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This is the toolbar button with the arrow pointing toward the device icon. When the export is complete, you should consult the pop-up alert on your device for further instructions. I have an iPad, an iPhone, and a Mac. How do I keep the databases in sync between all of these devices? However, it is still possible to transfer the database between devices manually.

You first need to backup the database from the device with the most current copy to your computer or from your computer to the device. The steps for achieving this are shown above in questions 11 and I have the Cactus Album trial version and just bought the full version. How do I transfer my data from the trial version? The trial version and the full version are the same app — there is nothing further to download. All of your data will be accessible the next time you run the app. How can I do that? Provided your spreadsheet program can export to CSV format and allows you to specify comma separators and dates in a particular format, you should be able to import it into the app.

Can you incorporate some new fields into the app?

Oracle PDF Import Extension (for OpenOffice 3.x)

Can I change the names of any of the data fields? Incorporating new fields may be possible, but keep in mind that any changes will also need to be made to the iOS app version, where screen real estate is very limited. Sorry, the names of the data fields cannot be changed.

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It has no effect until you select an item from the list. Clicking on one of the rows in the table will select that row and highlight it. To delete the highlighted cactus, watering schedule, or log, click the X icon in the toolbar. Alternatively you may select Remove Item from the Edit menu. Note that an alert popup will appear asking if you still wish to delete the cactus. There is no such alert for watering schedules or logs.

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First, pick a log entry or create a new one. Select Yes next to the Reminder field, and a popup will appear asking if you want to add a reminder to the calendar. Click Add and another window will appear where you can create a calendar entry. The idea is you set a future date, set Reminder to Yes, and the log entry will be highlighted on and after that date. The Reminders Due statistic is also updated. Watering schedules are a convenient way to remind you when certain plants in your collection need watering. The watering schedule entry will be highlighted on the main list when the Next Watering date arrives.

Any corresponding cactus entries on the main list will also be highlighted on the same date. Select the Watering field dropdown menu for individual plants to associate them with a certain watering schedule. If you have a lot of plants, a quicker way is to open the Watering schedule, then click the Cacti To Water tab. You can then select which plants to add to the schedule by clicking on them in the list. To remove a plant from the schedule, return to this window, click the plant and the watering-can icon will disappear.

Alternatively, select the plant s on the Cacti to Water tab and click the — button. By associating a plant with a watering schedule, the Last Watered and Next Watering fields for each associated plant will be updated automatically whenever the Watering schedule is updated. While it is possible to change the Last Watered field directly for individual plants, it is not recommended since the watering of this plant will become out of sync with the associated watering schedule. The cacti report shows a summary of your collection, followed by the data and photos for every cactus, watering schedule, and log entry in your collection.

This report can be useful for inventory or insurance purposes, and may be printed from within your web browser. To view the report, locate the Report Folder you specified in 1 and double-click on the Report File you specified in 2. Your web browser will load the cacti report.


A warning may appear asking if you are sure you want to open the file. Since you have generated the file yourself using the app, click the Open button. Your web browser will then load the cacti report. This will ensure the report file will still know where to find the photos. How can I contact you? You can reach me via email CactusAlbum andrewnicolle.

I can usually respond to queries within 24 hours. If you like Cactus Album for Mac, please spread the word. Arclite theme by digitalnature powered by WordPress. Track your cactus and succulent collection on your Mac — Now Available! The result is a fascinating opening, with its sprightly dance-like passages and concise melody creating myriad resonances and perspectives for the cycles of Cello Suites and Violin Sonatas that follow.

Here the mallets lead the ear, cherishing motivic snippets, highlighting arresting harmonic progressions with crystalline articulation. A bedazzling set of discs, singing with innate beauty. Each CD opens with a transcription of a keyboard prelude. In the liner notes for the album, Kuniko writes that she imagines her performances inspiring people to dance at a social occasion.

