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I've tried various options that I've found on the net for previous versions of OSX, but none have worked for Mavericks, and I can't find any information on this that was posted after I am willing to experiment with a macro, but I have no experience with them so I don't really know what I'm doing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Posted on Oct 11, AM.

OS X: An Easier Keyboard Shortcut for Paste and Match Style

Page content loaded. I suggest you ask on the MIcrosoft Mac forums since it's their software you're having problems with. These forums are for troubleshooting Apple products. Oct 11, AM.

Control the formatting when you paste text - Word

Select Applications and add a new one. Type the text of the command exactly as it appears in a menu.

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Thanks for your reply. I should have mentioned that I've tried to create a keyboard shortcut in both excel and through systems preferences, however to no avail.

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In excel there is a keyboard shortcut in place for 'paste special', however there is no option to move past this into paste special options. I am starting to think perhaps this isn't available because there is no menu command for it directly, rather a popup box appears with paste special options.

But it is so tedious to click this every time you want to paste. Oct 11, PM.

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  4. That way, you can reap its benefits whenever and wherever you paste text. The default pasting behavior on the Mac is to preserve the formatting of the copied text.

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    But often, all you want are the words. Maybe you just copied the name and price of an item from a web page, and when you paste it into the Notes app, the price shows up in bold, red, point lettering.

    This pastes the text, and matches the style to the target document. If your note is in point Helvetica, then the name and price of that item will also become point Helvetica.

    Solution 1: Train the users

    From now on, whenever you paste text, it will automatically be converted to match the text style of the target document. So … what if you sometimes want to preserve the original text formatting when you paste it? Your Mac is now improved, with no chance of annoying text formatting creeping into your pristine documents ever again.