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This is a list of prompts and errors that may be produced by the Download Manager. If any error persists, please try the download via regular HTTP.

If you are still receiving an error please contact customer support. Contact Support. Please access MyVMware download portal to directly download software in the future. The download manager is especially beneficial for: Pausing the downloading of large files Resuming broken or paused downloads especially for very large files Downloading files on poor connections.

How Does It Work? For other platforms, it is a Java Applet. With most browser security settings, a window will open prompting the user to accept the certificate or signed applet. The Java version presents a link the user can select if the Download Manager fails to start. The Download Manager starts, prompting the user with a Save As dialog. The Download Manager pre-allocates a temporary download file in the user-selected directory.

The temporary name is the target file name with.

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When the file is fully downloaded the temporary file is renamed and the MD5 checksum is verified. We may also provide a SHA1 checksum for you on the download page, but the download manager will only perform an MD5 check. When the download completes the Download Manager may automatically launch the file, if the user selected that option. On these platforms it is implemented as an ActiveX control. Internet Explorer is not supported on the Macintosh. For the Macintosh, note that versions of Firefox prior to 1. Accepting the Security Certificate Depending on the browser and platform you use, you may be asked to accept a security certificate the first time you use the Download Manager.

How long will it take to complete my download? Internet Explorer - all versions File size greater than 4GB File download over a secure socket layer connection i. Workarounds : Only Internet Explorer is affected. Try your download using a supported browser listed under system requirements on the overview tab. This list includes Firefox, Netscape, Safari, and others. If possible, download the file without using SSL.

If the contents of the file being downloaded are sensitive, then this approach is not recommended. Some pop-up blocking software can prevent the Download Manager from opening its window. If so, what version? Did you see the dialog asking to accept the Download Manager certificate? Did you accept the certificate?

A common reason for that is not approving the applet certificate. After the two changes, restart your browser, and you should see the following 3 pop-up windows:. Download Manager-generated Messages Message: Cannot connect to server: Check connections, and try again. Meaning: The Download Manager cannot make a network connection.

Internet Explorer 7 :.

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Prompts and Error Messages This is a list of prompts and errors that may be produced by the Download Manager. Message This download is already running.

XDM - Free Download Manager For Windows, MacOS And Linux

Meaning You clicked the link for a file the Download Manager is currently downloading. Recommended Action Allow the running download to complete. Message Failed removing the '. Meaning An error occurred renaming the temporary file with the. Recommended Action Rename the. Message Would you like to also delete the file from the hard disk? Meaning If an incomplete download is removed, you have the option of also removing the partially downloaded file.

How to download Akamai Netsession interface?

Recommended Action Selecting Yes in the dialog box will delete the partially downloaded file. Selecting No in the dialog box will leave the file in place. Message Download file is corrupted. Try to download a fresh copy of the URL. Would you like to start over? Meaning The temporary file used by the Download Manager is corrupt. This may happen if file is changed while the download is paused. Recommended Action Selecting Yes in the dialog box will restart the download from the beginning. Selecting No in the dialog box will abort the download.

Message The download file is locked by another program. Please try again in a few seconds. Meaning This message will appear on a download resume when the operating system denies a request to open the file for writing.

Comparison of download managers

File Name:. Date Published:. File Size:. System Requirements Supported Operating System. Install Instructions The installation of Microsoft Download Manager requires administrative access to your computer. You may also be asked to close all open browser windows during the installation. If you use Internet Explorer and visit a Microsoft Web site that supports the Microsoft Download Manager, the install should happen automatically, although you may be asked to install the Microsoft Download Manager ActiveX control depending on your Internet security settings.

NetSession Interface use by many software tools and media publishers around the globe. Akamai NetSession Interface is a web based tool, you can install this tool in your computer. On Mac OS you can install through system preferences pane. There is lots of download managers available today in the internet world.

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Akamai Download Manager is totally different than others. The intelligent and latest technology platform makes your downloads very fast what you basically think on one download software.

NetSession on Mac and how to remove it

If you want to download any software on akamai platform this tool makes ten times fast download then normal download speed. Akamai Download Manager makes your downloads very fast and more reliable way for your applications. It unbelievably increase completion rate.