Each piece on the album includes a similarly evocative statement about how she feels about the music, where she heard it for the first time or what she imagines when hearing it. Kuniko recorded the album in St. Le danger est que cela devienne lassant. Und doch ist Johann Sebastian Bach beides passiert, das eine von mir, das andere von Kuniko. In Summe: gut zweieinhalb Stunden Spielzeit. Zugegeben, man sollte es schon wollen. Auch ich bin nicht frei davon, diese musikalische Darbietung als Experiment klassifizieren zu wollen. Aber es klappt nicht. So soll das doch gar nicht klingen! Nee nee nee!

Oder doch? Und dann die Tiefe, in die das Schlag-Instrument hinunter-kellert. Although Kuniko calibrates balances, dynamics, nuances and sonorities with her expected precision, she also creates a genuine sense of repartee between the parts, as if the six original percussionists were interacting. These words also apply to Rebonds for solo percussion, although there are many striking moments pun intended!

Kuniko passes this rite triumphantly. Her effortless, glitch-free technique and ability to manipulate mallets and sticks to seemingly coax melodies from non-melodic instruments are bound to humble aspiring and established percussionists alike. Obviously, J. Here she takes a deep breath and confronts the granddaddy of keyboard masters, transcribing and performing arrangements of three cello suites, three violin sonatas, and the opening prelude from The Well-tempered Clavier.

As always, her playing is masterful—not only her sheer technique, but also her emotional investment; her love and admiration for this music is expressed almost viscerally. For all classical collections. The marimba player Kuniko wisely focuses on the Cello Suites and Solo Violin Sonatas, works that would seem to lend themselves more readily to transcription than, say, the more intricate textures of the keyboard Partitas. She contributes highly personal notes in the booklet about what Bach means to her, offering a very specific narrative for every piece she chooses.

Transkriptionen der Cellosuiten Nr. Sicher: historisch-informiert auf Originalinstrumenten kann Bach auf der Marimba eben nicht sein. Bachs Streicherwerke werden auf der Marimba zum plastischen Objekt, dessen Kontrapunkt quasi dreidimensional wahrgenommen werden kann. Violine ist nicht zwingend notwendig. Dat het werk van Bach doorgaans geheel in de geest van Bach bewerkt wordt voor andere instrumenten is geen nieuws meer. Hoe dan ook, Kuniko heeft al die woorden niet nodig. Even luisteren naar bijvoorbeeld de prelude van de eerste cellosuite is genoeg om volledig in de ban te raken van haar spel.

Jahrhunderts geschrieben. Wie klingt es, das Funkeln einiger hell leuchtender Sterne am Nachthimmel? Eine Kunst-Performance. Das Ganze ist aber viel mehr als Spektakel: Denn Kuniko hat ihre eigene Sprache, und von der wird hier jede der sechs Stimmen getragen. Egal ob an konventionellen Stabspielen, speziellen Metallinstrumenten oder an den Trommeln. Kuniko greift so geschickt die von Xenakis vorgegebene Phrasierung auf, dass die Musik zu pulsieren beginnt, atmet. Sound is elemental. It is why the heartrate, composed of many individual heartbeats in succession is called a vital sign.

Percussionist Kuniko understands this in an explicit and integral manner. Her previous recordings, Kuniko Plays Reich Linn Records, and Cantus Linn Records, were devoted to her command of the vibraphone and marimba. Xenakis: IX broadly expands her use of percussion methods, liberating her talent dramatically.

In other words, Kuniko mixes things up…like a wild, precisely structured, aural martini, dry. Iannis Xenakis is the other looming presence on this disc. A Greek-French composer well known for his percussion compositions, Xenakis was not only a music theoretician, but also an architect-engineer. He brought both streams of thought together in mathematical models he used in his composition. The result is an entropic precision, a creative tension that is both naturally static and dramatic. Kuniko deftly mixes her percussion instruments both vertically polyrhythmic and horizontally expansive.

Her use of differing timbre and volume adds a tactile feature to the performances that is very effective. The music of Iannis Xenakis is like no other. The fact that he used computer algorithms to aid in composition has sometimes led people to misunderstand his centrality in the creative process. He did not simply push a button and out popped the music. The conception and ultimate results were his. Otherwise they would not so consistently embody his signature stylistic universe.

