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It only works for this specific file where you set it. January 28, Last Updated: January 28, So how can we swap TextEdit for Sublime?

Saving a .java file Sublime Text (includes compile and run)

Just enter the following into Terminal Note: a restart is required for these changes to take effect : defaults write com. Written by Jon Staff.

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March 03, September 01, January 12, Unfortunately this doesn't work on Mojave. I'm using OSX Chris Barrett. Hi Daniel, A quick Google search for "sublime 2 cannot save" showed a bunch of threads on various sites similar to yours. Looks like using "Save As" provides a work around, requiring you to then delete the original locked version via Mac Finder and rename your temporary "Save As" version back to the matching public class name in the file that the javac will expect.

If you are open to a new text editor with Java compiler integration, you might want to check out TextMate for Mac.

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Obviously, the end decision is yours. I'm not suggesting one is better than the other.

Just making sure you are aware of alternatives. Don't get me started about those stupid light bulbs. Boost this thread!

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