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Use these shortcuts for quick access to files and folders

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Symbolic Links Did Not Work as Expected - By

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Symbolic Links Did Not Work as Expected

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. And use the simple path directory every time to reach to the long-path directory.

How to Make a Symbolic Link on a Mac : Working on a Mac

It can save you loads of key strokes and valuable time. So for all your work, you will be accessing data from soft link that is the same while the underlying primary data directory may change often. Yes, one needs to resent the soft link every time the primary data directory changes.

The way to do that is use it like as given below.

What Are Aliases, Symbolic Links, and Hard Links on a Mac?

You need to create other aliases to perform more operations. On the other hand the soft link lets you treat like any other directory and perform any operations you like.

In case you decide to remove the soft or symbolic link, it is pretty easy to do. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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