I was unable to audit the multi-channel version because I do not have SACD capability, but the sound in any event is glowing. The four movement Pleiades begins the program. It is scored for six percussionists and so Kuniko resorts to multi-tracking to realize the work. Each movement occupies its own sound universe. It is a bell-chime like multi-piece percussion instrument that gives out with a special evocative resonance. The other movements have a broad array of instruments both pitched and unpitched. It is extraordinarily difficult to play and Kuniko most certainly triumphs here.

The complexities and sheer aural delight will quicken the pulse of any percussion music adept, but it makes for a wonderful music listening experience in any case. Times have gone by and his most difficult works no longer sound nearly as challenging now to our ears. We have all grown in our ability to hear and understand complexities and the new language of modern music. But in any event the percussion works here and their marvelous performances by Kuniko can be readily appreciated, I would think, by anyone who is open to the new.

They are not difficult listening, quite the contrary. She studied under renowned marimba legend Keiko Abe and works today with composers and performers thruout the world in expanding the percussion repertory and its appreciation. On Vermount Counterpoint guitarist Pat Metheny also advised, since he performed the premiere of the work in In the Six Marimbas Counterpoint keniko plays solo marimba along with a specially-prerecorded tape of the other five marimbas. There are a dozen overlapping tracks to go with the live performance, and all worked hard on achieving the perfect surround and stereo mixes of the work.

In fact, all three works have a pre-recorded tape played together with the live performances. Other reviews of the album have not been entirely positive; some object to the changes from the sounds of the electric guitar or clarinet to the marimba or steel pans. Reich is not one of my personal favorites except for his Music for 18 Musicians due to his total embrace of the strongest minimalism of any living composer. Neither of these contain music for everybody, just those who may want to expand their musical taste. The Greek composer-architect-mathematician who died in pioneered works full of unusual notation and requiring virtuosic performances — some of them deemed actually unplayable.

In addition to the steel drums, vibes and marimba in this arrangement of the work, it requires the SIXXEN, which was designed by Xenakis himself and customised by kuniko, with metal bars which are struck. The whole piece is a quite different sound world of great color and fantastic rhythmic complexities. The profound musical intelligence of both Xenakis and kuniko come thru in this wild percussive work, but it will be slow going for many listeners.

The Japanese known only by a single name offers two long-established Xenakis masterpieces. Those who already know Pleiades will wonder how, since these four movements three of them for particular timbre groups are intended for an ensemble of six. The answer? No need for such ingenuity in Rebonds These are meticulous and muscular performances, at once elemental and elegant. Whether architects like it or not, buildings will be scruffed up by the humans who use them.

Also on the disc is Rebonds, a percussion repertoire stalwart that Kuniko plays with a subdued, affectionate touch. Yeah, I thought so. The six-minute composition is a driving force, a movement-heavy cascade of bongos and wooden blocks and bass drums. Listen over at NPR. But as orchestras grew bigger, percussionists got busier — even more so after World War I, when a new generation of composers began writing specifically for percussion. The music, whether for soloist or ensemble, moved percussion into the spotlight and helped set standards for performance practice.

Japanese percussionist Kuniko Kato who goes by the single name Kuniko studied in Tokyo under marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe. Later she was the first percussionist to graduate from the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music. Xenakis might be considered cerebral he was also an architect obsessed with geometry and math , but part B of Rebonds has a hypnotic, nearly danceable groove sustained by quick pulses in the bongos and fat punctuations from the bass drums.

Kuniko lays out the rhythmic layers cleanly and with confidence. Auch eine neue Aufnahme von Kuniko bei Linn setzt ein audiophiles Glanzlicht. Eigentlich schon.

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Es lohnt sich wirklich! Greek-French composer Iannis Xenakis was one of the most important composers of the 20th century. It was imported but was not formatted correctly. Looks like compatibility issue.

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There is a simple solution to out problem with the pdfimport. This extension works even without administration rights under Win7 64bit as far as I could test it. Windows 7 bit - Each time I get the error message "loading component library failed" like the previous 2 posters. Windows 8 32 bit - Each time I get the error message "loading component library failed" like the previous 2 posters. Each time I got an error message "loading component library failed". I already have version 1. Should never upgrade on a program that is working However, I continue getting the failure message in the subject line followed by the path and file name.

