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It can export anything it can open into one of 80 different formats.

5 Best Converter Apps for Mac August 2017

Chances are, it will open the format you couldn't open in anything else, and you will be able to convert it into what you need. Its browse mode doesn't just let you scroll through folders, but through photos saved in Dropbox and OneDrive, or Apple's Photostream as well. You can easily batch convert pictures with control over how much or little compression you want to apply.

The program's resize function is especially useful I use it to make sure header images for my Fstoppers posts conform to the needed dimensions all the time. You can quickly choose whether you want to resize an image, and what kind of interpolation you would like to use. You can also add borders or crop sides out of a photo pixel by pixel.

Graphic Converter for Mac and Windows - Download Free Trial version

You can scale images to the current desktop's size with just the click of one menu item, or you can quickly trim their edges so they will conform to one of the most frequently used images aspect ratios. It integrates with Apple's Core filters, so you can apply all these by navigating to a menu. You can turn images into their negative version, you can apply lens corrections, add and remove layers, or quickly try out dozens of other minor and not-so-minor changes to an image.

Batch convert mode lets you very easily turn a folder of any readable file format into a large number of other formats.

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GraphicConverter keeps to the background. It doesn't garner the spotlight with flashy marketing.

Universal Genius for Photo Editing.

Like a swiss army knife which it sports in its logo , GraphicConverter is not always the best tool to get the job done. But it is the tool that will get the job done. As long as that job has something to do with opening obscure image formats, converting a plethora of formats into something else, resizing photos, or generally optimizing them, GraphicConverter has long been my first choice. Back versions of the program are available on the developer's website, so if you are still running older computers in a production environment and for some reason need to reinstall their software, you don't have to search for very long.

Lets you create, edit and convert all kinds of images for Mac

Where GraphicConverter fails is in easy discoverability of some of its more obscure functions, and in clearly presenting what you can do with an image where. Apple's now-defunct Aperture, Affinity Photo, and Lightroom each use tabs to get from one mode to another, whereas GraphicConverter relies on you to remember where which function can be found.

Click on "Core Image Filters" and you will find thirteen further categories of changes you can apply to images, courtesy of Apple's Core architecture. Sure, it's nice to have them, but it's not really clear to anyone but developers why the "Color Posterize" filter is in a different place from "Atmosphere". GraphicConverter might try to do too much or too little, depending on your perspective, and its controls are not always very easily understood.

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  • It does, however, offer a quick way of working on images without the need for a more extensive — and expensive — program. GraphicConverter half-wants to be your one stop for image editing, but even if you're on a budget, Affinity Photo , similarly priced, may be a better option for that.

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    7. Batch Graphic Conversion in 3 easy steps:.

    GraphicConverter is certainly not my only image editing program, but it is powerful and sometimes the simplest way of doing something. As such, it deserves a spot on my hard disk, and maybe on yours. The trial version of GraphicConverter is a free download from Lemkesoft. Download for Windows Download for Mac Learn more about image converter software. Photo Recovery Software Orion will search for any deleted photos or other files on your hard drive, or on any other connected drives, memory cards or camera.

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    Download Graphic Converter for Windows - Best Software & Apps

    Download for Windows Download for Mac Learn more about disc burning software. Graphic Editing Software An easy-to-use image composition and manipulation program, and an essential tool for all types of graphic design projects. Download for Windows Download for Mac Learn more about graphic editing software.


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    Popular Mac Image Utility GraphicConverter 10.6.1 Adds New Batch Features

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