed by Dialogic for computer telephony products. Speech information can now be exchanged compatibly between different applications.

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For example, using TrueSpeech 8. At the sampling rate of 8 KHz, continuous digital speech is compressed from Kbps to 8. With slightly lower voice quality and lower levels of compression, TrueSpeech 8. GSM It can be found in use in various telephony products such as voice mail applications. It compresses bit samples into bits or 33 bytes , i.


It results in very good compression with good quality output but is very costly in terms of performance. This algorithm is applicable for real-time video and teleconferencing applications where reduced bandwidth and very high quality voice is required. DSP Group also licenses a G. The mp3 algorithm development started in , with a joint cooperation of Fraunhofer iis-a and the university of erlangen. MPEG Version 2.

It is an extension used for very low bitrate files, allowing the use of lower sampling frequencies. If your decoder does not support this extension, it is recommended for you to use 12 bits for synchronization instead of 11 bits.

Audio codecs

Typical data rates are between and kbps. This is because many people can hear sounds above 16KHz even when it is sometimes hard to hear anything but it makes a lot of difference in sound dynamics. The MPEGplus format's most important technique to reduce the bitrate is the exploitation of psychacoustic effects.

DSP Group TrueSpeech CODEC install on Windows 7 Pro

The psychacoustic effect is determined by doing sound test and to check which sounds the human ear can hears and which sounds not. This means that when you hear a very hard explosion it is almost impossible to hear a drop of water falling at the same time. This is why the sound of the drop of water is faded out because it's impossible to hear and so it will not be noticed.

When this sound of the drop of water is faded away this preserves the bitrate. QuickTime movies have the extension. QuickTime supports many different codecs, particularly CinePak and Indeo, both of which can be used cross-platform.

Ogg Vorbis is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format for mid to high quality 8kHz All rights reserved.