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Wed Apr 03, pm. Thu Apr 04, am. Thu Apr 04, pm. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] , Peter Schuster and 5 guests. Blackmagic Forum. Forum Index Blackmagic Website. Author Message. Best Software Options for Deinterlacing. Wed May 30, am Hi, Is Teranex the gold standard for deinterlacing? Is there any software that can produce comparable results? Since all my video content is in file form, is it possible to output from one computer interlaced to a Teranex and capture deinterlaced into another computer?

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Thank you. Re: Best Software Options for Deinterlacing. Thu May 31, am Teranex maybe was gold standard for deinterlacing, not so sure now. I assume it's still good, but buying box and doing whole realtime chained work just to do bit of deinterlacing is bit overkill for me, specially when you have files.

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From more expensive ones- Tachyon is good as well as Alchemist. Episode is decent. Adobe is soft. I think Compressor is also ok. It can easily match Tachyon or Alchemist. Do you need to go to single fps, so eg 50i to 25p or double 50i to 50p? I have script which does very nice 50i to 25p or other fps.

You can pm me, but I don't share it for free it's cheap though. Sun Jun 03, am Andrew Kolakowski wrote: as well as Alchemist. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I am having a hard time finding out how to deinterlace video as online tips seem to refer to older versions of FCPX and Compressor. So now, in , can anyone tell me how best to deinterlace? Posted on Aug 1, PM. Page content loaded.

The normal way is to edit the interlaced material into a progressive project.

Easily Deinterlace All Kinds of Interlaced Video Files on PC/Macp Video Tool

The output will be deinterlaced. Aug 1, PM. So even if it appears to be interlaced still in the timeline, it will output corrected? I guess I can try myself, mind you, so I will. Okay, just did, but it is still interlaced.

Compressor: About deinterlacing

I chose p HD in the project settings. Is that the only setting I need to make the project progressive? Make sure the viewer is set to show both fields. If the interlaced material is being scaled other artifacting may appear. Any frame size can be set to progressive. There is no interlaced format. This is the properties of the video file, which is a digitization from an old video, so I changed it to What am I doing wrong?

I don't really use Handbrake but I seem to recall the de interlace options were confusing. The "Decomb" filter is a bit better, but there is still some noticeable slow down. I then tried to force the output to It is a bit better but also introduces jerkiness in some panning. If you've tried to deinterlace videos with Handbrake 1. Handbrake generally works good, but it can be better.

Any excellent Handbrake alternative to deinterlace video? Read on. MacX Video Converter Pro , a smashing video deinterlacer, delivers the simplest way to deinterlace interlaced videos in a surprising fast speed with zero quality loss , requiring no technical mind. That means it not only saves your time but also keeps a good balance between video quality and conversion speed. If you encounter problems when using Handbrake to deinterlace videos, try the reliable tool that embraces more stunning features.

Step 1 : Free download the best video deinterlacer and run it.