Mountain lion notes app on my mac

Braille support has been expanded, modifier keys are now supported in VoiceOver drag and drop, and VoiceOver now supports item dragging into hotspots. Also, the Accessibility system preference now contains the speech-commands feature that had been in the Speech system preference but were displaced from there to make room for the new dictation capability covered earlier. All Slides. Move over for the new big cat. Dictation in all apps. Keep malware off your Mac.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Notes

Documents in the cloud. Unified notifications for apps and the Web. Browser tabs across the cloud.

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Read the Web when offline. The Mac goes social. Visual navigation of browser tabs.

Mountain Lion’s New Notes App Contains Hidden Tribute To Famous Apple Ad

Web-only guest access. File renaming in the title bar. Mirror your screen to your TV or projector. Automatic syncing of accounts and mail rules. Greater control over personal information privacy.

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An independent note-taking tool. Reminders that know where you are. A more professional calendar. Simplified contacts manager. App preview clustering control. Coffee-table-book screen savers. Compete with your friends.

Move over for the new big cat

Copy status at a glance. Search your messages, not just your mailboxes. Daily updates and app syncing. Auto-setup of AirPrint printers. Easier accessibility access.


Share this Slideshow. Direct link:. Keep malware off your Mac In the last year, the Mac has seen its first serious malware attacks , using third-party conduits such as Java. Documents in the cloud Another iOS inspiration, developers can iCloud-enable their apps to store and retrieve documents directly from Apple's iCloud service for access on both Macs and iOS devices. Unified notifications for apps and the Web Yet another iOS derivation, the Notification Center provides a single tray that lists all recent alerts for the apps you specify, as well as for notification-enabled websites and Apple services such as Software Update.

Using the New Notes Application in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Read the Web when offline Apple introduced the Reading List capability more than a year ago to Safari, letting you save Web pages to be read later. Web-only guest access Apple has long provided a guest account in OS X, so you can make sure the kids or babysitter aren't messing in your files, applications, and websites.

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File renaming in the title bar It's a small thing, but a welcome one. Automatic syncing of accounts and mail rules I hate setting up Mail rules on multiple Macs -- there's no way to export or transfer them, so you have to reconstruct your rules on each Mac and keep them all updated. Greater control over personal information privacy The tech industry loves to gather our personal data , often unbeknownst to us. A more professional calendar Let's face it: iCal was never as sophisticated as the calendars in Outlook or Lotus Notes. App preview clustering control Mission Control is one of those features users puzzle over, then one day get it.

The left side of the Notes app features a list of current notes as well as a search box. Reminders uses iCloud to sync across devices. Reminders is an even more basic app than Notes. Items sync via iCloud with the Reminders app on devices running iOS 5. Got a question about Mountain Lion? We dive into the things you need to know about availability, Apple is replacing its iChat instant messaging application with Messages on the Mac.

While the With Mountain Lion, Apple is creating a new way for Mac developers to sign their apps and adding a We take a sneak peek at two iOS flavored apps that are making the move to the Mac in this summer's See the screenshot to the right for an example. It saves your notifications in a little window so you can see what you missed while you were away.

Use the Notes Application in Mountain Lion

Growl is limited by what can send it messages, however, so you won't receive notifications for things like SMS and calls. These apps not only let you get call and text notifications on your computer, but let you respond to both as well. AirPlay Mirroring takes whatever is on your Mac's screen and wirelessly mirrors it on your television via an Apple TV or any other device that can receive an AirPlay transmission. It provides the exact same functionality. If you want to take things a step further than Mountain Lion can offer, then you'll also want to check out AirServer.

Notes (Apple)

This app will let you receive AirPlay signals on your Mac so you can send video from other devices, like your iPhone or iPad, and watch them on the computer. GateKeeper is Apple's attempt at preventing malware on your Mac, and it does this by letting you decide which kinds of apps are allowed to run and which apps are not. You can run any app you download the way things currently work in Lion , only allow Mac App Store apps or apps signed with an official Apple developer ID to run, or just allow apps downloaded directly from the Mac App Store to run.

Obviously you can currently run all apps or just Mac App Store apps right now, without any fancy features, but the developer ID check is definitely something new. While we believe that you'll be just fine if you're diligent, there is malware protection and antivirus software for your Mac should you want to play it extra safe right now. One of the features Apple is touting in the iCloud upgrade is document sync, allowing you to access your documents across multiple computers and mobile devices.

You can have that right now with InSync and a Google Docs account.