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You will want to save your file with a.

Slide titles are necessary to allow easy navigation of the slideshow by users with screen readers. For an invisible title, have the titled selected, than enable the Selection Panel from the Arrange drop down panel in the Home tab. The Selection and Visibility panel will appear on the right. You can then toggle the visibility of a title by clicking the eye icon next to the title.

Using descriptive text for any hyperlinks used in the presentation will ensure that a link's purpose is understood. Screen readers will read out a URL, but since URLs are not always easy to understood, descriptive text increases clarity for the user. Place your cursor where you want the hyperlink to appear, right click and select Hyperlink.

Linking to Another Slide in the Same Presentation

Add descriptive text in the Text to Display field this is the text users will see and add the URL in the Address field. Select OK.

This is the resulting hyperlink based on our descriptive text. It takes the user to MSU's home page. In Microsoft PowerPoint, it is possible to create new templates. This option is at the bottom of the color menu. It will open a pop-up window, and list all the items you can customize. Select the color you want for your hyperlinks.

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Click the color you want to use for hyperlinks on the color palette. This will change all your hyperlinks to the selected color. You can also click More Colors at the bottom here to select a color from a continuous color spectrum. Click Save on the menu.

How to Add Music to a PowerPoint With Mac OS X

This will save your changes. Method 2. Click the Format tab on the menu bar. This button is located between Insert and Arrange in the middle of your menu bar. It will open a drop-down menu. Click Theme Colors on the menu.

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A new window will pop up with all your color options. Click the box next to the "Hyperlink" on the menu. This will select the hyperlink option on the menu, and highlight the box next to it. Click Change Color. To verify the destination, click the Go to Slide, Open Link, or Compose Email button; otherwise, click the slide to close the link editor. Linked text is underlined, and a link icon it looks like a curved arrow appears next to objects that are linked.

Keynote for Mac: Link to a webpage, email, or slide in a Keynote presentation

When you remove a link, the link text is retained but the link formatting is removed and the link is no longer active. The setting applies to new text that you enter in all Keynote presentations. You can set up your slideshow to be an interactive presentation that changes slides when the viewer clicks its links. An interactive, links-only presentation is especially useful in a kiosk setting. Specify details for the destination: Slide: Goes to another slide in the presentation.

Exit the slideshow: Ends the slideshow.