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The keys are actually contained within the System Management Controller , a component exclusive to Apple computers, and can be easily retrieved from it. The Intel Core Duo and later, including the current i5, i7 and Xeon processors found in Intel Macs support Intel VT-x , allowing for high performance near native virtualization , which gives the user the ability to run and switch between two or more operating systems simultaneously, rather than having to dual-boot and run only one operating system at a time.

The first software to take advantage of this technology was Parallels Desktop for Mac , released in June VirtualBox is virtualization software from Oracle Corporation , which was released January It is available free of charge under either a proprietary license or the GPL free software license [ citation needed ] and is used by default when running Docker images of other operating systems [24]. VMware offers a product similar to Parallels called Fusion , [ according to whom?

Regardless of the product used, there are inherent limitations and performance penalties in using a virtualized guest OS versus the native Mac OS or booting an alternative OS solution offered via Boot Camp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the architecture of Intel-based Apple computers. For information about the transition to this architecture, see Apple's transition to Intel processors. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting. This section needs expansion with: sufficient background for a layperson to understand the article, based on good and complete sources, secondary source in particular. You can help by adding to it. October This section does not cite any sources. To access the EFI Partition we must mount it first:. These mini steps need to only be followed if each condition applies. The changes will be made to the EFI folder you just pasted onto your flash drive in Step 2.

The default config. MSI motherboards may require this step in order to boot macOS.

Before You Begin

A checkbox needs to be set in your config. The config. A patch is included for Save and exit BIOS and reenter and it should be there. There are two ways to go about doing this:. Note: Most people like to install new versions of macOS using integrated graphics. Some people may have trouble installing High Sierra with a Nvidia card plugged in. If using a compatible graphics card then you will need to install the fixes to get hardware detection and acceleration.

Click the link below to go to the audio guide:. Plugged in gtx and everything worked. With gtx ui was kinda choppy with latest web drivers , espessialy the browser and tabs would open kinda slow. Good thing I had amd rx Plugged that baby in and everything is smooth and snappy without the need of downloading additional drivers. Only minor issue is the audio does not get as loud as it does on windows.

Maybe need some drivers. I found a solution : I upgraded the bios to 2. I can run the osx installer till the macos utility windows. My NVME is not recognized samsung evo. Thanks for your help. Working now. Then upon booting it said inserted drive not initialized. Initialized and formatted in MacOS then rebooted and there she was. It shows but no devices show up or seen by other BT devices.

I cannot set higher resolutions. Any idea? Awesome guide it worked better than you Sierra install. However, when I update the web drivers for Nvidia it boots to a black screen. I also had a problem with Nvidia drivers. I got a warning message during the installation, then I got stuck on boot. The solution I find in the internet worked for me : open clover configurator, goto Rt Variables, change CsrActiveConfig value from 0x67 to 0x0, reboot, install Nvidia drivers, reboot, then put CsrActiveConfig value back to 0x67, reboot.

Thanks bro! Install worked like a charm. Thanks, by changing CsrActiveConfig value from 0x67 to 0x0 I was able to install the web driver without an error message.

Apple–Intel architecture

When I boot my screen goes into standby. Is there a way I can change it back from outside the os? Are you still having this problem? Maybe this has something to do with some bios settings? Today I tried to install macOS High Sierra from a bootable usb, but my pc froze during the booting process. I need help. Can you help me?

FYI want to use igpu for now since hd is also fully supported. Or should I follow this one here? It should work following this guide here, but you may need to use an earlier version of AppleALC. My bios version is F5 Any thoughts? Awesome guide. I setup but I have a caution sign halfway during install round circle with line through it.

Using the Sky lake config. Would you please share your EFI folder with me? I have tried to upgrade it from Sierra initially but I messed something up along the way and had to perform a clean install from USB. There was a few problems I encountered during the installation. Like some of you I was getting stuck, the progress bar was stopping, coming up with a ban sign or restarting.

