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Touche Panic Ton ordinateur ne fait pas ce que tu lui demandes de faire? Appuie simplement sur la touche Panic! Borg is quite fast: it compresses and dedup data before sending. Only the first backup is a full one, every other backup will send and store only changed files or part of files. Borg is not for the faint heart: it's still command line, it's ssh keys to manage, it's really not the average joe backup tool. As rsync. With Borg this ease of use is gone, I'll have to restore a file if I want to access it. I won't detail every nuts and bolts of Borg, lots of documentation exists for that.

I would like to address a more organizational problem: doing backups is a must, but being able to leverage those backups is often overlooked. I backup 3 machines with borg: A workstation , B home server , C distant server. Each job uses a dedicated SSH key and user account, a dedicated Repository key, a dedicated passphrase. It means even if a disaster occurs, you have in a safe place:.

Any good password manager can store this. It's even better if it's hosted 1password, dashlane, lastpass, etc. Printing can be an option, but I would not recommend it for keys, unless you can encode them as QRCodes for fast conversion to digital format. J'ai plusieurs options pour exploiter ce fichier : un compte-rendu statistique en chiffres et graphiques ou une cartographie visuelle heatmap.

Rotation écran Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11)

Few days ago I've bought a USB keylogger to use on my own computers explanation in french here. Since then, and as I'm sitting in front of a computer more than 12 hours a day, I've got plenty of time to test it. They act as USB hubs, hence requiring some sort of filtering so that the keylogger won't try and log everything passing through the hub mouse, usb headset, whatever… and will get only what you type.

My setup is close to factory settings: I've just set LogSpecialKeys to "full" instead of "medium" and added a French layout to the keylogger, so that typing "a" will record "a", and not "q".

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First of all, using the device on a Mac with a French Apple keyboard is a little bit frustrating: the French layout is for a PC keyboard, so typing alt-shift- to get a [ will log [Alt][Sh][Up]. The only Macintosh layout available is for a US keyboard, so it's unusable here. The KeyGrabber has a nice feature, especially on it's MPC version, that allows the user to transform the device into a USB thumbdrive with a key combination.

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By default if you press k-b-s the USB key is activated and mounts on your system desktop. The MPC version allows you to continue using your keyboard without having to plug it on another USB port after activation of the thumbdrive mode, which is great. You can then retrieve the log file, edit the config file, etc.

Going back to regular mode requires that you unplug and plug back the KeyGrabber. Applying the "kbs" key combo needs some patience: press all three keys for about 5 seconds, wait about seconds more, and the thumbdrive could show up.

Qu'est-ce que la touche « Super » ?

If it does not, try again. I've not tested it on Windows, but I'm not very optimistic, see below. I'm using a quite special physical and logical setup on my home workstation. Basically, it's an ESXi hypervisor hosting a bunch of virtual machines. So for now on, I have to unplug the keylogger when I want to use the Windows VM, and that's a bummer. Being able to use a single device on my many systems was one of the reasons I've opted for a physical keylogger, instead of a piece of software.

A real pain.

But in the end, it's the log file that matters, right? Well, it's a bit difficult here too, I'm afraid. I've contacted the support at Keelog, because way too often what I see in the log file does not match what I type. I'm not a fast typist, say about 50 to 55 words per minute.