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MacBook Pro 2. When installing this way, I use the flash. A dialog box will appear asking you where to save the file. Save the. Quit your browser. Remove all existing Adobe Flash Player installations from the system.

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Unpackage the file. A directory with contains libflashplayer. Copy libflashplayer. Create the 'plugins' folder if it does not exist yet. Launch your brower. Any plan to add a master password for chrome? I don't think that's so hard to write the code for that. It would also be cool to have the possibility of automatically removing history after "x" days.

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I think these are just two big security holes for chrome. Hey, I've successfully installed extensions but when I restart Windows, the extensions are gone. Flightaware graphics still don't work. Could you guys add flightaware. Great achievement. Unfortunately I already found a bug: proxy settings aren't loaded properly on OpenSuse How can I report it? BRs, Helio. I do like the interface and new tab. But where can we report bug for the Mac version? Because importing bookmarks etc form Firefox 3. Chrome crashes. Mac OS The Mac version is vastly undercooked. How are we supposed to use a browser without so much as a bookmark manager?

Also, having the same version between Windows, Linux and Mac, but with a different feature set is misleading. This is not what I have come to expect from Google. The Mac version is soo not ready for beta. I like it but cant seem to find a way to manage the bookmarks in the Mac release.

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There is no "Wrench" as there is in the Window release. How do I clean that up? Very happy to see Google Chrome update its status to Beta. I'm on Fedora 12, and love, love, love Chrome. I have never had a use for the word "Giddy", but that's how I felt as I browsed and installed Chrome Extensions. I just sorta hopped up-n-down in my chair, made a big smile, and waved my hands around like a schoolgirl that just received her first Barbie for Christmas.

Keep up the good work! I'm using the 'unstable' version, which is NOT unstable at all. Will I cease to receive the updates that the beta version would be getting? I'll be downloading it, to test it out on a Mac. See how it handles the day to day activity of browsing, blogging, updating favourites and its redendering of different sites. Congrats Google. I'm still a Safari fan for now. Sucks that with all the resource power and money Google has, they still can't come out with a decent browser for mac. I'll stick with camino and safari. Also don't understand why no powerpc version?

There are more mac powerpc users out there than linux users and they get Chrome?! After a long time of not using Chrome, I downloaded the most recent dev-version and tried out a few Extensions. And I'm pretty impressed with your work. Good job! But what I still miss is autosaving surf-sessions. So when I close Chrome and restart it, I want it to open my last opened tabs.

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  • Is this planned in the future? I'm on the dev channel, why aren't I updated to the beta version if it's more advanced? It is disappointing that Google has chosen to make Chrome relevant only for "new" Mac users. With all the brain power encompassed in the Googleplex, they should be able to find a way to include everyone who has been anticipating the new browser.

    After all, the company mission is to make the world's information "universally accessible and useful. I have just installed chrome on my macbook pro but after it automatically transferred the bookmark folders from my safari browser I can't seem to open new bookmark folders on chrome. Any ideas as to whether it's me or teething problems with the new beta download? This was much more stable to me with the Mac development channel builds prior to this beta. Now something on many popular sites reddit, etc lock up chrome right away for me, since applying this update.

    When right-clicking a link to Save As I love the browser, thanks guys :. You have a really informative website. I am using this version of Chrome, and when I go to install an extension, the browser downloads it, and then windows asks me which program to use to open the. CRX file. Is there something that I have to do to be able to install these extensions and make them work? Regarding speed comparisons with Firefox, I did my own test and found that Chrome Beta is noticeably slower.

    Why can't Google Chrome Download on Mac OS X

    It may be extensions that I have in Firefox that make it load pages faster, but at least for now, Chrome is my second choice. Vivek said: " This, to me, is a huge problem. From Filefactory. All had the. Not sure why the download window thought they were. Camino 2. Firefox 2. Version 2.


    But if you have the stomach to look at butt-ugly Windows every day and all the baggage that goes along with life in Microsoft space, whatever floats your boat. BTW, I am correct, technically speaking. Look it up. Buy a Windows 7 laptop next time. I had to do a triple take to pick that one up even after reading your heads-up. I have chronic polyneuritis and fibromyalgia, so I try to use MacSpeech Dictate as much as possible for input to cut down stress on peropheral nerves.

    Google Crome and Mac OS 10.5.8

    Dictate is remarkably accurate, but one of the hazards of using even the best dictation software is that perfectly-spelled non-sequitur typos can so easlily sneak in. RB: The ad-heavy download page is a frustrating pain in the butt, but I persevered and got all three optimized browsers eventually downloaded, and they work fine. Victor: I like Stainless a lot, but unfortunately it requires OS Have no problems, except occasional Safari crashes, and slow Flash. I downloaded an older release for my indigo ibook and it works pretty darn well considering.

    Any parts of the OS to jettison to improve performance? Your industry partner in emerging technology research Learn More. Tweet Share Post Still running a PowerPC Mac s aapl and hurting for some serious browser speed, up-to-date security and web standards compatibility? Worth the Effort? April 26, at pm. April 26, at am. February 18, at pm. February 17, at pm. February 16, at pm.

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