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Choose Launch Retrospect to launch the application. Retrospect displays as it was when you exited the application.

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You can also double-click the icon to launch retrospect. Choose Options to set a shortcut key to launch the immediate Backup Wizard and to specify whether or not to display the icon. To set up a shortcut to the Backup Wizard:. You must use the Ctrl, Alt, or Shift key in combination with one or more other keys letters, function keys, etc. You can type the shortcut keys when Retrospect is not running to launch the application and open the immediate Backup Wizard.

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  • Mostrar archivos ocultos mac 10.8;
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See Backing Up in Wizard Mode for more information. Retrospect displays the most recent immediate backup settings you specified. The shortcut keys provide an easy way to access these settings and start a backup quickly. Click Start Now to run a backup with the current settings. Backup settings are displayed in Wizard Mode, even if you last edited them in Advanced Mode. To hide the Retrospect system tray icon:. If you want to display the icon again later, you can turn it on using a Retrospect preference. See Startup Preferences for more information. Choose Exit to remove the Retrospect icon from the system tray temporarily.

The next time you launch and exit Retrospect, the icon will display again depending on your preferences.

When you exit from the system tray icon, the shortcut you specified to launch the Backup Wizard no longer works. When you stop all Retrospect executions from either the toolbar or the countdown dialog , the Retrospect icon in the system tray of your Windows taskbar will flash until you click the Stop all execution activity button in the Retrospect toolbar.

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As long as the icon is flashing, Retrospect will not execute any immediate or scripted operations. See Stop Button for more information on stopping all Retrospect executions. For users that do not have a mouse, Retrospect uses standard Windows shortcuts to provide access to the functions of the application from the keyboard. Retrospect no muestra el icono en la barra de tareas cuando se ejecuta en estas versiones de Windows. Which Edition is Right for You? Es compatible con dispositivos de almacenamiento en disco y cinta.

Single Server Disk-to-Disk — Protege un solo Windows Server y cinco estaciones de trabajo utilizando el almacenamiento local, en red y en la nube basado en disco. Anteriormente Retrospect Disk-to-Disk. Anteriormente Retrospect Professional. Retrospect Add-on Products A number of advanced Retrospect features are only available if you have the appropriate license code.

Microsoft Exchange Server Agent — Proporciona copias de seguridad en caliente de grupos de almacenamiento, bases de datos y buzones de correo de Microsoft Exchange Server , , , , y El complemento Advanced Tape Support se licencia por servidor host de Retrospect, no por unidad de cinta. Por ejemplo, solo se necesita una licencia de complemento Advanced Tape Support para una biblioteca con cuatro mecanismos de unidad de cinta.

Cada complemento Retrospect Server Client agrega una licencia para proteger un servidor adicional como un cliente de red. Requirements In order to run and use Retrospect, certain minimum requirements of hardware, software, and memory must be met. Requisitos del sistema. Creating a Retrospect User Account In order to back up any disk, remote share, and SQL or Exchange database, Retrospect must be run under a user account that has access to those disks and databases.

Installing Retrospect The process for installing Retrospect is the same, regardless of whether you are installing the application for the first time, or upgrading from an earlier version of Retrospect. To install or upgrade Retrospect: Save all unsaved documents in other running applications. Under Windows, log in to the computer so that you have Administrator privileges.

In the menu that appears, click Install Retrospect. Follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard to install the software or update an existing installation, then choose the option to restart the computer, if necessary.

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Some Retrospect upgrades include new application license codes. If your upgrade includes a new code, you will need it. After running the installer, enter the new license code the first time you launch Retrospect. Retrospect Updates Retrospect Updates are free downloads that provide additional device support or address issues with earlier versions of Retrospect. You must have a valid internet connection to check for updates. Manually Checking for Retrospect Updates You can search for free updates to your current version of Retrospect by choosing Retrospect Updates from the Help menu.

Installing Retrospect Updates When Retrospect finds an update to your currently installed version of the application, it displays a list of available updates. Click Download to download an installer for the selected update to a location you choose. You can install the update at any time. After installing the update, you must delete the downloaded update installer manually. Click Install to download and install the update. Retrospect downloads the update, then prompts you to quit so it can run the update installer. After installing the update Retrospect automatically deletes the update installer.

If you decide not to quit Retrospect after downloading the update, the update installer is deleted and the update is not installed. The update will still appear in the list, but it will be grayed out.

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Click Close to close the dialog without downloading or installing any updates. Adding Functionality to Retrospect You can easily expand the functionality of Retrospect with add-on products or upgrade to a more powerful version of the Retrospect family. Using Retrospect Retrospect has a familiar, user-friendly interface. Starting Retrospect To start Retrospect, choose Retrospect Enter your name and company name and click Next. Register Now , if you have not registered your copy of Retrospect and you would like to do so.

Register Later , if you want to skip this step. Already Registered , if you have already registered your copy of Retrospect. Leaving Retrospect Once the Retrospect application is started, you can leave it temporarily by clicking on a program window in the background, or by choosing another program from the Start menu or taskbar. The Navigation Bar When you start Retrospect, the program displays its main window, with a navigation bar on the left and a toolbar across the top. Click to hide the navigation bar. Click to display the navigation bar. Right-clicking the icon displays the following commands: Launch Retrospect Options Exit Choose Launch Retrospect to launch the application.

To set up a shortcut to the Backup Wizard: Right-click the Retrospect icon in the system tray and choose Options.

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Click in the Shortcut key text entry field and enter a set of keystrokes to use as the shortcut. Click OK. To hide the Retrospect system tray icon: Right-click the Retrospect icon in the system tray and choose Options. The one drawback I've experienced, is that when you close a window in MacOS, it brings the next window from that application forward -- very annoying behavior when you expected to get back to the window from the OTHER application underneath.

I'm doubtful there will be a way to fix this behavior. For users who don't understand why Command-Tab is not a viable alternative Command-Tab brings ALL of an application's windows forward, which is not the desired behavior. Switching quickly between recently used windows without disturbing any other windows is very easy with windows-style alt-tab, and very hard with mac Command-tab command-tilde.

For me the best option is contexts. Just check their site, app is amazing and beat all other solutions and believe my, I try almost all of them. It's not yet perfect, but for me, competition is miles behind. This way you only have to lift your finger a little higher when you want to switch windows of the current application.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Sorry Pablo. AFAIK you can't change that behavior. In the end we are talking about completely different operating systems here. Not every detail can be mimicked by the other vendors. If this approach is better or not is arguable.

Having said that, I've heard good things about Witch mentioned below. Try this: switch between applications using Cmd-tab, but hold the Cmd key after you released the tab key, and while still holding the Cmd key, press up- or down arrow. This brings up Expose right from program switching.

Ignore first comment from lajuette. Yes, there is a program which does this. Mark Mark 5, 22 22 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. I did use "thinking differently" for over two years, it tires my finger.