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Great for days when you didn't get enough sleep or are just hungover. Dab an orange- or peach-colored concealer over dark under-eye circles with your ring finger.

10 Best MAC Concealers In India - Update (With Reviews)

Your ring finger, which is your weakest, will apply just the right amount of pressure to blend in the concealer without pulling at your delicate eye skin, and the orange or peach tones will cancel out the blue shadows that your under-eye circles give off. Top the orange or peach formula with a cover-up that matches your skin.

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Product in this look: Youngblood Ultimate Corrector. Know what issues different colors of concealer fix. Peach shades cancel out blue circles or bruising, green hide red blemishes, and yellow-toned concealers correct almost all uneven skin tones. Hide puffy eyes with a bit of eye cream, highlighter, and concealer.

Mix products on the back of your hand. Then apply the mixture under your eyes, on the outside by your temples, and over your brow bone to brighten the area and hide puffiness.

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After applying concealer, blot the area with a thin tissue to prevent the product from settling in the creases around your eyes. If your concealer tends too look cakey in the fine lines around your eyes midday, split a tissue into two layers, and use one of the sheets to remove excess oil.

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  8. Sharpen your cat-eye and cover any eyeliner mistakes with an angled brush dipped in concealer. Make your lipstick pop and prevent the color from bleeding by lining the outside of your lips with a fine-tip brush and a bit of concealer. Create the illusion of plumper lips by filling in the middle section with a light concealer, blending it out with the warmth from your fingertip, and finishing with a nude lip gloss. Reshape your lips by first covering them with concealer and then tracing just slightly outside your natural lip line with a lip liner pencil.

    Guide to M.A.C CONCEALERS -which one is BEST for YOU?! NikkisSecretx

    Continue to fill in your lips with the pencil for a matte look or finish with a gloss. See Jessie James Decker demonstrate this trick here at the mark. Make your brows pop by lining them above and below with a concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin tone. Then, blend in the cover-up with your fingertip, since the warmth of your finger will soften the formula and diffuse it more easily than a brush would.

    Amp up your going-out makeup by contouring and highlighting your facial features with two concealers: one two shades darker than your skin tone and one two shades lighter.

    How To Find Your Perfect Overachiever Concealer Shade Match­­

    If you're using pencil concealers, you have more control of the placement, which makes contouring easy. Just draw the lighter shade of concealer on the areas that naturally catch light, and use a darker one to shade in the areas that are naturally shaded. Then, blend with a buffing brush like this one from Tarte Cosmetics. Intensify your collarbone for a sexy nighttime look by shrugging your shoulders up, tracing the natural contours with a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone, and then highlighting them with concealer two shades lighter.

    Draw the lighter shade on the areas that protrude outward. Then, use the darker shade to fill in the sections that fall in the shadows. Use a damp blending sponge or a stippling brush to blend the shades together, eliminating any harsh lines. Create a tinted moisturizer by mixing your daily face lotion with a bit of your go-to concealer.

    Keep more than just one kind of concealer in your makeup bag. Follow Brooke on Twitter. I tried mixing it with my moisturizer but dried making my wrinkles more pronounced. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Florea from My go to color corrector Absolutely love this under my concealer! Really covers my dark circles. A must have for everyday makeup bag!

    Rated 4 out of 5 by Tarlew from My favorite concealer This is a great product. It goes on smoothly. It looks natural. Rated 5 out of 5 by Nicnak1 from Obessed! I love this product! Great coverage, very soft not cakey.. Will be adding to regular purchases. It covers up my dark circles very nicely and matches my skin tone perfectly. Rated 5 out of 5 by Rae from WOW! Nyx nailed it! I am 20 years old and yet I have under eye circles so dark I've been asked more than once if I got in a fist fight.

    Even with plenty of sleep, my eyes look bruised every morning. The difference is absolutely insane! I look far more awake and it takes years off of my appearance I actually look I have never found such an effective under eye concealer! New holy grail product! Thank you Nyx!!! I just started using an eye cream that will be ineffective if oil-based make up is applied over the top Thanks!

    Hi there! Thank you for your interest in our Dark Circle Concealer. The product is oil-free! We hope you give it a try! Also, does this concealer need to be set?

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    Hi Sam! Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate your interest in our products. We hope you find this information helpful and you give our products a try! Should I get light or medium shade? Hey Maryam, we appreciate your interest in our Dark Circle Concealer. Based on the information you have provided us with we recommend checking out the shade Light. We hope this was helpful :!

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    If I have a warm undertone which concealer should I choose? Hi Keni2xx! Thank you for asking about the Dark Circle Concealer. Depending on your skin tone, we recommend visiting one of our store locations where a Beauty Advisor can shade match you. Hi, i use drop foundation with golden shade.

    A Makeup Tip From the Barbie Loves MAC Seminar — Choosing the Right MAC Concealer

    Hello nd23! We recommend you try our Dark Circle Concealer in shade medium. Apply primer first then follow up with your foundation and color corrector after. We hope this information was helpful! I haven't tried it yet. Because I'm confused about the colour I'm brown and my dark circles are bad so would medium be okay or deep? We'll reach out to get more details about your ideal concealer. What else can I use?