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If you don't mind spending a little bit of money, though, you might also want to consider Pixelmator. It's a stylish and well-featured native photo editor for OS X. Adobe Photoshop Elements is also a good, affordable alternative to the mainline product. It offers most of the features of Photoshop at a fraction of the price. It's certainly worth considering for home users, hobbyists, and even some professional work where advanced features are not needed.

OS X comes with the Preview application pre-installed, and for many users, this will offer enough tools and features to make simple adjustments to digital photos. However, if you're looking for a little more functionality without the steep learning curve of GIMP or Photoshop, Seashore would be well worth a look. And like GIMP, it's available for free. This attractive photo editor has a clear and intuitive interface and a user guide that will take new users with little knowledge through the concept of layers and image effects.

It would be a good stepping stone for a move onto a more powerful photo editor, though it's likely to offer more than enough functionality for a large number of users. Trying to decide which is the best photo editor of OS X is a matter of determining which one does the best job of reaching various compromises. All in all, we have to conclude that GIMP offers the best overall compromise. The fact that it is free means that absolutely anyone with an internet connection can use it. Another Affinity Photo feature is the smart Assistant.

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The two-week trial is offered by the developer, so try it now, you might even forget about Adobe Photoshop Express after it! This is probably the most Photoshop-like application for the Mac, which can be downloaded from the App Store and is considered to be one of the best free Mac apps for photo editing. PhotoScape has almost everything you might need to view, optimize, edit, print or just having some fun with photos.

The main panel of the application offers all the necessary tools: images views, optimization of failed shots, printing of multiple photos on one page as a collage, or adding filters. The application supports a variety of formats, including RAW too.

Find Free Photo Editing Software for Mac

This app carries so many features, many consider it as a complete and free alternative to Photoshop. Of course, the level of Photoshop is undeniably higher, but this software is really an excellent alternative to the front-runner like Adobe and turns editing photos into a very exciting experience. PhotoScape had an older version, but then it did not have such great features, and the interface was more old-fashioned, but PhotoScape X brought it closer to the level of perfection. The way this application inherits the modern minimalistic style of Adobe in dark colors is particularly noticeable, and this makes PhotoScape X rock.

CameraBag Photo is a tool for editing photos without unnecessary functions, offering the user about pre-installed filters and the ability to customize any filter to your taste. The interface is simple and intuitive to use. This makes it much easier to choose a preset but does not make it easy to use it. The bottom panel displays customizable settings to make color correction of your photos. I can easily see which of the photos in this folder looks better with this preset.

From the user's point of view, CameraBag Photo does not resemble Adobe product at all. When we talk about the bad things in CameraBag Photo, it lacks the tool to reduce noise. So you should avoid it in case you do specialize in freeze light. There is also no perspective correction or tools that can replace it.

CameraBag Photo has serious limitations: lack of evaluation of color space. Codecs for many old cameras come with Windows, but for the latest cameras, you may have to buy a codec.

Retouch portraits

Luminar offers most of the features that a modern amateur photographer needs for photo editing. It has new filters, increased application speed and a dedicated RAW processing module. Luminar adapts for a handier workflow by means of adaptive toolbars and feature sections. Luminar app has been restructured and developed from scratch to speed up it. Latest filters combine more natural, rich and deep colors. The program offers basic tools like layers, masks and blending modes, so you can easily cope with complex and creative photo retouching. Luminar runs a new RAW processor that can operate high-resolution images in a shorter time.

What I like the most is lens distortion correction features.

This app has over 40 filters for color, sharpness and detail correction. Fotor for Mac is recognized for its web version. Later as the company developed, they created an application for phones, Mac and Windows. Instead of simply clicking on the cloning brush icon in the toolbar, you'll need to click on the "People Beautifier" tab in the "Edit" section to access this feature. This software also makes it easy to post your favorite images directly to Facebook or send your photos to loved ones using email from within the program.

You'll find tutorials and a FAQs page on the website. While emailing the company is free, you have to pay for a phone support plan if you want to get technical help. Read the full review. Considering all included tools, this is a very good value. You get all the basic tools such as red-eye removal, selection tools, and color management, along with more advanced tools like background removal, creative filters and automatic editing options.

Unfortunately, while the program works in layers, you cannot apply layer masks to your images. You also cannot easily fix lens distortion, create HDR images or stitch together panoramas with this software. There is no organizing system, so you will have to purchase a dedicated program if you want that capability. You can, however, view your photos' EXIF information. It can also help you optimize your photos for online usage.

You can post photos directly onto social media sites such as Facebook, or email photos from within the program, but there is no online photo gallery. Also, you cannot make animated GIFs with this software.

Do You Know All the Functions of Your Mac Photo Editor?

If you want help with Pixelmator, there are various video tutorials, FAQs and even a user forum to help you learn and find answers. If you want to contact a representative, you can do so via email. Affinity Photo is one of the most powerful photo editing programs we tested. It didn't score as high as other program since it lacks a photo organizing feature. You'll find that many of the tools you use in Photoshop are also in this program. In fact, it uses many of the same hotkeys. We were quickly able to remove unwanted objects from our photos with the content-aware fill tool.

We counted 42 preset filters in the program that you can quickly add to your images. We also found it easy to work with and manipulate the various layers as we worked. The program will help you create HDR photos and panoramas using simple step by step windows. There is no lens distortion tool per se, however, you can use the perspective tools to fix any warping caused by your camera. Affinity does offer a free demo of the software, but you'll need to use it quickly as it only lasts for 10 days. There is no photo organizing system built-in to this software so if you're specifically wanting a program that can sort your images, this might not be the best choice for you.

We didn't find any printing project resources within the program. It will only allow you to make basic print requests. Adobe Photoshop Elements is one of the best Mac photo editors on the market. You navigate through the interface by choosing between the Guided, Quick and Expert modes. As expected, Guided mode helps you become acquainted with the various tools. It even offers tutorials and written instructions to fully explain everything. Quick mode allows you to automatically make common adjustments to your photos, which can save time when you know your enhancements won't take long.

You can adjust contrast, brightness and color.

Best Photo Editing Software (PC and Mac)

The Expert Mode gives you access to all of Photoshop Elements' tools. There are more than 90 filters that can quickly add artistic effects to your favorite images. It also features advanced tools like content-aware fill, which gets rid of objects in an image and fills the space believably.

What Kind of Photo Editing Software Do You Need?

Photoshop Elements comes with Elements Organizer , a separate program dedicated to organizing your photos. You can tag photos by time, date, name and rating. While Elements Organizer allows you to organize and catalogue your photos in a variety of ways, it can get tiresome jumping between the two programs.