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Thanks for letting us know, Tom! That is great news, and we appreciate the kind words. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that we also offer a method of syncing that is fully automatic as opposed to having to manually open 1Password on your devices and your Mac at the same time. It does not require you to even be near your computer, and is our recommended method of securely syncing. With Dropbox syncing, you can keep 1Password up to date from across town or across the country — anywhere you have an Internet connection. You Mac doesn't even have to be turned on!

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It is more robust and just as secure as Wi-Fi syncing. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!. The next step is to sync your 1Password data from your iPad to your Mac. What you'll need to do is choose one of the sync options, and we explain a bit about those option here:.

‎1Password - Password Manager on the App Store

Once you choose a sync option, you'll be able to sync your data and set up 1Password on your Mac by following these steps in our user guide:. So for example, if you choose Dropbox sync, you'll follow the steps to set that up in 1Password on your iPad first. Then, the first time you open 1Password on your Mac, you'll have the option to sync your data from Dropbox.

Advanced sync options

Does that help? I knew that Dropbox syncing was going the way of the Dodo, and this has been my sync method since first using iPassword 4 years back. So what are my options now in for sync'ing between devices if I don't want to use your subscription service? So what can I do?

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Welcome to the forum, martinbeaumont! I'm not certain I understand your question. If you have two licenses for 1Password 7, they are still fully usable.

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Dropbox sync is still an excellent and fully supported choice for those using standalone 1Password though I do wonder why people are OK with using the Dropbox cloud, but not the 1Password cloud. Especially if you've already got a working Dropbox setup, I'm not sure why you think you have to change?

How to sync 1Password with iCloud

Appreciate the reply. I ask the question as I don't have the option within my install of 1Password to use Dropbox. Then I can choose between Cancel or Disable Sync. This warning would reasonably lead me to believe that Sync outside your subscription service is no longer an option. So, two questions:.

1Password 3 for Mac: Add another Mac to Dropbox syncing

To be clear, you would only need two 1Password for Mac version 7 licenses if you are two people using it -- a single license entitles you to use that version on all of your compatible Macs, if it's just you using it.