Any suggestions??? Default download button at Sourceforge site is not for OOO v4. Don't click that if you have OOO v4. You will see options for 4 different operating systems. For Windows 7 or any windows version I guess , click this link: Windows aoo-pdf-import Click Tools, and on the drop down list click Extensions Click Add, navigate to your download folder and click the file you just downloaded. In the window that pops up, scroll down to the bottom and click Accept.

It will install with no problems on OOO 4.

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I noticed that the extension indicated it was for x86, which means 32 bit not 64 bit, but that didn't matter. BTW, if your install failed, but you see the extension listed in the extension manager screen when you do this, just click to highlight it and then click the remove button. Probably a good idea to remove a failed installation before reinstalling. No extension is installed. It won't enable on my computer Windows 7 Home Premium. I just upgraded to OO 4. And please, use simple layman language and step by step directions. I don't speak tech. If I found some mistakes need to modified in the PDF format, I would edit the contents in the original word process and then save it as PDF again, and again.

Actually I don't like to use Acrobat for creating ebook. It is not easy to learn well. I just use it to edit some details when I don't want to save all again. Of course, different guy has his own way. There is another way, known as the article How to edit PDF text , you would take it for reference. Not sure why some people have previously commented that this does not install on Windows 7 because it worked fine for me.

Adobe Reader DC - Télécharger

Installed on two Win7 x64 boxes no problem. Am very impressed with this extension - gives a great solution for editing PDFs without having to buy any software. Sure, an Adobe product is more appropriate if you want more serious editing, but it's perfect for occasional usage. I like the fact there is no cost for the openoffice but it is not as easy to understand for me. I found two that have free 30 day trials that worked perfectly if only i could afford to purchase. First off, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I downloaded this extension and attempted to install it via the Extension Manager in OpenOffice 3. When I attempt to Enable this extension I get the following error:. Any ideas what might be wrong and what needs to be done to correct this problem would be greatly appreciated! I wonder if anyone else is seeing this: For some PDFs the import works great, modifications can be made to the PDF, the export produces a new PDF with changes and everything is perfect.

Open it , make no changes at all, export with all defaults on the PDF export properties page, and save as a new PDF file. When I open that file in a recent copy of Acrobat the modifications appear just where you'd expect them but the image the the importer produces from the PDF has been shifted either right to the bottom of the page or all the way off! I can actually grab it and drag it back up to the top of the page! This doesn't happen on all computers and only for some PDFs--I haven't found the common properties that determine the outcome.

This extension does not work on win7, it messes up the pdf layout and changing the text format. After opening an pdf in open office, the pdf looks terrible. Not worth waisting time om this extension, it simply does not work. The text lines are shifted, letters are expanded Thats not only a problem of displaying on the screen, it looks also disorderd on the print This is a LONG comment with a lot of steps, but if you read and follow it carefully you should be able to use this extension on a Mac with no problems. These steps worked great for me. The most important thing is doing Step 7 correctly so that the extension is placed in the correct folder.

Here's how I get this extension to work. Download the oracle-pdfimport. Single-click the OpenOffice. You will now see all the folders and files that are used by the OpenOffice. Continuing from Step 4, in the Finder window you will see a folder named 'Contents'. Click the arrow to the left of the 'Contents' to expand it and see the folders and files contained within it. Continuing from Step 5, inside the 'install' folder you will probably see a file named 'dict-en.

This 'dict-en. Now look at the Finder menu bar at the top of your Mac's screen. Click 'File', then click 'New Window'. This will cause a new Finder window to open. Now you have 2 Finder windows open: 1 window that has the contents of your OpenOffice. Move drag each of these 2 Finder windows so that you can see both at the same time on your Mac's screen. Now, in the new Finder window you opened, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the PDF extension file named oracle-pdfimport.

Single-click on the oracle-pdfimport. Drag the oracle-pdfimport. You should now see at least 2 files in your 'install' folder; both files will have the icon that looks like a puzzle piece. Once you've verified that the oracle-pdfimport. This is just for safety, since you don't want to muck around any further in the window that shows the package contents of the OpenOffice. Now you're done.