Cheat codes sim city mac

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SimCity ★ Cheat Codes - Simcity Make Money Fast

Created by. Guide Index. While this may not appear to be important, it can be quite helpful in some situations. For instance, you can:.

Cheats for SimCity 5 2013

The obvious draw back is that you pay a lot of simoleons to place them and then get nothing in return. However, you are only charged hourly for the upgades that are functioning.

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So if you do not have an immediate need for them, you don't have to pay for them either. This allows you to plan ahead and place your infrastructure in advance without constraining your current income too much. Also suddenly having twice the number of firetrucks, ambulances, and patient rooms during and shortly after a disaster is quite helpful for dealing with the situation. Turn them off when it's business as usual again to save yourself lots of simoleons.

A small box will pop up telling you its current cost.

cheat codes sim city mac

However once you have plopped any of the HQ and any of its additions you can turn the power to that building off. Then type "power to the masses" in the console window.

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  6. Then type "nerdz rool" in the console window. Then type "water in the desert" in the console window.

    SimCity 4 Ultimate Cheat Codes - The Complete List

    Then type "fund" in the console window. Then type "stop forcing advice" in the console window. Then type "load terrain" in the console window. Then enter one of the cheats below in the console window. Then type "Pay tribute to your king" in the console window.