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Download V1. This is the biggest update of Lion DiskMaker yet. I even thought of calling it v2. Oh boy… You can download it here. And if you wish to translate it in another language, please get in touch with me, the job will be VERY easy to do juste a mere file to translate. And yup, its name is automatically localized. Now THAT looks cool!

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And it has a bonus effect: it appears in the Startup Manager, so you will know you have to choose this one. Thus, now the first drive considered will always be the first internal one. If you want to use another, just change the needed parameter in the script by opening it with AppleScript Editor. And just a lot less expensive :. Et oui, le nom du dossier est automatiquement traduit. The stats from this blog are quite interesting as well.

Usually, I get about visits per day, sometimes around visits when I publish a blog post.

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The fact that I write in French, and note quite often, has, of course, some impact on these numbers. It means both these pages have been seen more than times. Quite a big number for me! And of course, there were donations , some quite big! Thanks to everyone who sent a donation, this is really, really appreciated! I found wonderful to see long reviews of the software in so many different languages.

That is the first time it happened! Heck, I did not even make a single application using XCode.

Which is the best DVD player in Belgium?

My day-to-day job is being an Apple Consultant, writing books in his spare time, not programming stuff. However, in Mac OS X, there is this powerful tool, which has been there even before Mac OS X, which so many people heard of but never really tried to understand. Indeed, AppleScript is far from being a new technology : it arrived in the 90s, with System 7 Pro 1. It was almost canceled as a time, then resurrected and got an incredible boost in Mac OS 8. However, since its arrival on Mac OS X, AppleScript earned some bad reputation : its syntax is complicated, it can be difficult to do what you want with it, there are other languages which you can use, like Python, Ruby, tcl… These are comments coming mostly from experienced programmers , not common users.

But the thing is, I am not a programmer. Even HTML is sometimes difficult to get for me though less complicated than the usual suspects. I tried to study them, to understand them. But I always thought they were too complicated for me. The problem with AppleScript is that it is not designed for full-time programmers.

So, programmers sometimes just dislike its simplicity. I hope Apple will not listen : it would mean the end of scripting for almost everyone. Sure, AppleScript has its flaws mostly because of the tools provided to use it, as mentioned John C.

RM Free postage. Ich biete hier ein gebrauchtes Laufwerk an. Ist in gutem Zustand und funktioniert einwandfrei. Stammt aus einem Nichtraucherhaushalt. See more like this. Der optische Zustand kann dem Alter entsprechend als "Sehr Gut" bewertet werden.

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Bauform 5. Unsere Hinweispflicht nach dem Batteriegesetz. Netzteil ,Ovp und Usb Kabel wird mitgesendet. USB 3. Schreibgeschwindigkeit DVD 16x.

Test d'un graveur externe CD et DVD Victsing de couleur noire avec câble USB 3.0 intégré

The Most Energy Saving Drive. Free included app makes it easy to back up all of your important data to the hard drive or SD card on the PC wirelessly. Lifebook E Technische Daten. Lesegeschwindigkeit CD-RW: 40 x. DHL Paket - inkl. Designed by Porsche. Zustand: Gebraucht. Versand mit DHL Paket bis 2 kg.

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Wir versteigern ein Karton mit Stk. Ware ist Neu und unbenutzt. Kabel ist ca. USB 2. Daher nicht empfohlen auf Tablets zu verwenden.

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CD-R: 48x Max. CD-RW: 40x Max.

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DVD-R: 16x max. DVD-RW: 12x max. Das Laufwerk wurde nur sehr selten mit einem Notebook benutzt. Blu-Ray Brenner extern.

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Farbe Schwarz. Anwendbares optisches Laufwerk: Laptop mit einer Dicke von 12,7 mm. Demnach neuer Zustand.