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Collegando un disco NTFS al Mac, viene montato sul desktop come avviene per qualsiasi altro disco e se si copia un file, funziona: detto, fatto. Il motivo per il quale Apple non abbia semplicemente inserito il supporto NTFS rimane tuttora un mistero.

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Supporta macOS Mojave e 2 sistemi operativi precedenti Vedi specifiche. Trasferimento sicuro dei dati, lavoro senza problemi, facile da usare, esperienza utente senza intoppi. Esegui montaggio in sola lettura — seleziona questa opzione se hai bisogno di accedere a dati sensibili senza modificare alcun file. Ensure multi-platform access - activate required file system drivers based on your IT park, regardless of OS, in any proportion.

Contattare il supporto o inviare un ticket di richiesta supporto. Scarica Acquista ora.

Come formattare NTFS con Mac

Scegli tutte e tre. Accesso completo in lettura-scrittura garantito! Come funziona? Riavvia Riavvia il Mac. Guarda e scoprilo da solo! Funziona con macOS Mojave? Justin Kahn.

Today we are going to be taking a look at some of our favorite options for storing our sample libraries and other files for content creation. While this particular roundup will be focusing mainly on music producers and their sample libraries, many of our suggestions will work with other applications as well. Luxury Book iPhone 7 Plus Case.

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Now one thing to get out of the way off the top is that when it comes to choosing the perfect drive for individual needs, everyone is going to have a different opinion. Needless to say, budget plays a major factor in the decision making process here as well. I mean we would all have lightning fast Thunderbolt hubs with and an endless supply of SSD storage if we could.

But because that is not the case, we are going to be breaking down some of our personal favorite options. As far we can tell, you can find a post online about any drive falling or ruining a recording session at some point or another.

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The same drive might work for years flawlessly for one person and be a complete dud for another after just a few months of work. When it comes to your software instruments, sample libraries and things of that nature big orchestral instruments, etc. While it is certainly possible to stream Logic instruments with no issues with a RPM HDD, you will run into some lag and other issues when you start running larger third party instruments or more complicated projects with increasing track counts.

While SSD options seem to always be the best, fastest and most reliable in most cases , they can be very expensive and out of the question for weekend hobbyists or those looking to get their carrier off the ground on a budget. Having said that, a reasonably priced HDD will more than suffice just about any home project studio. I personally lean on the side of caution and tend to opt for brand names.