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Firstly, note that the download provided here is the Akamai Client Installer for AutoCAD which automatically installs the software for you. You'll need a whopping 2. The commands and tools are exactly the same. You can of course create and edit DWG files natively and you can collaborate on projects across platforms with customers, clients, colleagues etc. It's impossible to avoid the fact that AutoCAD is one of the most expensive packages there is for Mac but the developers AutoDesk have made a superb offer to students and educators.

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They can get a three year license absolutely free which means you can use AutoCAD completely for free for three years although a watermark is added to designs. Experience a more intuitive, collaborative workflow with new tools in AutoCAD 3D software that help you to:. Customize your settings to best suit your needs, and easily migrate them to a modern and informative interface. AutoCAD I have used AutoCAD since R12 R is good for 2d sketches but it really hasnt progressed from a drawing board with the ability to to boolean type operations. Mesh commands are a joke. Good move enabled us to actually send stuff to the toolmakers and improved the accuracy of drawings.

But anyone that stuffs around with viewports dimscales and tessellation lines will understand how counter productive it really is.

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However for work I use Catia or Creo. Cons: 3D definite weaknesses including inability to export to Step, iges, parasolid files, No Finite analysis features. Autocad Mac is horrible. I am a longtime Autocad user and I took a chance on the Mac. What a mistake. I'm going right back.

Pros: Not o ne good thing to say. Cons: User interfaces different, confusing and absolutely non-intuitive.

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What a disaster. Pan and zoom with Multi-Touch gestures and find your designs quickly using Cover Flow navigation to flip through previews of your files. Push and pull faces, edges, and vertices to model complex shapes. Preview surfaces and solids as you create them—in real time. Share files easily and confidently regardless of platform. Network Licensing AutoCAD for Mac offers a choice of licensing options — including network licensing — to help simplify software asset management and give you more flexibility in maximizing the software across geographically dispersed teams.

Productivity Tools Auto-complete options help you access commands more efficiently. The power of multi-functional grips extends to most AutoCAD objects, including lines, arcs, dimensions, and mleaders as well as 3D faces, edges and vertices. External reference xref visor puts xref tools at your fingertips. Elements modified in one file are easily updated in related design files. Divvy up large project components and work on them simultaneously to maximize efficiency.

Powerful rendering tools let you choose from hundreds of materials, apply photometric lighting, and control the display to create highly accurate, photorealistic images. Associative Array Functionality Reduce rework by creating relationships between arrayed objects, such as windows on a building or trusses on a bridge. The automation, management, and editing tools in AutoCAD for Mac software help you reduce repetitive tasks. Parametric Drawing Define persistent object relationships and your design adjusts automatically as you draw—parallel lines stay parallel, concentric circles stay centered.

Infer both geometric and dimensional constraints in real-time. Customization Configure settings, extend the software, and build custom workflows.

You can even create specialized design and drafting applications—such as industry-specific software or add-on applications from partner developers. AutoCAD for Mac is only available in a stand-alone licensed version.

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  • There are no multi-seat stand-alone or network versions available. As such, it is a new and separate product and not simply a port from the Windows version. In the first release of this new product, there are some features and functionality that exist in AutoCAD that are not yet available in AutoCAD for Mac, including but not limited to :.

    You are using a Mac laptop trackpad or the Apple Magic Trackpad as a pointing device for AutoCAD for Mac and you want to know what multi-touch gestures are available. The following multi-touch gestures are supported on a Mac laptop trackpad or the Apple Magic Trackpad:.

    Memory Use Some memory leaks have been fixed to improve memory consumption.

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    Start-up On systems that do not meet the minimum system requirements, a message is displayed when AutoCAD for Mac is launched. Here they are:. A primary difference is in the user interface. AutoCAD for Mac has been designed to follow common native Mac application user interface guidelines.

    Instead of a ribbon, AutoCAD for Mac software has the familiar Apple menu bar, and a number of workflow-based palettes. AutoCAD for Mac software is suited for designers, architects, and engineers who prefer to work in a native Mac environment, and who need to create, edit, or review conceptual designs, 3D models, technical drawings, and documentation. The functionality in AutoCAD for Mac software makes this release best suited for users in small to medium businesses who do not require features supporting an enterprise wide workflow.

    If you need help finding a reseller, refer to www. Consult your local reseller or the Autodesk Store for pricing information and for information on Autodesk Subscription. What is product activation? Product activation is a software-based license management technology used by most Autodesk software products. It is a secure, easy process that allows users who have purchased legitimate software licenses to run their Autodesk software. The process verifies that the serial number is valid and that the software has been activated only on eligible computers.

    Product activation does not change the way the software works for licensed users. It is similar to activation mechanisms previously used in Autodesk products but improves security and license management. Why is Autodesk requiring Autodesk customers to activate their software? Product activation is a simple way to reduce and deter unauthorized use and casual copying of Autodesk products, with little to no impact on loyal customers. How do I activate my software?