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July 29th can't come soon enough.

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We are working to restore service. The clip which you can watch below shows hand gestures replacing mouse pointer or multitouch in a variety of Windows apps. For all of the flak Microsoft has taken for Windows 8 , Leap and Windows 8 look like a perfect match. All of that multitouch capability — a point of contention for many PC owners — fits like a glove with Leap gestures.

Leap Motion first impressions: There's work to do

Think a pint-sized Kinect that allows you to control your computer with mid-air waves, points, and other sleights of hand. Cue the inevitable Minority Report comparisons. But the real fun starts when developers optimize their work for Leap. The company knows this, and is helping to encourage development with its own app store, Airspace.

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On last check, it was stocking up on apps like Cut the Rope , Autodesk plugins, and Corel Painter apps. The device was originally scheduled to ship this month, but the company is now dead-set on getting it into customers' hands starting on July Source: Leap Motion.

Leap could provide a revolutionary way of interacting with your PC. Web browser gestures like pinch and zoom will work out of the box. Leap Motion is building up to its July release with a new video showing its interaction with Windows. Sleight of hand. It allows you to completely control keyboard and mouse-based video games, as well as your OS.

Assign actions to different gestures and make them correspond to what your favorite games are expecting. It currently supports 25 gestures, which can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts and your mouse.

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Created for OS X by AppCannon Software, Swish allows you to easily switch between different apps, control your music, and bind gestures to keyboard shortcuts and other pre-defined actions. Available for free on the Airspace Store, they allow you to browse the web, open applications and documents, and control menu items. You can join the conversation and let share your thoughts on our OS interaction forum thread.