What turned up to be the culprit was the usb stick. Then I used a older 16gb stick and it went fine. Also do not forget to copy APFS. Most of the problems are associated with that folder being corrupt or faulty and hence it is not going through. I have had High Sierra for two days and it feels quite stable. The icon in the right corner sometimes comes out or flickers but overall the mirroring is not working.

However, it does work via itunes.

Display MacBook Device Tree

Could anyone shed some light on this pls? The wifi speed is playing up. After a restart the speed is normal but with time it drops. I am using the same card as in Sierra but I did not have this problem before…Hackintosher any thoughts on that? Mine is a Skylake build. Going to try a fresh install of Hello, I am new to hackintosh. Facetime which camera do I need for that? My needs are running basic tasks on Mac but installing Parallels to run windows simultaneously. I am a trader so need Mac and Windows together. With my specs see below everything works like a charm! My board does not support Bluetooth so I will add it.

Thank you! With the Video and Audio guides everything is working! I just need to get a bluetooth PCI-X card. Thank you. What bluetooth card do you recommend? Are you happy with your Hackintosh? I am seriously thinking of building one instead of buying an imac. I used this. Worked OBO. Yes I was installing with iGPU. So this config may still be incorrect — but it at least got a booting system. Thank You very much…Successful with the installation. By the way, I accidentally skip the process to disable APFS Conversion…but everything seems to work fine so far, but the slow boot.

The things needed for my works are working…once again…thanks for the well written guide. Thanks guys… does it make sense to wait for coffee lake and an updated build guide from hackintosher … it just get the k.. Go for it…just like mine…with K…parallel with Windows 10…more use time on OS X With the latest build High Sierra…the most perfect build I guess… , everything is working perfectly….

Unintended restart after a long sleep can be fixed by disabling both Wake for network access and Power naps. My system can now stay in a sleep mode for as long as I want without crashing and it wakes up in two seconds. Any chance you can either point me to a tutorial or paste the relevant clover config that helped you?

I need to try this solution tonight. But so far, no reboot to clover when sleeping. Can you share you EFI folder? You are actually in the guide right now. Follow the instructions and you will be fine. I have the same rig and everything is working just fine in High Sierra. Hey Mario, I have the same configuration. Clover did not recognize this stick at all.

I do not know why. This guide is amazing, very detailed and easy to follow. I tried a lot of others before i found this and could never get it to work. When i finished everything just worked along with graphics and audio.

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Thank you very much sir! Am I doing something completely stupid? It goes through the Apple logo loading process, gets to the end and just reboots back to the clover installer. Thanks in advance! Oh, and I was using the onboard graphics — as I assumed it would be easier to do that then add a graphics card later. How do I go about configuring the config file if my hardware is kinda old. Hi, thanks to this tutorial, i was able to built my hackintosh without any problem. Hi all, i have followed guides on hackintosher. Just Apple logo will appear for a moment, and after that is comming reboot. I am planning to install high Sierra on this configuration.

Any idea, if I will run into any trouble? Will try tonight. First, will give it a shot with high sierra. Will update you once done. Hi, any fix to the iGPU for 4K monitor yet. Sometimes, the screen goes flickering, which is annoying. Tired this guide to install High Sierra All worked like a charm. This is what about my Mac shows me: iMac Retina 5K, inch, 3.

Try the updated Sorry to sound stupid, but I am a bit new to this. How do I update the EFI? Do I just mount the EFI partition and replace the content. What will happen to all the other changes that I did to the EFI earlier? You just want to make sure you are using the same config. This has resolved the issue. This is not a show stopper for me. I anyways have 10 years old Creative Labs 5.

Good time to put it to some good use. Thank you for this amazing guide!!! I followed your guide very carefully to the T. It took 5 hours and it worked flawlessly! I transformed a very nice 1-year old PC to a fresh new iMac : : Thank you!! I finally got my first hackintosh working with a mix of this guide and the GA-ZM one. Your guides really helped a lot. Set ig-platform-id to 0x in config. Im not sure where the problem is…… really strange…. So instead you actually have to 1. And I set ig-platform-id to 0x in config.

