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What am I doing wrong? Are they not opening because they detect that I already run OS Posted on Feb 26, AM. Page content loaded. Feb 26, AM in response to deecy In response to deecy. If Software Update does not offer later versions, the only way to get a later version is to upgrade costs money your Mac OS X to a later version. Feb 26, AM. I should have made myself clearer. When I bought the iMac it came with gray install-disks, but of course they were OS I got my newer OS I know that OS I was hoping that a web download might come with a newer version of Mail.

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Feb 26, PM. Feb 26, PM in response to deecy In response to deecy. Whatever version of Mail is included with the OS X I do not believe any version of Mail is available as a standalone download. Even if it were, versions later than the one included in the Combo update are not likely to work. Many of Apple's apps that came with OS You might want to try some newer, free alternatives.

I'll tell you all the reason I want to download another version of OS I set up my apple Mail by following the set-up assistant, but every time I try to do something anything! I get endlessly repeated requests for my password, making Mail un-useable.

Furthermore, I think I have the wrong port numbers and 25 so even if I settled the password matter, I probably couldn't send or receive anyway. I saw online that later versions of Mail offer suggestiuons for other "port numbers" in case yours do not work; 25, , Been there.

Done that. They don't work either.

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Feb 27, AM. Feb 27, AM in response to deecy In response to deecy. A different version of Apple Mail, or even a different third-party mail program will not make anything any better. Apple Mail asks for your password again because it cannot successfully connect to your mail Sender or Receiver -- and does not Directly tell you which. Your ISP should be providing help with this, but I admit they are generally not very helpful.

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What is your email domain name - just the part after the - in other words: xxxx gmail. I did note that it seemed the Intel system was the most vulnerable. I'm going to assume that the "robust OS" is my My local tech, Matt at Macmedia in Scottsdale, Arizona, says he can upgrade it to But, as I am an older woman, I'd rather not have to transport my heavy G5 to his facility! He is the one who recommended I try TenFourFox and gave me your link.

I'm glad to know your experience is the same as his, so I am not going to worry about it, but appreciate and will keep the name and link for ClamXav, in case something should give me cause to act. Please forgive me, I sometimes overthink things On the TenFourBird download page, it lists Windows systems and updating all drivers. Do I need to understand this, or can I just click the "Start Download" button and go from there? I really appreciate your help!

Thanks for the kind words regarding my G5 serving me well. I know that, as a "Mac Person" yourself, you can empathize with my delight in being able to use it more fully. Support Staff 5 Posted by Chris chtrusch You're welcome. You can upgrade to Otherwiese, The correct download at Tenfourbird for your G5 is "TenfourbirdG I'm certain all of this valuable information will make my Mac Internet experience much easier, and enjoyable!

I've upgraded both programs when alerted, with no problems. Until I upgraded to TenfourbirdG5 I could not get the "Reply," "Reply All," and "Forward" buttons to work. I didn't try the other three buttons. I was just glad I could retrieve the Then, I just got a message for I could not figure-out how to get to the right page to report the I hope that is the case and that a correction will be available soon. I thought perhaps the Tenfourbird is made by someone independent of this project. Although they use TenFourFox code as part of their work, we don't actually maintain or issue it.

If you don't have an account yet, we need to confirm you're human and not a machine trying to post spam. This discussion is private. Only you and TenFourFox support staff can see and reply to it. Make Public.

With POP, can I download emails only from my inbox, rather than all my archived messages.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I need to find the latest version of thunderbird that works with osx You're right, links to the older versions of Thunderbird no longer exist on the Mozilla Messaging site, no doubt because support and security patches have ceased for these versions. This is the latest version from the 2. I guess it's a bit late to answer to this post, but I'm running Thunderbird 3. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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