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This was frustrating, given how long it takes to complete. Various settings can be applied to a RAID.

Product Review: Areca 8050 Thunderbolt RAID

Rebuild priority should be always be set to High to reduce the vulnerability to data loss from a second drive failure. I simulated failure by pulling one drive with tasks in progress; the unit just kept on plugging away and quickly notified me of the failure, and started rebuilding the parity information using the hot spare. I also tested RAID-6, pulling two drives within seconds of each other, and things just kept on working.

Mac Pro, Areca Raid Controller and four OCZ SSDs

The Atto Configuration Tool initially crashed instantly every time I launched it. But once sorted out, everything worked well.

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If you are forcing a failure mode by pulling a drive, the card will refuse to use that drive again "Unavailable". Where X is the ID number of the drive that you want to clean.

Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Get up to 16x more storage and 2x the speeds of the original drive. Handpicked deals Capacities up to 84 Terabytes! More about OWC Thunderbay More about CBD Honestly that is how I would have flashed it in the first place since the archttp web proxy thing is not very reliable especially on windows.

Jan 13, 8. So perhaps you will never solve your problem. GeorgeHR , Jan 13, Jan 14, 9. Jan 14, May 23, Messages: 9 Joined: May 23, I've got a xi, on a ASUS x79 sabertooth This is my last card to get setup with UEFI. They wouldn't tell me that it'd work, but they hinted that it's being done already.

UEFI and ARECA 1882 RAID card installation woes

Last edited: May 24, Jun 20, Show Ignored Content. Does the Mac feel faster day to day? The cable mess behind the new Mac is the same as the old Mac.

  2. Experience with: Mac Pro/OS X, Areca ARC-1883 RAID, Sandisk Lightning (Ascend) Gen II 12Gb/sec SSD.
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Once the Apple monitors start to die, that mess will go away, but until then I see little reason to upgrade. The physical space of the new Mac pro is a significant advantage. The new Pro by itself actually consumes a footprint smaller than a Mac Mini see photo at end of this post! The fan is quiet, even under heavy CPU load. These are expensive storage options, but the cheap stuff is even more expensive when it fails.

Raid Card, what to look for in a card? | Adobe Community

What about price? The disk systems are essential to either Mac as a main workstation, but also about the same price as each other. Tags: mac pro , mac pro , new mac pro , upgrade. Only four USB ports is a shame, but not the end of the world.

Hopefully the USB 3 hub issues with Macs will be resolved soon. And then there are the PCI slots.

ARC-12x4 series

I think this will fit my needs pretty well, as long as a GB RAM upgrade is cheap enough down the line. And best of all, this configuration will free up at least 4 sq ft of floor space where my Mac Pro and SAS chassis sit. Update: I take issue with the complainers who say that the new Mac Pro will lead to a big cable mess. For me, I expect it will be about the same, but take up less floor space:.

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