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Feb 29, PM. Thanks heaps - this worked for me I know have all my events etc in iCal from Outlook - very simple solution. Mar 12, PM in response to bogus36 In response to bogus Mar 12, PM. Mar 21, AM in response to mtstoll3 In response to mtstoll3. Same here, cant get it to work either. Using Google calendar, synchs with iCal and Blackberry perfectly Have the latest SP installed, Synch window is all set correctly. I am at the point to move back to Apple Mail, iCal Mar 21, AM.

You said " I am at the point to move back to Apple Mail, iCal I too was completely exasperated by the poor functionality of Outlook and decided to go native - i. Here are the problems I had:. The net result is that it's impossible to manage a business calendar with iCal. You never get an option to just send it to one person, or not send it at all.

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You can create a category, but it's not really a distribution list and if you are easiy annoyed then they will annoy you. I tried, I really did, for about 3 months to use the Mac mail and calendar but in the end, after missing client meetings and annoying people by sending them up to 20 invitations for the same meeting, I've gone back to Outlook It's unbelievable that Apple's native mail and calendar apps are so poor, but I don't think they'll ever change.

Jul 17, AM. Jul 26, AM in response to bogus36 In response to bogus I'm in the same boat. I went through the steps to sync, but nothing shows up in my Outlook calendar. Kinda lame, really. Jul 26, AM. Sep 1, AM in response to bogus36 In response to bogus This is completely ridiculous. Both Microsoft and Apple have failed miserably with creating a sharable calendar for business that works seamlessly across all devices. All I want to do is get my old calendar from my PC to my Macbook and then share it with people who are non-Mac users in my business and also allow them to creat events.

Evidently neither is possible with Outlook and Mountain Lion. If anyone knows of a third party software that would allow me to do this I would appeciate any suggestions. Sep 1, AM. Sep 3, AM in response to eddietheteddy In response to eddietheteddy. Apple uses the same industry standard, cross-platform calendar protocol CalDAV as most of the rest of the online calendar industry.

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Sep 3, AM. If they did flip to Mac they'd probably flip back pretty quicky because iCal and Mac Mail are just not good enough to use as business tools see my rant earlier - which did not even mention the Mac mail account password problem. Communities Contact Support.

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Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: bogus36 bogus However, I have no idea how to get it to do this. I have turned on "sync services" on Outlook. But, I can't find anything on ICal that will allow me to import from Outlook. Can someone help? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content.

User profile for user: macmrkt macmrkt. Apr 13, AM in response to bogus36 In response to bogus36 Me too. If anyone has a hint, it would be much appreciated!

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Message was edited by: macmrkt. To reply, you need to leave the current Help page. Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community. I have created events in Mac Outlook that sync fine with iCal. I have set up iCal and Google Calendar to sync. However, the events created in Mac Outlook that have synced over to iCal do not show up on Google Calendar. How do I get those to show up? Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Similar issue here The events in my outlook will sync over to iCal.

But the iCal don't sync back to Outlook? Maybe I am missing a setting? I am having the same issue as well.

It worked fine up until about a few months ago and now no entries created in Outlook will sync over to Google Calendar. Just out of interest are any of you based in Australia? As we have noticed in the past hour we cannot sync our ical with gmail google caldev. Re: the issue of not being able to sync at all, this was a known issue that is now resolved.

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Can you confirm Caroline? Re: the Outlook issue, since we no longer support syncing with Outlook - by any official means - I can't speak to what may be going on.

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Hopefully someone else in the community has found a way around it and can jump in here! Katherine thank you so much for taking the time to respond, very much appreciated and yes all good again this morning :. Yes No.