Record macro in excel mac 2011

How to enable macros in Excel 2016, 2013, and 2010

Introducing the Ribbon for Mac 4m 44s. Customizing the Ribbon 4m 20s.

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Setting program preferences 3m 20s. Getting help in Excel 4m 16s. Managing Workbooks. Opening, creating, and saving workbooks 5m 23s. Setting workbook properties 4m 14s. Creating and modifying workbook templates 4m 17s. Managing workbooks across multiple versions of Excel 6m 9s. Managing Worksheets, Cells, and Cell Data. Selecting cells and groups of cells 4m 58s. Copying and pasting cell data 2m 38s. Entering data using AutoFill and other techniques 4m 32s. Inserting symbols and special characters 5m 3s.

Creating an Excel table 4m 43s. Locating and changing data using Find and Replace 4m 57s. Restricting input using validation rules 4m 42s. Using lists to limit data entered into a cell 2m 32s. Sorting worksheet data 3m 2s. Creating a custom sort order 3m 54s.

Excel 2011 for Mac: Macro Recording Error: What's going on?

Filtering worksheet data 4m 6s. Inserting, moving, and deleting cells and cell ranges 3m 50s. Splitting and freezing rows and columns 3m 50s. Managing worksheets 5m 28s. Creating, editing, and deleting headers and footers 4m 41s. Summarizing Data Using Formulas and Functions. Introducing Excel formulas and functions 3m 17s. Adding a formula to a cell 3m 59s. Introducing arithmetic operators 4m 13s.

Using absolute and relative cell references 6m 29s. Controlling how Excel copies and pastes formulas 6m 5s. Referring to Excel table data in formulas 2m 3s. Creating an AutoSum formula 3m 22s. Summarizing data on the status bar 2m 22s. Joining text in cells with concatenation 3m 59s. Summarizing data using an IF function 6m 21s. Creating formulas to count cells 2m 37s. Rounding cell values up and down 4m 55s. Auditing formulas by identifying precedents and dependents 3m 25s. Managing Excel formula error indicators 4m 42s. Managing scenarios 4m 59s. Performing Goal Seek analysis 2m 31s.

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Formatting Worksheet Elements. Applying fonts, background colors, and borders 6m 7s. Applying number and date formats to cells 7m 1s. Managing text alignment 3m 56s. Copying cell formats 4m 2s. Managing cell styles 3m 16s. Managing Office themes 3m 31s. Creating rule-based conditional formats 3m 54s.

Defining Top 10 conditional formats 4m 19s. Defining data bar, color scale, and icon set conditional formats 6m 6s. Editing, ordering, and deleting conditional formats 3m 36s. Working with Charts. Creating bar and column charts 5m 26s. Creating pie charts 2m 32s.

Creating line charts 4m 34s. Creating XY scatter charts 1m 49s. Creating stock charts 4m 11s. Changing chart types and layouts 2m 22s. Changing the appearance of a chart 4m 25s.

Recording a macro using relative references

Managing chart axes and numbering 2m 51s. Adding trendlines to charts 4m 14s. Creating sparkline charts 4m 31s. Working with External Data. Importing data from comma separated value CSV or text files 4m 20s. Connecting to an external data source 2m 22s. Using hyperlinks 6m 1s. Including an Excel workbook in another Office document 3m 5s.

Linking to an Excel chart from another Office program 2m 51s. Working with Objects. Creating and formatting shapes 3m 10s. Adding and adjusting images 5m 38s. Cropping, compressing, and removing image backgrounds 4m 46s. Creating SmartArt graphics 5m 7s.

Creating WordArt 2m 34s. Aligning and layering objects 5m 6s. Exploring PivotTable Reports.

You can add an icon to the toolbar in Excel for your Personal Workbook Macro. You can add an icon to the toolbar to run that, or any other macro with a few quick steps. The icon list is rather short and pathetic, but you need not restrict your choices as Excel allows you to copy and paste an image into the button face. Here is how I changed my smiley face image.

Okay, I have misunderstood, but maybe you can help me. The thing is that I just started using Excel , instead of a older version. When I open Excel, I first have to choose which Templates, I want to use, before it opens the spreadsheet. I just want to start in the normal spreadsheet, instead of have to choose first, do you know how to fixe that?

Then click OK. When I assign a macro to the custom button it works great. But then if I copy the excel workbook in Finder to a new name and open this, the custom button references the macro in the original workbook.