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Downloading the software to the system was pretty quick. All we had to do was log in. After that, JustCloud popped up with two options: Either all the files inside "My Documents" can be uploaded automatically, or users can select their specific folders.

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As we opted for manual selection, the entire drive directory opened, and it was easy to check mark the folders needed to be backed up. While we were doing this, the software slowed down a bit. We don't know what it was, but we had to restart it. After selecting files, we hit the upload button, and files started uploading to the cloud server.

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The upload process can take a long time depending on how many files you have chosen and your upload speed. Since we only uploaded a few files as a test, it was done quickly. If you need to change this selection, it's not very easy. There is also an option to schedule backups according to your time and pause backups at a specific time of the day. Also, JustCloud enables users to do manual backups. While checking the Settings, we also came across the file restrictions. As a free user, the maximum file size that you can upload is 5 MB, which is obviously very, very limited.

While other cloud services do have specified file storage quotes, they don't have file size limits. And even if you upgrade to a premium version, the maximum file size can only be 1 GB. Apart from that, it also has an incremental backup option, which means only the parts of the file that are modified by the user are uploaded. This, of course, saves bandwidth and time. Restoration is pretty straightforward as well.

You can directly select which files need to be restored. What we loved about it was that JustCloud also restores the original file structure which could come in handy if you lose all your data. In our tests, we found out that the backup and restoration speed of JustCloud was better than most of the backup services available on the market right now. JustCloud is one of the few backup services that provides file syncing and sharing as well. Its syncing doesn't work the same way as Dropbox or Google Drive.

First of all, all the data is not synced. Also, instead of making sure that the local system already has the latest copy of the file available, JustCloud only downloads the file when you click on it. Then, you can access it. If you need to download it every time you need it, the purpose of file syncing is defeated.

While testing on Windows, we also found out that it integrates with Explorer, which means that once you have downloaded the software, you can just right-click on any file and directly upload it to JustCloud.

JustCloud Cloud Storage Review

JustCloud also has file versioning, which means that even after you have uploaded a new version of the file, you can retrieve and download an older version of it as well. You can also retrieve deleted files from your JustCloud account. The data you upload in JustCloud is encrypted with bit secured socket layer encryption which is very secure. Many of the competing backup services use bit encryption, so this is a step up from there. JustCloud stores all of its data on the Google Cloud Platform.

If you have critical data that needs to be moved to the cloud, and you are not so keen on Google or the NSA going through it, we really wouldn't recommend this.

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The app is free and enables you to edit, upload or view and sync across all of your devices with ease. The service has apps for Mac OS X With its sharing options, it's extremely easy to upload pictures on JustCloud and later share them on Facebook or Twitter. JustCloud uses a desktop app which backs up all of your files to the cloud. Once your files are backed up, you are able to sync and access them across any of your devices from anywhere in the world. JustCloud will back up whichever files you choose. JustCloud lays out all of their pricing and plans right on the site.

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  • Our goal for the apps is that they do exactly that, and we're happy to talk in case they don't. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Google Drive and Google are registered trademarks of Google, Inc. Dropbox is a registered trademark of Dropbox Inc. WeTransfer is a registered trademark of WeTransfer B.

    Box is a registered trademark of Box, Inc. Files in this folder can by synced to any computer or phone that has the JustCloud software or app installed. The sync folder does not sync when a file is added. Instead it follows your backup schedule or you can manually backup for changes to be synced.

    File Sharing Sharing is excellent on mobile and web apps but does not exist on the desktop software. Login to their website and mouse over a file or folder to share it. People must have a JustCloud account to access the files. The sharing options are sending via email, uploading to Facebook, and posting to twitter. There is no way to do this from the software.

    Support Using the "Help Center" and submitting a ticket is the best way to get results. They do not have a phone number or chat support. You can buy Priority Support addon to ensure quick response. Conclusion JustCloud has a well made product, it's very stable and easy to navigate. The smartphone apps are very clean and well designed we used the iPhone app. Getting your files backed up is very simple with all of the options that help you filter out the unnecessary files. Restoring files is great if you can use the software, the mobile apps and website won't help you restore massive amounts of data at least not quickly.

    Overall we are satisfied with the performance of JustCloud. Some could find themselves in need of phone support or get frustrated with the addons for purchase, however, these are non-issues with the rest of the application having a clean, well-designed interface, easy to use tools, and reliable. I think this is an all round product which should be used by everybody.

    Backing up is automatic and scheduled, so all your stuff can be safe without having to think about it. I can't imagine I'll ever need to use another backup system, its quick, easy and even the little things you don't usually notice are good like technical and user support. Great price too. I have an unlimited account, and I need to backup about 2TB. My backup ran for about a month reliably, then just when I got to 1TB of storage, the backup program stopped and wouldn't upload any more files.

    I asked support, and they told me that my account had been suspended for using too much bandwidth, and wouldn't give me a timeframe for lifting the suspension. So I have unlimited storage, but I'm not allowed the bandwidth to actually use the storage.. So the unlimited storage option is actually 1TB only. Other that this annoyance, I actually liked the service. I have been using JC for a while now, and so far I am pleased. I have used other services as well, but JustCloud seems cheaper and easier to use. I have tried services where this is NOT the case It should also be quite future proof since they are using Amazon for the cloud-stuff.

    Also very nice that you can use multiple devices to check your files and synch. What I absolutely DO NOT like are all the "hidden" costs that you don't realize that you need, and you have to pay extra for. VideoFiles don't get updated automatically if you don't pay for it! Ohh, you want to back-up files larger than 5MB?

    Go to the settings and fix it! No problem And so on And also I really don't like the annoying e-mails and pop-ups about buying this extra-stuff all the time I almost wanted to quit using the service because of this. JustCloud is a new syncing and online cloud storage company that specializes in keeping multiple computers up to date at the same time. JustCloud is a professional cloud storage solution designed to make syncing files between computers easy.

    They are owned by parent company Just Develop It which has several online backup brands. JustCloud uses one account to sync multiple computers as well as backup computers automatically. JustCloud was started in by a company called Just Develop it. They have a number of products like JustCloud that they build and sell. They have an office in Novi, Michigan and Employ over 25 staff members. Wordpress Hosting Reviews.