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NetSpot for Android is available on Google Play! Get NetSpot Pro. NetSpot Pro.

mac wifi monitoring software

The best WiFi analyzer apps for your Mac in A great WiFi analyzer app detects available wireless connections and helps you improve your connection speed. Whenever you go online you most probably do so through WiFi. Because wireless networks are so popular it makes sense to ensure the top performance with efficient WiFi analyzer tools. So what are those WiFi analyzer apps and how does one use them? A WiFi analyzer app detects all available WiFi networks around and should provide you with detailed info on every network it found.

You should be able to see which channels networks use, the signal strengths, WiFi encryption methods used, etc. Why can it be rather useful to know which channel a wireless network operates on?

FREE WiFi Site Survey Software for MAC OS X & Windows

Because in a WiFi crowded space, where every neighbor has their own network, overlapping channels is the most common reason of a slower connection. When you figure out which channels are the least crowded and switch to one of those you'll see the immediate difference in your WiFi performance. Use WiFi analyzer tools for everything A WiFi analyzer app will be able to help you choose the most suitable WiFi network and select the most efficient WiFi channel for your router thanks to comprehensive visual graphs.

High-quality Mac WiFi analyzer tools have the possibility to create accurate WiFi signal strength heatmaps, where you'll be able to clearly see and analyze the areas with the strongest, not so strong, and the weakest signal and decide how you can mend the issues. Here we are overviewing 5 best WiFi analyzer apps highlighting their pros and cons: NetSpot — WiFi analyzer app for macOS offers the most visual and convenient heat maps and more. There is a real-time graphical representation of the signal rate and noise rate and the app can also recommend the best channel.

If you are someone who needs to check the strength or quality of your current network from time to time, this app provides you all the info in an elegant card fashion along with a customizable menu bar icon. The app does a great job at scanning, monitoring, and troubleshooting wireless networks. The app provides various real-time graphs for network details, signal strength, and spectrum which makes it much more intuitive for even a normal person to effectively use the app.

Apart from the details of your connected network, the graphs also display all the networks your device can connect to, along with all their details which comes in really handy for choosing the strongest access point for your computer.

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  • A bonus feature of this app is that you can save all the results for a later review and even export all the network details as a CSV file. Wi-Fi Explorer is great for quickly identifying channel conflicts, signal overlapping or configuration problems that may be affecting the connectivity and performance of your home, office or enterprise wireless network.

    The next app on our list is WiFi Scanner which adds a number of nifty features to the standard WiFi analysis tool.

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    • Like the previous apps, it comes with various real-time and color co-ordinated graphs of the various available networks and provides details about them. Personally to me, WiFi Scanner seems the most bang for your buck and with all its features it functions like an all-in-one from scanning available networks and their performances to seeing which devices are connected to my network. NetSpot offers the convenient visual heat maps so you can easily catch any dead spots and how you can optimize access points locations; it is a WiFi analyzer tool like no other!

      Once you have completed that, you can select between several visualizations like signal level, noise level, and access points which show you everything throughout the whole map in the form of heat maps.

      You can then identify the areas with low signal strength or problems and troubleshoot them. NetSpot feels like a well polished complete WiFi analyzer app. It does feel a little redundant for personal use but with its commercial licensing, it should work great for commercial use or large office areas to detect dead zones and improve the overall connectivity of the area. Exporting the results into CSV files is easier than ever, with options to export specific or all scans. This makes data logging quick and simple.

      Use WiFi analyzer tools for everything

      HTML reports layout the selected information into an easy to read format for any browser. Reports have the option of coming with the troubleshooting graphs as well, giving a visual guide to the tabled information. Example Single Scan Report. Simple, fast wireless network discovery of Also includes upload and download speed testing to quickly measure and analyze WiFi Internet performance problems. WiFi Scanner is great for determining the best position for an access point at home or in the office.