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You also get the Quick Detail window in the lower left corner. It also has links to their site, like training resources. The simple user-interface has three tabs including a Home tab, Study tab and Library. The Library tab on the right shows your installed books in either list or grid format.

Study with the Resource Guide

Click to open them in the Study tab. Open multiple books by unchecking the box above the library which reads Switch to Study tab after opening a book. Search for titles in the search box. See the video below. Click the Study tab or open a book with the check box unchecked and it will take you to Study.

The toolbar above the book panes gives quick access to tools. The panes show your book content.

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Each pane also has a useful toolbar. WORDsearch 11 also has a great notes feature and built-in word processor see below. See other great features on their site. The Notestack feature is like study note cards you used to use in English composition class. Then when the iPhone and iPad came out, they jumped on the bandwagon and made one of the best iOS apps before many others.

Now they offer apps for both the PC and Mac. Laridian has some free content, but you will need to pay for more advanced tools and modern translations or reference books. They offer competitive prices on Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons and more. The free app often gets free updates. I love that PocketBible lets the user display more than just two window panes and to customize the user interface better than most of the apps in this round-up.

On a large screen, you can have a bunch of them open at once. On a phone, more than two might be too much. But while using my The toolbar across the bottom of the mobile phone app has everything you need. I love this app so far.

I have been looking for an app I can use to study and take notes across my Apple products and this one seems to be the one. There is however one change that is very much needed. The highlighting feature is terrible for a couple of reasons. All of the colors have an unnecessary gradient on them.

5 Best Mac Bible Study Programs [Video]

It is extremely distracting and makes the text practically unreadable. I can't highlight text because of this. It should just be a solid color that is subtle. Also, it would be spuer helpful if once you highlighted the text you could just select the highlighted portion to change color.

Bible for Mac - Download

Instead I made the mistake of highlighting the text again, and instead of changing the color it added yet another layer of highlights. To remove them you have to select the exact start and stop point of the highlight to individually remove each layer of highlighter. It was really tedious and unnecessarily complicated. If you can make it to where once the text has been highlighted then you can select the highlight itself to remove or change colors that will speed things up and eliminate confusion. But other than that I love the app! Great work!!! Love the app its just that the improvements seem to be a bit slow in coming at present.

All basic functionality is present searching, viewing Bible text and resources, copying and pasting text from BibleWorks into your word processor, etc. There are some known limitations of the native Mac version of BibleWorks.

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  • The following lists some of the features which do not yet work in the native Mac version of BibleWorks full list here :. There is no additional fee. No VM software is needed, and no Windows license is required. Click here to order it. If your work will require full BibleWorks functionality, we recommend that you use the virtualized or dual-boot options. The support for the BibleWorks Mac Installer is limited as development is ongoing. To update an existing version of the BibleWorks Mac Installer , follow these steps:.

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    BibleWorks performance and compatibility are very high with this option. There are no known compatibility issues with this option. Initial setup is a little more involved. Surprisingly, the virtualized solution is very fast and with Parallels and Fusion BibleWorks appears as an application in the Mac environment. Parallels and Fusion give full compatibility with BibleWorks.

    VirtualBox also works very well, but is not as seamlessly integrated with the OS X desktop. Virtualization is the solution we recommend if the additional cost is not a problem. Copying and pasting text from all three VMs works well. Copying and pasting images from VirtualBox does not work as well as it does with Parallels and Fusion.

    Bible Study Software

    I have wanted to switch to Mac for a long time. BibleWorks was the only thing that kept me from doing it. While I don't think Parallels is the answer for everything, it most definitely works for BibleWorks. It takes a moment to load Parallels and then BibleWorks, but once you are in there is no difference in my experience.

    I looked at Mac based programs and nobody matches the value and functionality of BibleWorks. Doug H.