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Unlike when we were setting up the Folder Action persistence by executing JXA via the terminal, if your persistence JXA code is being executed directly and you send Apple Events to other applications, your pop-up will change slightly. Below is a quick example showing this end-to-end to get an Apfell-jxa payload:. This plist contains a recursive set of base64 encoded binary plists that, after a few rounds, finally reveal the information presented in the UI and via JXA. When looking at the parent process hierarchy for this, Richie Cyrus on our Detection side used xnumon to see the following:.

Sign in. Get started. About All Posts specterops. Folder Actions for Persistence on macOS. Cody Thomas Follow. References Folder Actions Reference. Defines the AppleScript scripting language. Includes many brief sample scripts.

Automate tasks with Folder Actions

How to create an Automator service to run a script on all files in a folder. I want to create a service using Automator to run a shell script on all files in a folder, say delete all log files…. Thanks to Andy Robbins. Share Pin Email.

Mac Automation Scripting Guide: Watching Folders

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Turn on Folder Actions globally

Updated September 30, Once you have navigated to the folder you wish to use, perform the following steps:. Right-click the folder you want to monitor.

Mac OS X 10.6 and later:

The Folder Actions Setup window will appear. A standard Open dialog box will display. A list of available AppleScripts will display.

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Make sure the 'Enable Folder Actions' box is ticked. Close the Folder Actions Setup window. With folder actions, you can create automated workflows that:.

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  • They are:. For items that were deleted, names of the removed items are provided.

    • Folder Actions for Persistence on macOS.
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    • The following examples demonstrate how to use different folder action event handlers. Open in Script Editor.

      MAC OS X Automator Folder action

      A folder action script must be connected to a folder in order to use it. Make sure the Enable Folder Actions checkbox is selected, as well as the On checkboxes next to the folder. Once the script and folder are connected, the folder action event handlers in the script should run when the corresponding actions occur.

      Although folder actions provide efficient folder watching capabilities, some scripters prefer to implement customized folder watching workflows that provide more control over the folder watching process. This is typically done by creating a stay-open script with an idle handler that checks a folder at regular intervals for new items to process.