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Also, this top-notch yet flexiable video editor software has the Windows version: Filmora Video Editor for Windows.

Download any version of iMovie, Here it is!

The faceoff feature helps to make a video funny enough, PIP effect helps to overlay more than one video together, tilt shift is good for coming up with an overwhelming diminutive scene while scene detection helps to sense any changes to a scene. Some of the editing functions of Filmora Video Editor include timeline editing where files are dragged right to the timeline for editing and the actual editing which involves double-clicking on the files right from the timeline. There is transition which is available from the collections as well as export which comes up after you are through with editing.

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The edited files are exported using a compatible file format to any platform supported by Mac. If you know Apple, you may have an idea of how protective they get about their experience, including the applications from different developers. So it is very common to find out you have to pay for most of the great applications you can enjoy on your Mac or iDevice.

This also applies for iMovie. Luckily for new Apple users, if you purchased your brand new Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch after September 1 of you will get access to iMovie and so many other useful applications by Apple with no extra charge. Question is: What happens if your device does not meet the requirements set by Apple? If you do not want to upgrade your device to the required OS versions, we do not encourage you to perform any operation on your device as a jailbreak on mobile or downloading tools from sources you do not trust.

Instead, you can go ahead and use other programs that offer a similar experience to iMovie and even some extra enhacements. You just have to look for the one that suits you better. Do not let yourself be fooled by the simple looks of iMovie. It may look small, but there is plenty of power you can count on to make amazing productions.

Some of the highlights on the iMovie features include:. While in other programs you have to wait until your creation is completely ready to share even a slice of it with anyone, iMovie makes it all easier. Just select the section of your video you will be showing the world, click on Share at the top of the application and that's it.

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You can share it straight to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, via email, or just create a small file for it for you to send. One of the advantages about the Apple ecosystem is iCloud. With it, you can make sure everything you need is synced between every single device and even apps.

The truth is that lots of users begin to download easy-to-use video editors for Mac and Windows PC which has all the main features that iMovie has. Even though users can not download iMovie for Mac as a stand-alone software for free from Appstore, it is luckily that if users bought their brand new Mac, Apple will give iMovie and many other useful applications as presents, therefore users will be able to freely get them with no extra charge. What users should do if their Mac computer does not meet the requirements set by Apple? If you are unwilling to update the operation system to the required OS X, we do not recommend you to download so-called free iMovie from those untrusted sites.

If you are fed up with looking for iMovie download, you should download and go ahead this video editing software Now! Buy Try. We Promise. How to Stabilize Shaky Video.

iMovie Download on Mac and Windows PC

The Enhance tool can improve the video and audio in a clip. You can manually adjust the color of a clip or have iMovie try to correct it automatically. You can crop, rotate, and stabilize clips. Apply the Ken Burns effect to a clip and add filters. And you can create a freeze frame; slow or speed up a clip; and rewind or replay a clip. Music and sound clips: iMovie comes with a library of sound effects and music tracks to add to your video.

You can also record your own voiceover in iMovie. Let iMovie do the work: If creating a movie still seems like too much work, then produce a trailer. By using one of the more than two dozen iMovie trailer templates -- from romance to adventure -- you can have iMovie do the heavy lifting.

Each template includes a storyboard and shot list, titles, effects and transitions, and a soundtrack -- so all you do is drag videos and photos into the template and click play. Share or export: To show off your finished work, you can share to iTunes, export as a QuickTime file, or publish to a video site, such as YouTube. Intended for the theatre: Many of the movie themes and trailers have a cinematic feel.

If you are looking to create something less artistic -- say, for a classroom project -- you may have to do a bit of shoehorning to get it to fit your style. Read the help files: You can certainly jump in and start building a movie. But iMovie is not as obvious to figure out as you'd expect from an Apple app, so glancing through iMovie's help files before you start may save you some time.

With iMovie's cinematic templates, Apple helps you along, but if you want something less theatrical, you may need to improvise a bit. I have used every version of iMovie since its inception.

Download the YouTube videos before starting editing

Each new version took some getting used to, but each one was an improvement over the last, with the exception of the latest version iMovie 10 which was released in I haven't been able to work with the latest version at all, in spite of considerable time and effort spent trying to make it work. Upon upgrading, iMovie 10 offers to import all iMovie clips, including those from external hard drives into one place on the main computer. Of course there is not enough room on any computer for the amount of video I have. So clips must be imported manually one at a time.

This leads to more problems because the library system in the new version is not as functional. The main problem with the new version is that the project is part of the clip, not the other way around. This renders the software completely useless for anyone creating anything of any real value. Previously, iMovie was a brilliant piece of software that I used to edit movies up to minutes long, including my own instructional videos and a friend's audition pieces for film schools.

It was easy and intuitive. The latest version seems to have been designed by people who have no understanding of what iMovie was or could be.

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Perhaps they are trying to get out of the desktop business and want to push iMac users to the iPad or iPhone. This does not suit creative people who need powerful functional software. In any case, I am fortunate that I kept the older version which strangely is called iMovie '11 installed on my iMac. Otherwise, I would be totally snookered and this review would have decidedly more hostile tone.

Download any version of iMovie

The inadequacy of the latest iMovie is one of the reasons why I will not be purchasing an new iMac anytime soon. I need to me certain that my computer is compatible with the functional versions of the Mac software, not the dumbed down iPhone-compatible versions. Read reply 1.

I had the same experience except mine was Did their support give you a way to rebuild the library? VERY counter inituitive, cluttered, no way to use without a Ph.

iMovie Download: How to Download iMovie for Free on Mac & Windows

D, useless, VERY disappointed Back it up if you want to download iMovie I know this isn't FCP. Not by a long shot. But There's no way to put it nicely.