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Connect to Another Mac's Desktop Via Screen Sharing

As useful as the new screen sharing capability is, there are some limitations. So I thought a blog post that clarifies what iOS Screen Sharing is and shows how it works would be worthwhile. Technically, the screen sharing session occurs between the remote Mac computer and the support rep. The support rep can see when an iOS device connects and click a button requesting to view the iPad or iPhone screen on the Mac. As with other Bomgar support sessions, the remote customer can allow screen sharing or not most easily by unplugging the USB cable!

How to Setup Screen Sharing Between Two Mac Computers

And we can record a video of the screen sharing session for auditing purposes. I should probably also reiterate here that there is no direct remote control of or direct screen sharing with the iOS device. Although the rep may be able to fully control the remote Mac desktop, interaction with the iOS device is limited to View Only. Given the current system requirements, you need to be in an active remote Mac support session before you can use iOS Screen Sharing.

Just an aside here … Apple is ever tightening the interaction between Mac computers and iOS devices. Some capabilities that required the USB cable in the past are now available over wireless or Bluetooth. For now, it is. Once you can see the screen of the remote iOS device, you can guide the customer through troubleshooting. The Virtual Pointer is the best tool for this job. One benefit of using Bomgar for remote support is the detailed audit record each session generates.

With iOS Screen Sharing, a video of the remote support session can be recorded and saved.

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The support rep will need Bomgar Remote Support Once the device connects, you can request to see it by clicking the device name in the iOS Screen Sharing drop down menu. The video can be part of your audit trail or you share it with the customer in case they run into this problem again.

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There's more than one way to connect to a remote Mac's desktop

I need to work on my MacBook Pro El Capitan while running an app which is always in fullscreen and blocks switching between spaces. However, when there is another screen available, the app only captures one screen, and the other can be used normally. On Raspberry Pi, setting up vnc server was very simple using tightvncserver , and I can generate new virtual screens with ease like so:. Is there a way for my Mac to share a virtual screen with my PC so that I'm logged in as the same user on both screens, but so that they are detected as separate displays?

I personally use this with Teamviewer. But anything that can share a screen should work. See github. Sign up to join this community.

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