I spoke too soon. FCPX Is it possible to run Hackintosh on this laptop. What config file changes should I make for this? Where can I find a config for my processor? Thank you so much! Thank you so much!! I have a problem with shutdown the system always reboots. I have used your efi folder and change the kabylake, and using the skylake config-plist. I have changed in clover the fix in shutdown to Yes. What should i do to solve this problem. Thank you for the tip, all is working now. So I switched to I tried all alterations but I was unsuccessful.

Hey, Thanks for the guide. Could you help me with an EFI folder for the same?

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  • Thanks in advance. Hello, Pls. Sorry Hackintosher i need help for active QuickSync in my hackintosh ik. Hello I would like to buy a new motherboard please help Which is better in running the Macintosh system :. Hey so this was a complete success thank you so much for the help!

    Al though I did need to unplug my GPU as it was the problem in not letting me install the software at first. I am currently not able to connect my ethernet. Could you possibly help me with that? Try using the latest version of IntelMausiEthernet. Nvidia is not mandatory can you quote the part where it says that so I can fix it to add more clarity?

    You can install High Sierra In this part you have said you will need a Nvidia graphics card. I have G and a RX, Will it work? When using AMD card video is slow refresh and artifacts also occur. Have changed bios so CPU graphics only are used high sierra runs perfectly fast no artifacts. Any fix for this great video card or am I doing damage to it using hacked mac os?? After choosing the language and formatting the SSD, when I select to start the installation by clicking the continue button, the system hangs, it does not move forward … What can it be?

    I downloaded it 2 times. I followed this guide and get my mac running fine on Some time my PC crash on loading screen with progress bar halfway through. Some time it goes to loading screen without any problem about 20 percent of time. Any suggestion? Any suggestions? But if I try to boot into Try the My setup is:. Intel Skylake i 3. I opened terminal and check the list of the drives I can see the mac os install but i can not see the efi folder does it have an efi folder and if not how to add the efi folder. If someone can help thanks. Having a problem with a coffe lake build following the hackintosher guide with k and gigabyte aorus gaming 7.

    Followed all steps up till the reboot after disabling apfs. No luck. What am I doing wrong? Update FakeSMC. I am replying on the k guide as well. Thank you for your answer, I will have to try the above. This guide and this website are fantastic! The guides are clearly written with sufficient detail to be useful to t he inexperienced hackintosher.

    I tried both with an nvidia card as well as with integrated grphics. The installer sees the M2 drive Samsung EVO , but never gets to the stage where I would be using drive manager to format it. Setting up the USB install media I downloaded the latest High Sierra and used the latest version of clover configurator to mount the EFI, then copied the pre-packaged EFI folder into that partition, but no luck so far.

    Hi there! Thanks so much — this is a fantastic site! Like Luigi, I wonder if you found the right settings to get it to boot to the installer? Thanks for any response! Before in El capitan System i7 non-k Z97 Pro Wifi Usb 3. Hello, I am planning to install High Sierra on this configuration. Please guide me, is it ok or not? Have you had any experience running the gb Alpine ridge thunderbolt 3 card in the gigabyte mobo? Its working in windows but not working in latest High Sierra.

    I try Verbose mode and see that restarting after kec. Thank you Hackintosher!. I have a fully running High Sierra Everything is working from the initial boot, this include audio, ethernet, video. Thanks in advanced, 47Studio Andres. Current build is stable, only thing not working yet is iMessage and FaceTime, but heard there are fixed for that. Thank you for your guide! I thought that installing Hackintosh is more complicated process. But with your guide and Clover configuration it was almost simple as installing Windows! Games performance sucks on Mac. Mac — barely 10 FPS.

