1.83 ghz mac mini hard drive

Orient the Core 2 Duo chip, set it in the socket, and lock it in place.

Upgrading an Apple Mac mini

Clean the old thermal paste from the heatsink, and apply a very thin layer of new thermal paste to replace it. Alert: The following step is the point at which the greatest risk of damage exists, in our opinion. Go slowly and carefully. Orient the heatsink, place it on top of the CPU, and push each of the four spring-loaded posts through the motherboard until they lock into place. This step doesn't sound that difficult. But in reality, you're balancing a big square heatsink on top of a small square chip that you have just coated with grease, and you're trying to keep the heatsink level and properly oriented while you press down on a spring-loaded post at one corner, attempting to push the post through a hole in the motherboard where it doesn't seem to want to go.

And in doing all this, you're applying force directly to the CPU and the motherboard -- the most critical parts of your computer.

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Once the heatsink is in place, put the Mini back together by reversing the steps you used to take it apart. The good news is that with the CPU and heatsink in place, and the Mini reassembled, you have nothing left to do but start it up and gloat.

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The results below show what we hoped they would -- a substantial improvement in performance over the Core Solo in all CPU-affected tests. The little Monster Mini is a zippy machine. Test configurations: Mac Mini, 1.

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That's not to say that the RAM and hard disk upgrades aren't a good thing; they are. Their benefits just don't show in these benchmarks. Conclusions So was the Core 2 Duo swap worth the time and money it took? For the original project Mac, the answer is yes, given that we already had the Core Solo Mini and the skills needed to do the installation on our own. If the Mini had started life as a Core Duo instead of Core Solo, we'd have a more difficult time justifying the outlay required for the chip.

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But we'd still be tempted, especially if we could get one of the 2. And the single unit price of Core 2 Duo chips will undoubtedly drop in the coming months. Mac mini 1. Don't know your model? ID Your Mac.

Apple Mac Mini Core Duo (GHz) review: Apple Mac Mini Core Duo (GHz) - CNET

Refine Results by category. Learn More. Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Forms a continuous, heat conductive layer between a processor and its heat sink. Arctic Silver ArctiClean Two part cleaner dissolves old thermal paste on heat sinks and processors.

Mac mini 1.83 GHz (Core Duo) Hard Drives

With the exception of the processor, the new high-end Mac mini is essentially identical to the first round of Mac minis with Intel processors , released earlier this year. The Intel Core Duo 1. The new version of this system is essentially the same speed as the old model; although the new version received a higher Speedmark score, this was almost entirely due to the hard drive.

In addition to built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.

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  • But getting the program to function properly took much experimentation that required a keyboard and a mouse connection: for example, we had tried changing settings in the DVD Player application, switching the Displays Overscan preference setting on and off, and changing resolutions. Another interesting potential use of the Mac mini is as a server. We attached a Mac mini to a keyboard, mouse, small flat-panel monitor, and large external hard drive, and stowed the whole collection on a shelf in a bedroom closet.

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    The system was relatively quiet, extremely compact, and had more than enough computing power to run a Web server, share a large iTunes library, power two Slim Devices audio players, and run a few other assorted applications.