    But I can live with that. Will install Windows for games. Oh, btw. Should I be worried? What should I do in my case? Hi all. I definitely want USB 3, so should I install Once again, thanks in advance to Hackintosher and all, and super mega rockin happy freakin holidays!! Hey guys, what is the best method to install Windows 10 from a separate drive after successfully installing High Sierra?

    Any ideas? I suggest looking elsewhere on the internet. I should have clarified that in this guide. The only options are start uefi shell, clover settings, etc…. It is installing currently! But I still have a pb with shut down; it shuts down like normal, and after few seconds the computer starts on its own. I changed the settings in Energy saver, applied the patches in clover, but no luck. Hello Hackinstosher!!!

    Thanks for the amazing guide as I have gone through all the steps except Nvidia Graphics Driver Installation part but Mac is not able to boot itself. Please guide me what are the other changes I have to make to get MAC to be bootable itself. Well, I get to the Clover boot menu, row of plus signs, and then nothing; just hangs there, and I need to restart. Excellent Guide, I used this guide for may latest hackintosh coffee lake i7 , the only problem I have now is Unknown Processor for Non-K version, Any idea? I solved the usb wifi driver problem for high sierra now all my 3 usb wifi no need to wait for panda wireless macOS Hi I have a Coffee Lake cpu, which is not included in Step 3.

    If so, is there any change that I have to make?

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    Tried to use an alternative EFI but still dont work. Any other solution? Anyone got htese issues? Is it still available? Working great so far! Thanks so much! Would you advise to update Clover? Only this, I think I can do all the rest. You mention the need of a Nvidia card, do you mean a Radeon will not work? I had tried the Hackintosher update guide and tried several times to do the update. I gave that up and tried this fresh install guide. Basically, any user account I set up was recorded as Standard. I added another Admin account but it was hidden.

    Using the Clover boot option for Single User, I was able to do as the post says and redo my macOS setup of user account etc. Then I could install the Nvidia web drivers and all was well. I have reverted the Nvidia web driver to the But I had really very slow performance in Google G Suit, typing a welcome message in drive.

    And an EtreCheck. OK, disregard my previous post about slow performance. Whatever it was, after a reboot the performance is excellent. Works perfectly for me! You are missing FixShutdown in config. I had badly saved the file and so the option fixshodown is a good check but now it does not boot the pic runs in circles.

    I did the initial creation with I followed this guide. It worked well except that it took me a while to figure out that my install USB drive would only work with a 2. Going to run it for a few week or so and see how stable it is. Indications are good. I did a fresh install following this guide onto an external USB 3 hard drive, and had no problems. There was a sort of rolling, grey screen until the login appeared and I finished logging in. I then ran the High Sierra Supplementary update, installed the Nvidia web driver downloaded by the Nvidia driver manager The rolling grey screen at boot disappeared as well.

    Very happy, and such a change from my initial I have one issue: after overnight sleep, on wake the user login shows but the mouse and keyboard are not working. I have to do a forced reboot. Hi can anyone help me? I have a some dumb question. The monitor on the top image of the post its looking so great what model is it?

    Did you trying following the ASUS guide? Do you see a loading bar under the apple logo? You are booting from the Clover menu and not directly loading the Apple installer correct? I have used this guide and have had great results using intel HD All activity leds on card were lit. So I updated to the Beta mac OS by registering with apple and downloading the utility that gave me access to the Beta.

    After the Beta install the AMD R9 worked perfectly full acceleration leds for activity were going on and off PC was very responsive Cinebench fps almost as fast as Windows 10 fps. The major problem is using Safari or Firefox the browser locks up after some browsing and I have to use power button to restart PC. Internet videos locks up PC instantly. Any fix for this? The new Beta AMD drivers are a great improvement but not being able to use the internet is a fatal flaw for me. Any help would be appreciated.

    I purchase that pc on Ok, I had success installing High Sierra with the graphic card unplugged. I have the latest Clover, and all the latest kexts on my system. I downloaded EmuVariableUefi